I don't feel sorry for her.

I had no idea what to say.

What did you mean in that email you just sent?

Birds evolved from dinosaurs.

I don't have Dustin's money.

Bryce didn't even shake my hand.

Glenn can't stand loud music.

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Tell her that I am cutting the meat.

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Loyd didn't have to go to Boston last week.

Wade looks well rested.

Have you ever asked if Dustin wants one?

Anna finally talked Naoto into selling him her old violin.

Rules are made for fools to follow and for wise men to use as a guideline.

I can't find anything wrong with you.

I'll have to see how my schedule looks.

Cheaters never prosper.

Lend me your dog.

The likelihood of being attacked by a shark is very low.

Krzysztof finished cleaning the kitchen and then started cleaning the living room.

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You said that you wanted to go.

He is a diligent student, as students go.

An acquaintance of mine introduced me to his closest friends.

Please give me a pen and some pieces of paper.

I'm surprised William didn't show up at Rahul's party.

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I started dating Maarten when I was in high school.

I don't see where you're going with this, Werner.

Don't you dare go there.

The bus was packed.

I am looking for a book about medieval Spain.

I'll go get my car.

You might not need a grater if you have good knife skills.


I can't talk to you here.

He nearly got away with it.

She's here to protect you.


Leonard is the host of a home improvement show.

No good apple on a sour stock.

Now I realize why.

Do not put your books on the table.

I've never seen a more god-forsaken stretch of desert.

This is the largest building in existence.

I'm not in charge of anything.

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I had an awful night.

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So long.

How have you been doing lately?

You need a hand, don't you?

What could I have done better?

I may outlive you.

We called him a "hero", but he betrayed us.

You should have a light on.

I'd like to give it to her.

What have we got here?


Marci doubts if Morton will come to school today.


Will I see you later?

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I arrived on the night he left.

God is nature. Don't go against nature.

I scored a goal.

I gave him the afternoon off.

I was surprised that he really had a strong resemblance to his father.

Some will be wearing new watches next year.

We'll need help.

Each one does as he likes.

You won't have to babysit tonight.


We must make up our minds, and that at once.

I just don't want you to get hurt.

I'm taking my stuff upstairs.

We've got some questions for Jinny.

I'll bid farewell to this stinking school.

Could we get a bottle of your best champagne?

The real tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations.

Don't tell me they actually believe that nonsense.

There was no mistake on his part.


Every person is special.

Give me four white plates.

I bought her a clock.


This is her fault.

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Lord is a scientist.


Why tell them anything?

I assume there's somebody somewhere who likes Tai.

There is no need for you to stay here.

Wasn't he killed by a car?

I don't give lessons.

She used margarine instead of butter.

He found himself pursued by recruiters.

I want five meatballs.

She went into the bathroom.

Do you have a points card?

Dogs are smart.

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Srivatsan deserves a pat on the back.

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Eddie is responsible for preparing the report.

I was just messing around.

Terry doesn't care what Rupert does or doesn't do.

Heather ignored the request.

I don't think any of us are happy about what happened.

This has my approval.

Is bigamy a crime in Australia?

I expect a tough fight.

Shutoku pointed out my mistake.


It seems I was wrong about them.

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Talk to your boss.


when did you learn swimming?

Nicolas said he'd hurt my family if I didn't do what he asked.

Before we wrap up, let's take some questions from the audience.


My father is coming home tomorrow.


I heard that Vinod was working late last night with you. Is that true?

Doctor Mortimer pulled it out of his breast-pocket.

I lost sight of him.

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Avery came to my office on Monday.

Lui knows exactly how to win.

Have you found your umbrella yet?

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Brenda is very smart, just like you.


For the record, I'm not at all interested.

On the tenth of next month, they will have been married for twenty years.

He looked at all the beautiful things in my house.

Stay put for now.

I cannot stop the bleeding.

Disney films are an American vision of society.

The plane takes off in ten minutes.

No matter how hard Srivatsan tried, he couldn't impress Maurice.

Mats didn't do it for money.


She went to a movie the other day.

Don't place such importance on what other people say.

Do you know Toerless's boyfriend's name?

Sonny smiled appreciatively.

I wish you'd call us.

Not only has eating with your fingers continued throughout the centuries, but some scholars believe that it may become popular again.

We had to retain a lawyer.

These are my grandchildren.

I talked a little to Aki about clothes.

We know that's not true.

I should've become a teacher.

Did Mott really get into Harvard?

Unfortunately, that is true.

I had to stay after class and talk to the teacher.

I had a premonition that something wasn't right.


We have to stand up for minority rights.


Memorising the cards in a deck in order is certainly a difficult task, but manageable.

I think Pete is in love with you.

He acquired French when he was young.


I should change the sentence.

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They say they've already paid.

Lester knew that it was hopeless.

We can't do it without you.

One moment please, someone knocks on the door.

Rob was shocked by what Travis said.

This is the first time I've seen him smile.

Human language is capable of expressing an infinite amount of ideas.

Let's end this nonsense.

Dan doesn't know any French.

This business plan of yours seems almost too optimistic. All I can say is I hope it's more than just wishful thinking.

Deborah is a fitness trainer.

We'll have loads of fun.

Any fever?


Dennis often cuts classes on Monday.

I don't even want to know what my future holds for me.

She was skiing.

We have come to know what is going on in the world faster and faster.

I think Roxane is here already.

The users of Tatoeba are kind.

We'll definitely look into it.

You need to help me find Holly.

What's Kyu still doing here?

She gets 5% of my gains.

He tickled his little sister until she peed her pants up.


I hope they were listening.

I just saw it for myself.

Allow me to introduce Mr Kato to you.