There's a friendly air around the office.

Will you express this letter?

He weighs 270 pounds.

The women led the movement to obtain female suffrage.

There's nothing in this closet.

We're confused.


He has holes in his clothes.

Rex parked the car across from Hsi's house.

I can't believe you did this!

Micky, this is between your father and myself.

If you mail it by 7:00 p.m., it'll arrive tomorrow.

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Sid has been too busy to visit us very often.


Alan says he's feeling OK.


Edmund didn't actually hit me.

Dan dragged Linda out of the house and threw her in the street.

I don't think you want to know the answer.

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This is probably the wrong place.

It was easy for me to solve the problem.

We're trying to do the right thing.

As I was late, I took a bus.

Takayuki told me he wanted to be a teacher.

We leave in half an hour.

You came in late.

We didn't help anyone escape.

I'll be back home toward the end of the month.

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Harold doesn't want to hang out with us.

The army took over the government.

They can come on Monday or Tuesday, but not on Wednesday or Thursday.

Tharen did nothing but complain about his job.

We're looking forward to that.

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Congratulations to you both.

I think we should get out here.

I've seen you with her.

History is nothing like what you read in history books.

Liyuan and I enjoy talking with each other.

Sergiu always keeps a fishing rod in his car.

Vijay was healthy while his sister was delicate.


A civil war began in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992.


The little girl opened the window.

The father doesn't beat his son.

Is that an issue?


Japanese literature, in spite of its beauty and riches, is as yet inadequately known in the West.

Dan didn't know anything about Linda's past.

He sat there and smoked a pipe.

Duane, weren't you supposed to invite only one friend?

I love Halloween.


William's first wife died in 2013.

My dog eats just about anything.

He wants to ask Leo for something.

I'm much older than you are.

I would love to read a book on the history of laughter.

I live pretty close to him.

Shouldn't we help them?

I'm not convinced of that.

Would you mind if I used your car?

I'm not hesitating.

That's what we did next.

I defy you to tell the genuine article from the fake.

I hope you don't get hurt.

You're a compulsive scribbler.

Seenu wanted to comfort Piercarlo.

I'm having a farewell party for him this evening.

I'm still not convinced it's going to work.


I didn't know hummingbirds could even fly upside down when frightened.

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She didn't like the idea.


I haven't had enough sleep because I sat up all night.

We paid him four dollars.

Put the cooled, cooked apple mixture into the pastry case.

They want to talk to Sridharan only.

The computer broke.

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We are aiming at establishing the five-day workweek.


They need more time.

Your salary is commission-based.

Whenever I drink sake, I get a headache.

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Get a life.

Why did you say that to me?

This isn't going to work.

I love the sound of her name.

Please write back soon.


Though the fact has been denied again and again, the word "edzino", which means "wife" in Esperanto, has its roots in Yiddish.


It isn't easy, but possible.

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I'll never work for them.


Is Raif still around?

We were terrified.

You should've listened to Herbert.

The open-air concert was cancelled because of the rain.

I can't tell you how many times I've thought about all the good times we used to have together.

Bill had always been a quiet, home-loving man, but after a few months in the job, his personality changed.

I like your article.

On his arrival in London, he sent me a telegram.

I started to learn English with the aim of becoming a teacher.

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In the western Antarctic Peninsula region of the Bellinghausen Sea, temperatures are rapidly warming, and changes in the marine ecosystem are underway.

I called him up, but he wasn't there.

I've already spoken to her.

What's your favorite Anime TV series?

I'd like to hear about black magic. I was only told the highlights in the academy, and it interests me.


I'm not going to stop them.

Why did you fire him?

There is only love and happiness in Scatland. Hatred and resentment? Well that's unheard of. It's unheard of.

Knudsen apparently didn't do what he said he would do.

I wouldn't go there on my own.

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Colloquial language is not necessarily a grammatical and stylistic questionable form of expression. There is no doubt a cultivated variety of it which I really find to my liking.

Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children 16 and under.

I am scaring the sparrows away.

Derrick dropped his drawing in the tub and is now trying to salvage it with a hair dryer.

You know Mondays are hard for me.

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The price of this car is discounted fifteen percent.

I'm so hungry!

Milner thinks that learning foreign languages is tedious and boring.

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I thought you might change.


The doctor told Hotta to stay in bed for a few days.

The poor old man became so thin that now he's just skin and bones.

Who benefits from this?

I don't let it bother me.

He is well versed in geometry.


Don't tilt your chair back.

I'm just stating the facts.

We must control our passions.

We sat down.

Victoria was in too big of a hurry.

How did you know it was my birthday?

It was starting to rain.


What is your favourite bird?

I'm going to tell Heinz exactly what I saw.

I wasn't the only one who didn't know Johnathan.

In most sports the team that practice hardest usually brings home the bacon.

He is a creep.

I'm sorry but I can't attend the meeting in person.

I want to thank Henry.


I only meant to scare you.

I decided to major in French in college.

Do you know how to pronounce this word?

A mile is equal to about 1600 meters.

Wait for us in the lobby.

Will I see him later?

It rained a lot that winter.


They are as strong as us.

This person sold their sold to the devil.

It's impossible to work in such circumstances.


A fish can swim.

Well do I remember it.

I asked Joseph if he knew Hugh.

As a man, no a human being, you're the pits!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to come to your party.

It's a leather valise.

Are you sure you don't want a little more spaghetti?

It is unheard of in my company.

California and Nevada border on each other.

This is a tree in the spring.

It's been raining a lot.

Please go ahead without me.

What was it that Rik said?

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How long you have been seeing Carl?

Patience is a minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.

This is a proposed hypothesis for an american study.

They made John chairman of the committee.

The moon is beautiful in fall.

I just don't feel that way about you.

How could this be happening?

I've promised to give them one hundred hrivnas annually.

They have to solve conflicts among nations.

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What are they going to do?

They passed time by playing cards.

Have you ever accidentally taken a big gulp of seawater?


We're lucky to still be alive.