You seem to want to take all the credit.

You told Ima to do this, didn't you?

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Would you like to go out and get something to drink?

We bought a new washer.

I'd send my kid out on his own for a while if I were you. A few hard knocks at this point might do him some good.

The king abdicated for health issues.

We are expecting company this evening.

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Susanne's apartment is spacious.

Pratapwant and I will meet you there.

I can hold my liquor.


Stop. It's not fun.

If you want money, I've got a rich husband.

There's a small scar on Becky's face just under his left eye.

Do you have a son?

Are your parents in now?

I'm still kind of tired.

I disguised myself as a policeman.

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He thought how foolish he had been.


That's a rip off!

He has a strong constitution.

I lost my house keys.

The hotel telephone is in the hall and Harriet is trying to ring the police now.

The townspeople looked curiously at me.


Will there be a sequential translation into other languages?

My grandfather died in Korea.

He notices a thousand times a day the difference.

We heard it from Mr Such and such.

Sofoklis and Roxanne glanced at each other.


He was satisfied with the work he had done.


I don't want to participate in the ceremony.

I'll give up smoking.

She cheered me up when I was feeling blue.

I now live in Boston in the US, but I plan to go back to Japan before the end of the year.

Don't let Siegurd call Anna.

I know Mark is sick.

That'll depend entirely on them.

They begged us to help them.

The author shows a great talent in the creation of his characters.

The important thing is to participate.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to help.

I heard someone knock on the door.

My parents will be proud of me.

I was drinking tea all morning.

We must stop urban sprawl and fight against physical segregation while still guaranteeing the right to housing.

It's astonishing, the size of his head.

It is now believed that Ceres formed 4.6 billion years ago when the solar system was forming.

He came to the airport to meet Mr West.

What have you accomplished?


I've got things to say.

There is a yard of cloth.

I got over the difficulty with my characteristic tenacity.

My feet hurt because I walked too much.

If people never fell in love or got their hearts broken when love fails, what would lyricists write their songs about?

I asked Joe to play the guitar.

Ram proofread my manuscript.

My association with him did not last long.

Wait till the rain stops.

This is extreme.

Please answer in French.

Little as Geppetto's house was, it was neat and comfortable.

Kanthan wrapped his arms around Brett.


He enjoys his position.

You don't know what this means to us.

His name is known all over the world.


Taking a hot bath helps me take my mind off my worries.

Did he already fall asleep?

He was the kind of person in whom you can trust.

He made up for lost time by running fast.

The hostages are all still alive.


A quadratic function cannot be used here.


That's one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen.

But that's incredible!

What lovely legs!

They are having breakfast at eight this week.

I don't need protection.

We could get more.

That's exactly what I think too.

We had to start somewhere.

That might take too long.


I hate strong-minded women.


It is desirable that you should attend the meeting.

A mysterious legend has been handed down about this lake.

Speak louder so that everyone can hear you better.


I was exhausted when we arrived at the ski slope and the snow became rain.

It's been years since I've seen Pierre.

Marcel didn't even bat an eye.

Does this dress look OK on me?

The documentary was narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Mom! That lady and man are holding hands. They're great friends, aren't they?

Terrence can only speak a few words of French.

His absence was due to illness.

I'll never forget the look on her face.

He made a few conventional remarks about the event.

Jean-Pierre laughed softly.

He had found shortcomings in the repair.

If you come to Rio, don't forget to call me to be your guide!

Projects like Tatoeba can help the Berber language survive.

The ship will arrive by way of several countries.

It's hard to surprise him.

What is the point of life anyway, said the young fool.

Why are you able to explain things so well?

Ahmet is going to sleep.

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Why does everyone hate him?


I'm sending you this sentence when you least expect it.


Air pollution is a serious problem in this country.

The project was a loser from the start.

We had scarcely returned when it began raining.

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It seems Mom is doing the dishes.

I had a lot of help.

I'm surprised that you didn't know that Walter got into Harvard.

Her ability took her to the top.

Laurel helped her mother prepare dinner.

Could you bring this flower to Kate?

Victoria handed the picture to Tuna.

We strive for perfection.

I thought you'd want to see this.

I would rather stay at home than go out today.

It's been three years since I started to study French.

My dog likes to gnaw on bones.

He forgot to bring his homework, so he got detention.

He teaches his friends English.

We recoiled from the enemy's offensive.

Sally, by accident, set the curtain on fire.

I thought you said you liked Bernard.

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Bring me my Marika. I want to see her.

It's cold today.

Losing my daughter has taken away my will to live.

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I like to play guitar.


I want to see you in my office this afternoon.

Ji doesn't want to admit it, but he's excited about tomorrow's dance.

Cristina used to be obnoxious.

Please wish me luck.

That's a myth.

Ravindranath was unable to move.

You overestimate their importance.

I would like to draw.

We are expecting an addition to our family.

Who uses Tatoeba?

Everyone seemed to be very busy and everyone seemed to be in a hurry.


I can't remember her phone number no matter how much I try.


Who do you think he is?


I miss talking with him.

You could count to ten when you were two.

He does not like being punished.

Who typed this?

Saul thought that Helen wanted him to kiss her.


Fold up your bedding.

Am I supposed to thank you?

How long should I microwave this?


This may be research my secretary did.

He will not agree with us.

Mike has told me a lot about you.

I can't make that decision without talking to Dalton first.

Caroline was driven out of the synagogue.

This easy chair is quite comfortable.

I've been looking for it everywhere.

He was subjected to torture by the police.

They're absolutely certain.

Where are my clothes?

Jane's having a lot of problems with noisy neighbours in his new apartment.

Everyone knew Nils was the one who did it.

My dream is to study French in Paris.

Leif stopped the timer.

Josh is quite temperamental.

We'll need chairs.

His appearance has changed so much that you may well not recognize him.

If I won a million euros, I'd probably move to another country with my mother.

You never let me do anything.

He just moved into an apartment he inherited from his parents.

Any clues?


My back hurts from being sitted hours long in front of the computer.