What is Metal Survey ?

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Highlights of the survey

MetalSurvey conducts online monthly survey of base metal companies in India to gauge the direction of business

First of its kind in India

How does it help?

Detailed insights of the industry trends derived from the survey will be incredibly helpful for your business on various dimensions as below

Who can join ?

If you are part of base metal value chain and have business operation in India, you can join the survey

How does it work?
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Free Registration

All industry participants can sign up online for free.


fill in the survey

Choose from multiple choice answers in the survey every month.

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Report & analysis

A report with detailed analysis of survey findings is made available to you.


Data collated from monthly surveys provides a glimpse of cross-currents across different industries, end-products, regions and business segments.We analyse those, verify with ground reports and convert findings into a report. The report is made available to all those who participated in the survey.

The report contains performance indicators that gauge the health of the base metal industry.
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How to fill the Survey form ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of the business does the survey capture?

The survey covers all the important aspects of base metals business e.g. Sales, orders, inventories, margins, competition, substitution, cashflows etc.

Who is best person in the organisation to fill the survey form?

Since the survey questions relate to key business parameters, one of the senior management executive or SBU head are best positioned to fill in the survey.

I trade/consume more than one base metal. Do I need to participate in single or multiple surveys every month?

Since, each metal has its own demand and supply dynamics, survey captures results separately for them. Accordingly, there are separate survey forms for each metal. You can choose to participate in one or all metals of your interest.

How can I retrieve lost username or password?

Click here to retrieve your password. In case you have lost username, do email us details e.g. name of your company, name of authorised person etc. at support@metalsurvey.com ; we shall revert to you.

What if I stop participating in the surveys?

You will lose access to reports if you do not participate in three consecutive monthly surveys.

Do I pay for registration or for reports?

Registration is currently free. All registered users get free access to current and historic survey reports.

How do I inform about change in contact details of the person responsible for filling the survey form?

You can contact us at support@metalsurvey.com with your comment, feedback or request. Our office will contact you.

I am an economist or journalist; how can I access the report?

Since you will not participate in the survey, you need not go through the online registration process. You can email us details e.g. your name, organisation’s name, contact number and email address at 601-410-6481. We shall contact you to discuss details.

What are different timelines of the survey?

The survey is taken every month. It starts in the last week of the month and ends in the first week of the next month. Registered users are notified about it through emails.

Data is compiled, analysed, presented in report and sent out to registered users not later than 15 th of the next month.

How does the survey help me?

The survey is participated by the base metals industry from all over India. The participants include people across the value chain e.g. producers, traders, processors, consumers etc. Data gathered by the survey relating to the trends of Sales, inventory, competition, cashflows etc in their respective businesses help us put together the big picture of the industry and do its health check.

Further, this helps us look into the areas of growth and risk. We also analyse which metals, products, regions etc are leading the growth charts. These data help you plan your business. You can also chart your performance against that of the industry at large.