The Well-being Profiler

Any school. Any time. Anywhere.


What is The Well-being Profiler?

The Well-being Profiler is an easy-to-use online measurement tool designed for schools to examine the well-being of their students from ages 10 to 25 years old.

It is a service dedicated to understanding the well-being of young people in schools.

How It Works

Administer online questionnaire to students
download well-being Reports

What Does The Well-being Profiler Measure ?


Unlimited number of testing & reports per annual

Efficient delivery of electronic reports within 2 weeks after the administration of questionnaire

Presentation of results in an easy-to-understand format

Quick and easy administration of questionnaire

Affordable cost for whole school to participate

Obtain grade level results across time

What can you use results for?

  • Understand a young person's well-being from their point of view
  • Track students' well-being across time and grade level
  • Identify areas of strengths and challenges

Participate in Research

Gathering more results from this questionnaire will help extend our understanding about adolescent well-being. If your school would like to participate in this research, which will allow the researchers to use the results for further analysis, please indicate that consent is given under the research section when you sign up. Ethics for this research has been approved by the University of Melbourne Ethics Committee.