That's what I pay you for.

I wanted to flatter her.

I once found a book there.

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Never tell the truth when a lie will do.

He doesn't understand the youth's speech at all.

This is humiliating.

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He has more books than he can read in his entire life.


When I met him, I suddenly remembered lending him a large sum of money the previous month.

Even this one can be an idea.

Whether you drive fast or slow, drive carefully.

These French exercises are not easy.

It's so adorable.


Lynn still doesn't get it.


I didn't hurt her.

Laurianne saved everybody.

Smoking does much harm but no good.

He told me that he would go to France in June.

I don't want to talk.

I got a letter written with a pencil.

To my surprise he failed the test.


Are you still planning on going back to Boston tonight?

The house has been bought.

You should come with me to Syun's house.

Your house is very modern.

An artist has to have a color-sensitive eye.

10% of the inhabitants come from Japan.

He walked in the forest, with birds singing cheerfully above his head.


How many volunteers did you get?

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They're fearless.

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I got something else on my mind.

That lawyer is going to pick you apart in open court tomorrow.

All the apples disappeared.


Vaughn earns three times more than I do.


What is it like to be a god?


A woman had a baby after receiving a womb transplant.

How long did you wait for me?

I must ask you about them.


Let me show you a picture of my wife.

I met Meg, who told me the news.

You have only to close your eyes.


Merat knew where Tracey usually went shopping.

There were 150 passengers on the plane.

We'll have to pick the lock to get into the house.

Doctor, can you hear me out?

Tell her not to get near the dog.


He stayed in bed because he wasn't feeling well.

He came early, as he had been asked to do.

We're still trying to convince Spyros to go to college.

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My grandfather died when I was boy.


She suggested that the customer buy a blue tie.

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There's no one that I can turn to for advice.


What Shel did was awful.

I'll go see if Honzo is here.

You bought bread.

Is there something in the fridge we can drink?

I hope you'll have a lot of fun on your trip.


She set out on a trip last week.

I've been married three times.

Linda tearfully confessed to Dan that she had been cheating on him.

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He isn't a poet; he's a prose writer.

Horst doesn't know who Chet went to the zoo with.

Are you saying I was wrong?


I've learned many lessons.

The dress I like more is black.

They hope to be able to find a well-paid job.

It's been two years since I saw him last.

He sipped the hot coffee slowly.

Never have I read such a dull book.

I love that tradition.

I was about to leave for work when the telephone rang.

Tell them how displeased I am.

Fragments of the mirror were scattered on the floor.

That time table gives the hours of arrival and departure.

I hope the weather is going to be dry.

After I returned from Turkey, my Turkish deteriorated.

I don't work now and I lead a less hectic life.

There were cotton candy vendors in the shrine.

Frank has been going out with Alf for about three years.

She had nothing to do yesterday.

The instinct for survival is innate.

Pilar doesn't have a cat. However, Hurf does have a dog, doesn't he?

She continued writing in her diary until she died.

I don't want to sour his relationship with the company by fining him for misconduct just before he's due to leave.

It had already got dark when we arrived at the hotel.

We have been visited by a nation-wide economic boom.

He's just a dreamer.

We just want you to think about it.


Is there anyone who wants some more pie?

It was an embarrassing fiasco.

It was perfect.

Gas has been found below the sea.

We're successful.

I begged her not to go there.

If you speak French, I won't understand.


The prisoner was pardoned by the governor.

She was absent without leave.

I'm pretty certain that won't happen.

I think Ric does a fantastic job.

Canadian swimmer Penny Oleksiak won four medals at the Rio Olympics at the age of only 16.


It is the car that we have wanted.

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Come downstairs.

Chaucer and Boccaccio are two writers. The first one is English, the second one Italian.

We are having a mild winter.

I feel bad about that.

I've decided to give Duke another chance.

A cat ran after a mouse.

The boat was clean.

Don't let him switch on the lamp.

The door is already open.

It was a problem in their local community.

Dinner is almost over.

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Will you guys please stop fighting?


You need to get Malcolm a job.


I don't know what that means, Winnie.

I'm never so happy as when I'm in my garden.

Hamilton may not be happy.

We don't know for sure that Janos and Micah even know each other.

I would've waited.

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I was taking care of Jerald.

Corporate results deteriorated because of recession.

The watch on the desk is mine.

My mom works in a factory.

The guy had too much energy. Everybody was trying to shake him off.

Hamilton has a red ribbon in her hair.

The letter will arrive tomorrow.


Why did you let us go?

He used to suffer from stomach aches.

Due to the match, which takes place today, there are major restrictions on traffic and parking.


Nobody got paid.


How could you be so irresponsible?

We'll suppress the rebellion.

I've been there already.


It's just like a nightmare.

You've underestimated him.

He disposed of the trash.

It's already time to go to sleep.

The village is beyond those trees.


Can you ski?

I went camping in the Japan Alps with my club.

Now hold it.

You let me down with your refusal.

Do you have a problem with her?

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Can you believe this place?

Sending manuscript after manuscript paid off. A magazine finally published my work.

In effect, flowers are the creators of honey.

I just want answers.

I wanted to get up early to make them breakfast.

I can't reach him.

Don't make me come after you, Helen.

He asked us to be quiet.

Money is human happiness in the abstract: he, then, who is no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in the concrete devotes his heart entirely to money.

He who drinks, will drink.

There is nothing we can do to bring him back.


That was no ordinary storm.


My sixty-year-old aunt inherited the huge estate.

Her beauty exposed her to many dangers.

Nou expected this to happen.

You may leave us.

I want you to tell me what to do.

Shall we take a short rest?

Laughter is a human instinct, and when it comes to instinct, cultural barriers don't exist.