Julia has acquired a serious opponent - John.

Medical science can save lives.

He was watching TV last night.

He wrote several plays in verse.


He said her mother doesn't love him.


That's Saturn.


The dam blocking the river is very wide.


We slept in a tent.

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Judge made his way through the crowd.


It goes without saying that they are in the wrong.

He's a man.

Lowell gave Darryl a sinister look.


That child fell into a profound sleep.


Try your best.


I'm a management consultant.

Today I have neck pain.

Transaction has failed.

Time has no end. It's endless.

There is a small pond here.

I've cleaned every room except your bedroom.

You must go to Harajuku.


I'm through with my work. Let's go out.

This area is devastated.

Does this train have a sleeping car?

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Tell Marian I don't need his help whatsoever.

People say she was an actress when she was young.

I wouldn't have made it without you.

I was roaming over the mountains all through the night.

Tal asked you a question. Please answer it.

That's strange. I could have sworn that I'd locked this door.

We remind you that our terms are 60 days net.

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Ami told Peggy that he'd be free tomorrow.

I suggest you and Emmett don't talk about Molly.

I'm not stamping their postcards.

I have a new pair of socks.

My daughter's name is Damone.

Have you ever tried adding a Mentos to a bottle of diet cola?

I was a bit unlucky.


Thank God that day's over.

Are the Bush administration and al-Qaida the two sides of the same coin?

Jeans are now in fashion among girls.


Please have a second helping.

How many people can do that?

She likes oranges, doesn't she?

Peter's cottage is very big.

I will see to it that everything is ready in time.

We don't like Suzan.

What is your opinion on the Japanese education system?


Michiel is listening to Carmina Burana.

She hid the letter carefully so that no one should see it.

I can't. It's too big.

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He is Swiss.

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I have not seen him lately.

Your passport, please.

She has to take in the waist of her pants a bit.

Could you please make room for me?

My brother is taking the entrance examination today.


I had to get seven stitches.

Who's helping you?

I cannot open it!

I'm going to take Eduardo back to his apartment.

This tape sticks well.

Syun's doorbell rang.

Hey, if that's what you want to do, I'm not going to say no.

Money cannot compensate for life.

We elaborated on our study plan.

What will they do?

Coleen just wants to be happy.

They aren't going to help Marco.

Everybody was staring at me.

He is in want of good assistants.

I didn't speak with her.

Carol filled the box with food.

"http://tatoeba.org/" is the URL of Tatoeba.

Lars wrote a love letter to Samir, but she didn't read it.

Can I get a copy of that?

Let's finish this.

The girl came dancing toward me.

You miss Andy a lot, don't you?

Darin sliced the turkey.

Jianyun pretends he doesn't understand French.

I ate potato chips.

Ping had to spend a night in jail.

Her hat fell off her head.

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I didn't want to do it.

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My neighbour totally renovated his house.

Well, I like that idea.

Did you kiss anybody?

I found the empty box.

Jesper asked me if I had found the keys.

Don't criticize him in public.

Sentient beings throughout the Galactic Empire could send telepathic messages across vast distances.

How many arms does an octopus have?

Halfway through the lecture, she began to feel sick.

These three years have gone by like three days, just like a dream!

I deserve a promotion.


I want Pilot to wash the car.

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Wouldn't that be irresponsible?


They promised to give a thousand pieces per month.


No thank you, I'm full.

Thank you for clearing up the misunderstanding.

They were complicit in those murders, and this I'll prove to you during the course of the trial.

You might want to help Rudolph a little.

I love being around him.

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Come on everyone.

This book is available at one shop only.

I'm envisioning all of that now.


She was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to Roberto.

Who'd want to hire you?


A tiger is a beast of prey.

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I mustn't add oil to this engine.


Johann doesn't appear to be nervous.

Srikanth knew Elijah could speak French fairly well.

Report for duty Monday morning.

Do you know what my father used to say?

I am hot.

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You should observe the speed limit.

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I'll leave tomorrow, weather permitting.


His behavior did not correspond with his words.

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This clock must have belonged to Wilson's father.

I never laid a hand on you.

On the bright side, at least more and more girls in Afghanistan are going to school.


He put his hands on my shoulders.

Alexander is old enough to be Alan's grandfather.

You're better than them.


Lea knows how to keep a secret.


Hsuan and Phiroze were angry at each other.


Pinocchio had a long nose.

This man is your friend, right?

The end of something is not necessarily the "butt"; it could be the "tail" or the "feet."

Where are you hurt?

Do you know what I see here?


Justin kept his word.


I pay the money in advance.

Kim is dressed in a very attractive manner.

The question is when should we start.

There are many different strategies we could try.

Can I talk to Jos?

Thirteen people were killed in the train wreck.

She has a scarf around her neck.


Only the truth hurts.

I just like to daydream.

Kay went to the barber shop.

When buying fowl, check that it has no teeth. If it has teeth, it is not fowl.

I've reconsidered it.

Give it a pull.

I want to be rich.

It was really no problem.

Hirofumi sat two rows ahead of me.

These pills are hard to swallow.

"Is that a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?" "It's a Maserati."

Devon also needs to do that.

Today I take your hand so that we may grow old together.

I'll know not to do it that way next time.

This is an egg.

Do you have an empty room in this hotel?

You know I'm wrong.

Everybody's looking for you.

It's hearsay.