The dog is white.

Wilson didn't answer at first.

It's not too far from here.


We are defending the same cause.

What exactly happened to you?

Don't let them hurt Eli.

Would you like to tell me what happened?

It was a pleasure to meet you.


Nick wants to be admired.

Even the best tennis players shank their shots occasionally.

I wish I had eaten breakfast.


The twins look so alike that it is difficult to tell them apart.


Panacea wants to kill himself.


He studied hard with a view to gaining a scholarship.

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All right, let's get out of here.

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I want to be a baseball player.


Is sentence construction in Esperanto freer than in Portuguese?

Watching television is like studying, but perhaps about irrelevancies.

Is there anything else you want to do?

The elephant walks on as the dogs bark.

It's a curse.

It's not the sort of illness that puts your life at risk.

This is a large house.

They were after us.

I was most grateful to Nick for his kindness.

This isn't the worst of it.

I have to cook dinner today.


That can wait until later.

This could take some time.

They hurried away.

This is Leon's dictionary.

If only I could help you.

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I'm just cleaning up.

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Are we allowed to use the elevator?


No gift is more precious than trust.

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Don't talk to me because I'm no longer talking to you.

The teacher can see you.

The court sentenced him to death.


She is definitely innocent.


There is a kind of idealism which says that if you just do your best, you will be able to do anything, regardless of intelligence or physical strength.

Had the commander remained in situ, he would have been considered for the position.

I think the same as they do.

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As a secretary she is a prize.

Don't ride the brake, Tal.

Nothing feels right.

Put those guns away.

Kirk had an altercation with a woman who tried to take his parking space.

The fence needed painting.

This should be plenty.


I want you to play the guitar for me.

No one ever tells me anything around here.

He frowns on his wife's wasting money.

Mats says he doesn't know who Audrey is planning on going to the prom with.

Granville is with his friends.

He is a Hollywood star.

The city was wrapped in fog.

I would do the same thing.

Have you ever been a witness in a court case?

I hear you're selling your motorcycle. How much do you want for it?

Rahul leaned forward to kiss Rex.

For you, failure is the only option.

Is anything broken?


"Emily is cute." "So is Alice."

Is that really the reason why?

Shai did a good job proofreading my paper.


My name isn't Stephen.

I found it easy to operate the computer.

Don't discriminate against people based on nationality, gender, or occupation.

She was visiting me regularly.

Where can we park the car?

Luc complimented Jinny.

I didn't say this was heaven.

I wanna find something like that.

I am reading his book.

Not everyone thought she was a great actress.

Don't you turn your back on me.


One of the reasons that we love nature is that, unlike ourselves, nature is not envious or deceitful.

When you're preparing food for someone, please don't pick your nose, scratch your ass, or sneeze in your hands.

In Beijing, hutongs are alleys formed by lines of siheyuans, the traditional courtyard residences.


She laundered money for some drug traffickers.

How long will you remain in New York?

Jitendra and I have been close friends for a long time.

I have a strained back.

I suppose we're just lucky.

Emily's staying in her elder sister's house, because her parents went to the United States for a couple of weeks.

Tell me the time when you will come.

I'm still mad.

If Shakil wanted to kill me, I'd already be dead.


My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes an irrelevant answer.


You can't keep it from me forever.


They're all fine.

I'll have to tell Owen about what we just discussed.

How long has Howard been like this?

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Lloyd sharpened the knives.

The Jacksons moved to Boston.

I am sure it must have slipped your memory.


Beckie squeezed Hilda's hand.

You can't smoke in school.

Jean will be done soon.


He came forward as a candidate for Congress.

"Women know fuck all about football." "Yeah? Well, men know fuck all about knitting."

It fell upon me to take care of my mother.

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I don't need to talk to him.

I know it sounds crazy, but I swear it's true.

Against my advice, he fed his dog some raw pork.


I'm not the thief, you are a witness!

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The Catholic Church is opposed to divorce.

Kimmo warned Lord not to go out by herself after dark.

A walk before breakfast is exhilarating.

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Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


Dion should know that.

My bicycle was stolen.

She wouldn't have married him if she had known him better.

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Can I get a blanket?

I'm extroverted.

We have to take great pains to make our guests feel comfortable.

I suggest you leave immediately.

I want to talk to the press.

I'm very pleased to be here.

She has a cold.

I don't see anything.

I'd like to see your ticket, please.

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You've still got all your life in front of you.

In a characteristically awkward move, Regis patted his guest on the arm.

The defence attorney did his best on behalf of Ricky to secure his acquittal.

Soon you will reap the fruits of your efforts.

It's very unlikely that Rayan acts that way at home.

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This looks familiar.


Work and pray, live on hay; you'll get pie in the sky when you die.

We went to big lake for picnic.

I am very interested in soccer.


He didn't write back.


That's all we know about him.


We found them.

People stay outside.

I don't have a dress good enough for such an occasion.

He really likes it.

So what I told you still stands.


I do think I understand.


Would you like to explain that?

Where was Roxie then?

Grant made a noise.

I have very heavy periods.

Betsy is an above-average student.

I haven't seen Cliff for a good while.

You're the last hope for humanity.

He finally accomplished the work.

And I grabbed him by his feet and said: "How humiliating this must be for you!"

I didn't know Ralph was fat.

Ian is very ugly.

To my surprise, the anthropologist was accused of murder.

The house is on the most level part of the ground.

Prices have soared every year.

If he will not work hard, he will be fired.

He has devoted himself to his studies recently.

The lines of people waiting for food were longer than before.

If people really landed on the moon half a century ago, why haven't they done it again?

No worries! This is good enough!