He just drones on and on but hardly even touches on what we need to know for the test.

Pieter stepped into the candlelight.

Cancer is the leading cause for hospice care.

Bjorne got some money from his father.


Lindsey has no class.

There is a good chance that gasoline prices will go up.

Smoking can kill.

You were my best friend.

He is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Tandy won three thousand dollars.


The lesson was driven into my head.

He came late as usual.

I think you lied to me.

Sigurd currently faces charges of aggravated assault.

Nobody can replace me.

Indeed, computers are detrimental.

I don't really like him.

I also work at the weekend.

When was the last time you translated a book?


Count me in on this.

Almost everybody looked busy.

Jane will get straight A's.

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Jeanette feels a little better after taking the medicine that the doctor prescribed.


Don't give yourself airs.


The pontoons are detachable.

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You both are correct.

Marsha was shot in the back.

Dorian assured me that everything would be ready by the time we got there.


But how are you going to decide what is important, and what isn't?


Thank you very much for coming so far as see me off.

There's someone hiding in the closet.

At night, I write in the living room.

I have everything I need.

Hardly anybody's busy today.


Caroline is losing the fight.

Lucifer must be asleep.

Don't point the laser at my face!


I never really thought about this until now, but the lane markers on the freeway are surprisingly long.

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

What year did you finish from school?

Do you still have the same number?

Which do you like better, apples or bananas?

It was the tall man in the long, black coat.

He drew a blank when I asked him what he remembered of the accident.


Let's start a band.


You must make much of time.

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It's not broken.

Hazel agreed to accept Marla's offer.

She thought that John had loved her.

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Trent really sounds upset.

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Fred said he was related to Bruce Lee but we all knew it was far from the truth because he is from Africa.


She's younger than your daughter!

She doesn't hate him. In fact, she loves him.

Galen doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with me.

There isn't any hope of his success.

Thad doesn't seem to be very busy.

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Catherine didn't actually do what he said he did.

I have everything I've ever wanted.

Get out of my sight!

If mind is clean, fate is good.

I should be happy for them.

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She told him that she believes in astrology.


He whispered slyly to me.

Sorry? Pardon?

This document is classified.


Innsbruck is looking rather lovely today.

I'm going to change clothes. Please look the other way for a minute.

I don't think Kirsten really has enough time to finish writing the report.

It was very quiet.

Don't take me for granted.

You have a dog, don't you?

Mr. Jackson, your son has died of an overdose.

I think Linda still hasn't left.

Is your apartment well maintained?

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Manjeri can't have done that.

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I can't stop browsing Tatoeba.

I'm worried about Svante's health.

She's not half attractive.


Take a shower, now!


Many thanks for such a personal response to my question.


The thief get in the main offices when everyone was sleeping.

We're all with you.

Is that what you're afraid of?

All you can do is wait.

Luis Bonfa is a great musician.

Apparently, we'll be getting a raise within two months.

He spent another sleepless night watching television.


Nguyen needs two tickets to Boston.

Lawrence wasn't very concerned.

He banjaxed his knee.

I need them to vouch for me.

A group of youths attacked the old man.


She's a tough one.

She felt quite worn out after arguing with friends.

Bell lived in London, right?

We derive further pleasure from our study.

The cake ought to be done soon.


I know what both of you are thinking.

Nowadays school is considered a representation of the world.

Jackye hurried toward the elevator.


These lodes may prove rich enough to be profitably mined.

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I want to know what's behind it.

Much to my dismay, Micheal came to the party wearing a prurient dress.

I don't know whether to accept or refuse.


Coming face to face with a dinosaur was a funny experience.


Falling in love is the one illogical adventure, the one thing of which we are tempted to think as supernatural, in our trite and reasonable world.

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The readership of print newspapers has been declining steadily in recent years.

I don't feel like eating anything.

He got up to see if he had turned off the light in the kitchen.

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The girl is trying to ride on just one wheel. Her small vehicle is called a unicycle.

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Miki goes to the barber less than four times a year.

He shaves with an electric razor every morning.

You were supposed to do that yesterday.

The only thing he did before he briskly went on ahead was give us a map. The remainder of us could only rely on the map to figure out where to go.

Jacques recommended this novel to them.

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He never goes out after dark.

He was quickly swallowed up by the crowd.

I'll be in my trailer.

She has been studying French for a few years.

She put on her coat and went out.

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Emmett is both able and willing.


When meeting a person for the first time, keep the conversation light.


Tell him you're sick.


This sentence was so difficult.

You can park behind the hotel.

I was not aware of his presence.

I have a pain here.

We went to the theater early so we could get good seats.

That person has had an odd grin on his face for a while. What do you suppose is behind it?

Trying will handle the rest.

You're used to doing that, aren't you?

On which street should I start?


I was just saying the very same thing to John.

Spain is called "Espanya" in Catalan.

I knew better than to ask for more money.

A Mr. Jackson has come to see you.

The song caught on with the public.

I must speak to her.

I don't want to play with Sharada.


She picked a lot of beautiful flowers.

Andy hung his shirt up in the closet.

Written in plain style, as it is, his paper is easy to read.


How long have you been studying the Kadazan language?


You haven't said yet where you live.

We shared the money evenly among the three of us.

I stayed at my aunt's house for three days.

Pizza is on its way.

And those were her last words.

Sid is a good drummer.

Lanny still doesn't like me.

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Novo is not the same as he was thirty years ago.

Don't leave your stuff behind.

She gave birth on Monday to her first child.