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Tesla Model S ReviewReview, upgrade and maintenance log for my 2013 Tesla Model S. 573-432-7396 FirearmsRelatively small page devoted to firearms. Mini reviews, images, specs and stats. Nuclear Weapons Testing DataMainly atmospheric and space nuclear test images. Including operational data (when available), links to useful resources, nuclear calendar, etc. (276) 224-1669 Knife ReviewsAnother large section. Dedicated to knives. Reviews for over 200 knives I own or owned, links to useful info, lots of knife images, screensavers, you name it. 701-766-1540 9727681981 All Fixed Knife Reviews(List)Flat list of all fixed blade knife reviews on zknives.com All Folding Knife Reviews(List)Flat list of all folding knife reviews on zknives.com Knife Steel ResourcesComperhensive Knife steel resources. Knife steel composition chart, analyzer graph, glossaries, knfie steel FAQs and more. Interactive Knife Steel Composition ChartThe most comperhensive interactive chart of the knife steel compositions, allowing for flexible search queries, integrated with alloy composition comparison graph builder. Japanese Kitchen Knife Types And StylesDatabase of the Japanese kitchen knife types, styles. Photos and detailed explanation of their deisgnated use. 212-731-4133 (225) 374-2262 California State Knife Carry LawsPenal codes related to knfie carry, their analysis and summary. 514-816-2380 Ballistics in JavaExperiments in java. A few ballistics calculators in Java. Includes muzzle energy and power factor calculators and graph builders, recoil calculator, shotgun recoil calculator. otherwhence FlashlightsOne more fast growing section. Flashlight reviews. Includes lots of pix, reviews, links. (561) 219-9102 (505) 938-9561 415-507-4061

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