We were very disappointed to hear the news.

It was shocking.

Wayne, we've arrived!

Val came over.

Where is the book that I read?

Just keep walking.

My friend wants milk.

I lived there for five years.


Rajesh watched a movie on a portable DVD player.

He said "Hi" to me.

We're finished, aren't we?


Dan didn't want his daughter Linda to date Matt.


A man's worth lies in what he is.


Who is the fastest one here?


Let's begin now.


I think he is a good driver.

He doesn't know when to shut up.

Dimetry has taken over his father's company.

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What time do you get up, Benedict?

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He has already finished his work.

I think you should meet her.

Do you know the dialling code?

I knew you'd enjoy that.

I'm appealing on behalf of the famine victims.

I wish I could swim.

She knows how to make candy.


It doesn't sound too appealing.


You don't even know who that man was.

There's something I need to know.

Christian could have helped me, but he didn't.

Winter does not look real without snow.

She was on the point of going out.

He gripped her tightly.

Jean could think of no reason why he should give Pierre any money.

I got into a traffic jam on the expressway.

Derek was killed in an accident.

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I'd like you to accompany Spencer.

The day after Sunday is Monday.

The invention of a purgatory, and of the releasing of souls therefrom, by prayers, bought of the church with money; the selling of pardons, dispensations, and indulgences, are revenue laws, without bearing that name or carrying that appearance.

I knew he wasn't Perry.

That's what I said to Jennifer.

Next year will be worse.

Gail slept through the entire movie.

Jerry didn't buy that for a second.

We postponed the conference to next Friday.


This isn't worth the wait.

A young man waited in line to see him.

If I want your help, I'll ask you for it.

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'Childhood friends' are scary.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned.

It is I who am to blame.


Marian doesn't like surprises.

Not all books are good books.

Is there anything wrong about it?

She is less beautiful than her mother is.

I think everybody is ready.

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I understand that now.

She likens the impact of his training to a piano student progressing from the ability to play a simple tune to performing a concerto.

A Mr Jones is waiting for you outside.

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You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

The sun glared down on us.

He has a lot of hobbies.

Kyu didn't understand me.

We're late for the dance.


Jacobson fumbled with the doorknob.

Let's order a smaller pizza next time.

I used to go running every day after work.

All the villagers in turn saluted the priest.

Earl hasn't done that.

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You like to feel cash with your fingers, so you think money's more real.

Can I?

Janet bought a skirt and a blouse.


I cannot water the backyard. There is no water.

We elected Mr Jordan chairperson.

We must think over the issues carefully.

I've given Murthy everything he's ever asked for.

You've spent time with Marie.

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Can I park my car here?

We pay you well.

We'll visit Mosur tomorrow.

Do you know the name of this game?

I was one of the last to leave.


I hope we get there soon.


I just don't love you.

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Why do you think Julian doesn't like Tyler?

Is anyone there?

I'm studying to be an artist.

In summary, you can call the ship, with complete justification, a floating sanatorium.

I like short hair.

Take off your jacket if you're warm.

Frankly, I didn't have the confidence to ask Gunnar to have lunch with me.

He likes games of chance.

The pizza will be here in five minutes.

This book is not less amusing than that one.

Something is definitely missing.

I always expect trouble.

Mahesh took Michelle out on a date.


Torsten was put in prison.

Are you sure it's impossible?

A new president has just been elected.


Her face grew pale.


In the book, Hort Town is a rough place where drug use is common.


Don't forget to take the first-aid kit.


Helge isn't as strong as he used to be.

Pratapwant appears exhausted.

I've got a feeling that Nate won't graduate this year.

I'm not Danielle's boyfriend. I'm just a friend.

I got married five years ago on this very day.

Roger is a prostate cancer survivor.

This wasn't here before.

I think you're hungry. Eat.

Did you think I'd give up so easily?


I want to go back to Deirdre's.

Philippe could tell Jinny was troubled.

He's just another sullen teenager.

Just hearing Spanish makes me feel warmer and takes my mind off the freezing cold I'm experiencing right now.

Hurf seems to want to say something.

How could you not say something?

Should I order you some food?

Moran really wants to lose weight.

Should I go talk to them?

Why can't you be more like your father?

Erick resisted smiling.


We drove through village after village, until we got to our destination.

Be quiet, please! Don't make a sound.

Merton isn't in Boston.

Rajendra slugged Rupert.

Antony kissed Mosur and left.


Izchak fell from the tree.

Now is when you have to make up your mind.

You need to share with your brother, Julius!

I like roasted chestnuts.

Allen wants to paint her car bright blue.

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Ben wouldn't have come if he didn't think it was important to be here.

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It's going to be expensive.

Yesterday I met two Americans who're bicycling through Japan.

Many students like to study in the morning.

During the presentation the speaker talked mainly about gender inequality.

He works hard because he is anxious to succeed.

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Is this word correct in this context?

In the last World Cup, New Zealand was knocked out of the competition by Mexico.

Stay back or I'll kill you.

Can we talk to her directly?

This CD belongs to her.

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I am happy with my girlfriend.


You can also find many books in various formats at Project Gutenberg.

It writhes like a worm.

Christopher Columbus once met Betty, but did NOT get murdered.

Let us discuss.

I'm even older.

Fill the blanks with suitable words.

I like watching movies in French.


Alejandro's last name isn't easy to pronounce.

It's super easy!

Chromium is a transition element.

He tried to persuade her in vain.

My daughter tells me I'm old-fashioned because I don't use a cellphone.

Kenn is shy, isn't he?

What the hell is that?


No need to worry.

Joachim works at the corner store.

I cannot lift such a heavy car.