I warned him not to come here.

Did you tell Frederick about what you saw?

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Sonny asked me to tell you something.

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Benson owns a theater.

Please don't make me do that.

Have you heard about what happened to Sofoklis?

Stephan knew that Janos wanted him to ask her out.

I taught Isabelle French for three years.

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In those days, Germany had a strong army.

You should fix your tie.

Don't let Teruyuki into this room.

Every man is his own worst enemy.

I'll come along.

Norbert shot Juha with a pistol.

Those stairs are where Tran and I first met.

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Benjamin visited Australia three years ago.

I'm not sure where Liz is.

I have a dentist appointment on Monday.


It's taking a little longer than I expected.

Drink your medicine at the prescribed intervals.

I'll have to think it over.

Kayvan's hobbies are gardening, sailing, carpentry and cycling.

He is quite young in spirit.

Shortly before her fiftieth birthday, she received the news about the birth of her grandchild.

Did you go to Rome during your travels?

Bertrand is making preparations for a trip.

Because I studied for a long time yesterday.

Let me show you how it's done.

A stranger living nearby is better than a relative living far away.


It being Sunday, we have no classes today.

We spoke with the help of a translator.

The river is shallow at this point.

He got to London yesterday.

Don't think you won't take the punishment for what you did.

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This piece of art was really priceless.


Do you know how deep the water is?

We have many purchases to make.

There were too many footprints on the ground.

I didn't decorate it.

If even I can't do this, then what makes you think that you can?

Once you are married, you are done for.

Tides are caused by the moon's gravity.

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I have some good opinion of my son's ability.

Eileen spent a lot of time practicing the piano this afternoon.

Where's my father?

Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow's a school day.

Kitty would never have done that.

He only paid ten dollars for that shirt.

They are faced with a multitude of stresses.


I passed the test.


Stay where you are, please.

What has Victor told you about me?

I wanted to work this summer.


Lindsay was away from home all last week.

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I'll talk with Casey tonight.


I do not want to bother.

She set the tray down on the table.

Roughly speaking, a doctor repairs people.

A robust discussion ensued.

It looks like you don't really know what to do.

Honzo is just buying time.

Look, you've got to help me.

Do you want to go again?

Tell me again what happened.


I am going to exercise on the treadmill.

For my part, I don't like this picture.

He never loses hope.


They have just bought a new house.

It would be hard for me to say no to Linder.

Time and thinking tame the strongest grief.

His new novel has become a best-seller.

What are you doing staring at my girlfriend like that?

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I didn't have much water.

It's been a tough day.

I should've done more.

I've come for him.

Roman assumed Hui wouldn't be at the party.

Great boast and small roast.

He seemed worried about his health.

Clifford is familiar with the topic.

Everybody has some good points and bad points.


I'm going to need all the help I can get.


If I were you, I wouldn't live with him.

Where would you like to go first?

Milner wore a large hat.

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They didn't get anything done.

Prices have soared.

I know this is hard for you.

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The senator favors a policy that would leave me and thousands of my peers without a job.

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I have a little announcement to make.


What do you think'll happen if you tell Mat the truth?


Her footsteps fell ponderously on the wooden floor.

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Julius seems tense.

It's one of my favorite dishes.

There is gold in green forests.

There won't be any more lessons.

Jonathan and Norbert are an unbeatable team.


Why are you so arrogant?


I studied medicine in Budapest.

Louie regrets what happened.

Bart will land in Boston in an hour and a half.

I'd like to be like them.

He is too tall to stand straight in this room.

Sandra combed his hair.

I don't think any of you realize the significance of this.

Barney could hardly hear what Rodger was saying.

Have you ever cheated on me?


Please don't write to me again.

I was at a loss what to do on that occasion.

It all started with a dream.

This drug acts against headache.

Jack banged on the door.


Axel told Christian that the cake she baked tasted good.

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I'm free.

English is spoken in the UK.

Vikings didn't really wear horned helmets.


Did you know that John doesn't like chocolate?


You're not supposed to do that.

The conference continued till 5 o'clock.

Everything is bad.

I'll take care of the children.

Robin looks very cute when he's sleeping.

Her movements were awkward and her gesture clumsy.

Susanne was in surgery for three hours.

I'm sorry that I wasn't home when you so kindly dropped by.

I just heard someone scream.

It would be a good idea if I went.

I thought Blayne was going to hurt me.

Now get on with your work.

Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.

My best friend is like a sister to me.

I love the way Belinda thinks.

I'm not much heavier than you.

Raif could tell that Suwandi wasn't listening.

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This restaurant is busier on Saturdays.


This has nothing to do with me.

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Shyam couldn't make both ends meet on his salary.

He'll be back home soon.

I was just venting my frustration

Does Samuel have many friends?

We might have frost next week.

She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.

Neither Pantelis nor John can swim.


I thought Lenora would be better at French.

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We can't trust Lorraine with something like this.

You're not too busy to talk, are you?

Let's climb to the top of this mountain.


I have nothing to complain about.

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I owe you big time!

She closed the door, locked it, produced a knife and started to walk towards him.

Gilles didn't know anyone.


He can't stop her.

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Micheal traveled around Australia.

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Maria is always making hasty decisions, forgetting about the consequences.

Aunt Isabel is generous and gave us a lot of presents.

Let me speak to him.

Drops dripped.

I am in pursuit of points.