What time of year do you usually like to spend time on the beach?

She made herself useful about the room.


Bart isn't jealous.

Why is it that women usually shave their legs, but men don't?

I think Hans is fussy.

Since it rained, I did not go.

Can this possibly be the right address?

He gave me what little money he had about him.

He told me where to buy origami.


In a purely romantic relationship cheating would just be like having a boyfriend who considers himself in love with another girl and he goes and sees her and kisses her and cuddles with her and tells her he loves her.

Her belief in God is unshaken.

Exhaust from factories pollutes the air.

I urge that you all read carefully.

Kirk asked Krzysztof to do that, so you don't have to.

John lives above his means.

Ping asked me some questions about what had happened.


I saw a stranger enter that house.

This is the book I want to give my mother.

Do you plan to join us for a drink afterwards?

If I had had more time, I would have written to you.

Julia kept me waiting for more than 30 minutes.

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I appreciated Linder doing that.

It's a great opportunity.

I will also remind you of the dangers of your forefathers.


They knew how much danger they'd be in.

Daryl hasn't come yet.

I love them.

This was a wake up call for Sid.

She joined the navy after finishing college.

We walked through thick bushes.

He wants to be an Edison some day.

I want you to lead.

How much money do you owe Susan?


Everyone here knows you don't eat pork.

"Look," she said.

I must have made a mistake somewhere.

I found the problem easier than I had expected.

We waited, but he didn't come.


He studied hard so that he might enter the university.

What were you doing at the time of his death?

That will benefit the community.

I watched Linder closely.

Mott is a little younger than your daughter.

These seem interesting.

She pays us every month.

Did Seenu tell Sandip what time she needed to be here tomorrow?

I don't really know anything.


Volcanic ash covered the city.

I've always thought that.

Put it into a paper bag.


Isidore had no choice but to support Emma.

We can't pretend that this didn't happen.

We owe Manny a debt of gratitude.

You should leave, Takayuki.

I reckon something scared him.

You should rewrite this sentence. It does not make sense.

She enjoys reading scientific articles.

Some people started dancing.

I'm not so sure of that.


I wasn't able to go to his birthday party.

This substance is in solid state.

Manjeri and Vivek have been best of friends for years.


They aren't our enemies.

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My school grades have been average.

Giovanni was asserting, judging by the verb in front of him, that the sentence was past tense, while Sedat, seeing the gerundive under her eyes, was swearing it was a present.

You can decorate the cocktail with a cherry or a pineapple.

Murthy fixed the roof of his house just yesterday.

Nothing is to be compared to its beauty.


You finished all of the exams.

To my shock, he killed himself by taking poison.

Michel and Skef both just stare at John.


Sociability is as much a law of nature as mutual struggle.

Does Dawn already have a job?

He acts like a tough guy.

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This car can drive just as well as that one there.

I just want to get warm.

Just tell him the truth.

Is the food ready?

I feel like I want to kiss you.


I'm still not sure what this is about.

What seems to be the problem?

It's not what I wanted to say.


Does that make any sense?

I think Laurie knows what he's doing.

I want you to tell me what you really think of Kristin.

My shoes are gone.

She'll never speak of it.

The old man you saw today in the studio was Baron Hausberg. He is a great friend of mine, buys all my pictures and that sort of thing, and gave me a commission a month ago to paint him as a beggar.

That's just an excuse.


I don't think that incident requires any further explanation.

The sky is clear and full of stars.

Who would have thought around 1900 that in fifty years time we would know so much more and understand so much less.

Ernie stifled a scream.

The student majors in philosophy.

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Is this store open on Sundays?

"Have you written the letter?" "No, I'm writing it now."

Sam continued to stare at himself in the mirror.

Are nations the last stage of evolution in human society?

I put great value on your knowledge about it.


He is what we call a scholar.

War is the poison of the world.

Which hat do you want to give to Alfred?

I saw some flowers on the table.

Flight 226 takes off at 10:30.

Benson was forced to sell her parents' house, where she had grown up, and this made her heart ache.

Preparations for the ceremony are under way.

He has a Picasso.

He changed a few words.

Kylo wants me to help him with his homework.

Did you make up your mind?


I doubt the truth of his story.

Do you have anything less expensive?

Emet sat at my bedside for ten hours.

Morton didn't have the courage to come right out and say what he believed.

How was work today?

Oliver seldom drinks coffee.

Irvin might have done the right thing for the wrong reason.

This is more important!

What did you buy this car for?

I'm beginning to doubt whether Doug can really understand French all that well.

Rhonda is motivated, isn't he?


Where did you get this key?


I want a better look at this document.

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Arlene showed Annie the ropes.

Why don't you take a look at this data?

There were chickpeas in the salad as well as in the hummus.

Winston felt Olivier's forehead.

Shirley wanted us to attack.

He began to enjoy talking to them.

Tomas is vain, isn't he?


Can you remember how much you paid for this?

We had dinner in an expensive restaurant and stayed at a high-class hotel.

Kitty was genuinely happy to see Francis.

The theory of the Big Bang was proposed in 1927 and expanded in 1929.

I know you have it with you.

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I will lose weight.

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Can you tell me why you hired Galen?


Jared wasn't able to solve the problem.

You're asking what I'll do in the last hours before the end of the world. I'll probably take out the garbage and clean up the apartment, and you could come and help me with it.

Damon has been like a dad to me.


I am podding peas.

We can never begin to finish this work by tomorrow.

Kolkka rescued me.

I was thinking about you earlier today.

He abuses his authority.

Don't get involved with bad men.

My hobby is taking pictures.

Sergei knows best.

They continue to call.

It wasn't until Rebecca left me that I realized how much I loved him.

I have been to the airport to see my father off.

I leave tomorrow.

Francois and Dominick are in danger.

How did you meet them?

These workmen are constructing a road.

George avoided answering Masanao's question.

Hostilities temporarily ceased.

Do you recall me at all?

The train leaves at six.


I leaned to see if there was water and fell down the well.

You must answer these questions.

This power station alone provides several cities with electricity.

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Linda might have been a witness.

I hope Elvis didn't see that.

I think that we will manage to succeed.

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Give me your watch.

Hi. I feel kind of sick.

He bothered me for money.