Can you deal with it?

If you don't reduce consumer taxes, we've got no deal.

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I would sure like to see one of them.

What can be keeping him?

You wouldn't want me as your boss.

Where exactly are we going?

Novo has written three novels.

They may be playing in the park.

Margaret won the Iowa caucus but did not become president.

You need to drink more water.

Don't call me an idiot!

I heard what you said.

We were asked what our rights are in respect to CCTV monitoring at work.

You look a little pale.

They're absolutely right.

He is pleased with the plan.

How did Fay respond to that news?

That suit you bought was a good choice.

The wheat fields stretch out for miles.

I can't find her either.

Should we arrest Dwight?


The new title takes on a good connotation.


All the children had happy faces.


She really likes cake.

You're a true hero.

He spoke to me pleasantly.

The mountain path was under a blanket of leaves, soft and easy to walk on.

I'll go get us something to eat.

Did you hire her?

They have already killed the man who knew too much.

Let somebody else hire them.

Do you want to go for a walk?

We need to speak to them again.

Don't step on that rock. It's going to fall.


A little while ago I met Jean.


You can't call Christian.

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His horse won by three lengths.


Revised and Noemi arrived to Boston early in the afternoon.

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"Where are my glasses?" "Where you left them."


He may well get very angry.

I'm not really that sorry.

We went to school by bus.

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He is studying to become a doctor.

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After the death of his parents, his grandparents took to his education.

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Six months later we were married.


I wish you'd tell me what to do.

That was really exciting.

They opened the road to traffic.


How deep are the cuts?

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I can't just leave them there.

I've gained weight.

I thought you might be mad at me.

I always get nervous before I go on stage.

Can't you get Rik to stop?

Show, don't tell.

The doghouse is new.

I need a flight that leaves on Monday afternoon.

Many people attended the meeting.

Sammy Davis was an excellent singer.

You don't need Vince's money or his approval.

She was in charge of the office while I was away on a trip to Kyoto for a week.

If he had taken his doctor's advice, he might still be alive.

Kristian gave me another chance.

I love you!

I didn't realize you were serious.

I want to go with him.

I wish I could sing as well as Pete.

I haven't seen her in a long time.


Wearing glasses makes you look more intellectual.

We walked up and down the streets of Kyoto.

Urbanization is encroaching on rural life.

Deirdre wouldn't let anyone else in the room.

Norman speared the shark.

Do you like your hot dog?

Am I disturbing anything?


Let's play tag.

I let her sleep on my couch.

The and his friends went to the circus.

Would you like to go to a soccer game?

We don't know if he killed himself or if he was murdered.

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I'm sure Murray will turn up.


That book is of no interest to me.


You have potential.


Ole did exceptionally well.

The world is in dire need of those who think in a more open-minded way.

It is said that there will be a big earthquake in the near future.


The Romans would never have had the chance to conquer the world if they had first been required to study Latin.

Please send me a letter.

It would be better for you to speak to him.

Whose book is this on the desk?

The bus driver helped the old lady off the bus.


They were elected to the Senate in 2008.


These new immigrants had no skills.

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This animal is bigger than that one.

Those are two different things.

They aren't children any more, but not adults yet.

She took her dog to the park before breakfast.

Kee rushed out onto the road without looking both ways.

She is a perfect dream.

I don't know what Hilda wants.

Saad grew up in a one-horse town and was overwhelmed when he moved to the big smoke.

Your approval is important to me.

Bonnie hasn't been to Australia yet.

I travel a lot.

He often absents himself from meetings.

That is long.


You should do all you can to help your neighbours.


Not too spicy.

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I paid in full for this.

Police can't be trigger happy.

I have something else I need to be doing right now.

The boy riding a bicycle is my brother.

My father is two years younger than my mother is.

You should've been there for them.

Upon arriving at the airport, he said, "I'm glad I could come back."

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Thank you for your honesty.

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Which blanket is dirty?


What are they waiting for?

I could go with you.

Few people know the true meaning.

It was a tough race.

Antonio went down to the kitchen.


I returned the shirt because it was too small.

It is essential that you should finish the work by this evening.

Women really are quite dangerous. The more I think about this, the more I'm able to understand the reasoning behind face covering.

You can't be serious?

Be natural.

We might not need to attend the meeting on Monday.

Why do dentists feel obligated to talk to you while they have a handful of sharp objects in your mouth?

Compare this copy with the original.

He is rude, but I love him all the same.

(I fear) it's rather rude to speak the truth.

Do you still think you can rely on Old?


Many things can be bought at the market.

The committee consists of twelve members.

Shean predicted there would be rain.

She bent her head in shame.

I used to consider this piece rather mediocre, but it's grown on me since then, and now I find it quite enjoyable to listen to.

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They've been forced to turn tail.


Barrio noticed a change in Manolis's behavior.

The bread is not fresh.

You shouldn't let the children watch so much television.

We're looking for him.

Did you say something?

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He is the man for whom we all have respect.

We at least must make a struggle for freedom.

Walk slowly!


Carol is like the big brother I never had.

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The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt increasingly keenly.

Were you really boring?

You don't understand me, Jean-Pierre.

Your apprehensions were justified.

Ask him what to do next.


Panzer had a strange look on her face.

Billie wouldn't tell Ravindranath how to do it.

That person is not trustworthy.


The moments conspired and brought us together.

I'm horrible with kids.

Can't you reach the book on the shelf?