Are you looking for a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that perfectly suits your production environment, but until now you have only encountered complex software, which forces your collaborators to carry out long operations in front of a computer?

Virtual Chief is the solution for you, as it perfectly integrates itself with modern production facilities and allows staff to stay focused on value creation activities for your company’s customers.

In fact, Virtual Chief allows production to be planned in a few minutes and allows production staff to record the progress of their activities without leaving the workstation.

We are aware that it is not enough to record information: it also has to be elaborated and shared with the right people at the right time.

For this reason, Virtual Chief’s greatest strength is sharing important information in real time with the right people, to avoid rushing behind the urgencies and to make continuous points of the situation, tasks that are necessary if you use any other software solution existing on the market today.

In addition, thanks to our experience, we know that in order to be successful nowadays it is necessary to constantly improve performances.

Virtual Chief, in its lean and proactive style, provides tools to analyze the performances of your company’s processes and manage your improvement actions, assigning tasks to the employees and keeping their execution under control.

Virtual Chief is the modern and economic service, which allows you to increase the productivity of your company and improve the satisfaction of your customers!