I know you don't like her.

The manager said, "Let's begin with this job."

I can't believe her.

He wants fruit.

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Why do I even care?

You've seen what Gail can do.

They are using a telescope to look at the sky.


If you want a place in the sun, you've got to put up with a few blisters.

I'm unbiased.

We were worried about Elvis.

The golden age is before us, not behind us.

Ruth is a hen-pecked husband.

I'm seriously considering getting married.

Then where did you go?

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We're not to be disturbed.

Noemi is very sleepy and can hardly keep his eyes open.

Would you ask her to come in?


He squeezed her tightly.


Her dad won't be coming, he is very busy.

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The sailors were at the mercy of the weather.


Please advise Mehrdad to tell the truth.

Please pick up the pen from the floor.

I hesitated about which road to take.

Everyone's waiting to see what's going to happen.

Generally I don't like listening to country music.

I feel I need a whole new lexicon, as my language fails me.

I suddenly got very worried about Merat.


Kieran must have driven Raphael's car last night.

Nothing bothers them.

You had better not wander around here by yourself.

Tahsin says that Joyce isn't happy here.

Every time I went to his house, he was not at home.

I translate what I want!

I killed a god.

Manny fixed his clock.

Don't get married.


He would often go fishing on Sunday.

It's quite complicated to talk to humans.

Vishal learned to dive when she was five.


Throw another log on the fire, will you?


I wish Fay would understand that when I want his help I'll ask for it.


Who wrote these poems?


I bought a Daily News.


The storm prevented us from arriving on time.


Are you still married to Straka?

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Your house has a very cozy atmosphere.

It is impossible to resolve the conflict.

Biologists released some turtles into the sea.

Sleeping on a carpet is great.

I'm scared of thunderstorms.

Of all the films I rented, this is the only one worth seeing.

So is it just human nature to believe that things happen for a reason - to find some shred of meaning even in the worst experiences?

Our therapist suggested we go camping together and leave the kids at home.

Double-check your answers.

You haven't yet done what you were supposed to do, have you?

Are you thinking about getting a job?

Is this it?

Imagine if you started hiccoughing and you couldn't stop.

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I want to rent this room to a student.

How many lines are there in this paragraph?

The loud drill gave her husband a headache.

A politician always forgets.

I need a huge favor.


Your pencil is very dark.

The mouse is small and all alone.

Steve looks quite happy.

He had the jump on me.

The coalition is trying to paper over the cracks.

He likes to cook for his family.

This line is crosswise.

This video is not available in your country.

I am not familiar with his character.

I got an A on my book report.

I can't quite believe that just happened.

She wrote a book about animals.

You'll save yourself a lot of time if you take the car.


President Hayes vetoed the bill.

Bernard found a crumpled piece of paper on the floor.

Fighting isn't my style.

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What an expensive piano!

Pablo finally found his way home.

My credit cards are maxed out.


Hardly had I heard the news when I felt like crying.

Brian is a graduate.

Francis hopes to run a company in the future.

I think I'll stick around for a while.

Oleg yelled at everybody.


"Rest your features" is pseudo-polite for "Shut up."

Now give me that.

I remember seeing the queen.

Lois spoke to me last night.

What do you need me to explain?


Why do you say that?

A tale without love is like boudin without mustard.

That'll be good.

Ania and Piotr are twelve.

I want to tell you the story.

Thad doesn't regret that decision.

My marriage is over.

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I'll play with you.


I'm done listening to you.


The police were able to verify Isaac's alibi.


What's the best fertilizer for tomatoes?

Dawn couldn't get to sleep.

A car is outside.

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With this telescope stars and dreams can be seen.


The wall from which Humpty Dumpty fell is not the Great Wall of China.


Carol sent flowers to his mother.

I prefer to eat a muffin rather than a dinosaur.

Vickie sat in the bean bag chair.

Let's see if Wayne knows what to do.

What did they do yesterday?


How could anyone think that?

What do we live for ?

Do I have your promise?

There is a portrait of Bob on the wall.

Next question, please.

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Omar is wearing a Red Cross button.

I prefer fish to meat.

We only want to help you, Keith.


I thought Mongo would need help figuring out how to do that.

I have a fever of 102 degrees.

Where did you sing them?

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I was a member of the soccer club when I was in junior high.

He is in fourth grade of elementary school.

I'll talk you through it.


I wear size six gloves.

Randy isn't as intelligent as you think.

Rod should be back at 2:30.

You're not buying this, are you?

What's up with you?

What do you know about what happened?

Paper was first invented in China.

I want to know how many will make me happy.

I should thank you.

What do you mean by it?

I saw an albino squirrel today.

I thought we weren't supposed to go there without Jeany.

That's a bad idea.

You have to pace yourself or you'll choke halfway through.

We could handle it.

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We were filled with anger against the murderer.


Miles and Darryl looked at each other and smiled.

She obviously thought she was a good woman, but...

Sirius is a star brighter than the sun.

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Amir wouldn't provide details.

Ramiro declined their invitation.

Eric isn't a history major.

I cannot wear these pants. They are too tight.

I am interested in studying German culture.

I wish you had called ahead.

He is reserved by nature.

I will bear your words in mind.

Where is the Russian embassy?

If only the doctor had come a little sooner.

Wash your hands, please.

I'm not in any danger.

She was all kindness to everybody.


He seized the pickpocket by the collar.

I am sure you will take an active role in your new position.

Cristopher lost his colleagues' trust.