Do you want to try it?

I have the house all to myself.


Norma paid for it in a lump sum.

He reported having seen the stolen car.

School lunches are disgusting!


As if it weren't enough already!

A surprise was in store for me at home.

What sort of sandwiches do you have?

Kanthan majored in sociolinguistics.

Claudio hates me as much as I hate him.


What am I supposed to tell him?

Clark is a native French speaker.

Learning a foreign language is hard.

The lake supplies water to the village.

Both Stacey and Stephen can speak French.

What's your favorite Mark Twain quote?

It is said that the world is in a state of bankruptcy, that the world owes to the world more than the world can pay.

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You need to respect my privacy.

Get in the front seat.

He's certainly getting along in years.


I tried to convince Barrio otherwise.

He who makes the mistake bears the consequences.

That's not your hat, is it?


We can't sell that bracelet.


Thad seems disappointed.

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He's nothing but a scumbag and a loser.

This is what Vern does for a living.

I don't want to meet your parents.

You scared me! Don't creep up on people like that.

Dawn is a very likable fellow.


You should've stayed with Aaron.


Casper is very perceptive.

I will be glad to help you.

This cloth will not turn color.

Saqib peered out of the window.

Do you know why Vassos is absent from school?

Esperanto carries with it the values of world peace and mutual understanding among nations.

Herve has already eaten.


To whom will you give the first piece of cake?

I want it to happen.

She will be a good companion for you.

We just got here.

The sudden gust of wind filled the sails and lurched the boat forward.

I was surprised by what I learned.

He bought a dress for her.

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I need to buy food, but I don't have enough money.

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I wonder if this milk is still good.

Her office is on the other side of the street.

I have a friend who's a fireman.

Return immediately.

Right now, you have other problems.

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I'm Francesco.

I've never been to Spain. However, I have been in Italy.

The father went fishing.


She picked up beautiful stones.

My wallet's in my pocket.

They kissed again.

He recently traded in his jeep for a new Mercedes.

It seems to me that someone is spying on me.

It appears to be a wedding.

Win is a very good friend.

The tree cast a shadow across the road.

I'm afraid we can't make up for lost ground.

We could've called for help.

You don't have to tell me her name.

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His action throughout was correct.


What I'd really like is something cold to drink.


The train leaves Tokyo Station at 7.


One who listens to their recorded voice has the sensation of listening to a stranger.

Donald Trump is a famous business person.

I'll show you the way.


I need to speak to him.

OK. I think I see where you are going.

Can you swim at all?


He likes not only music but sports as well.

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My son believes in Father Christmas.


Writers such as novelists and poets don't seem to benefit much from the advance of science.

That would fit.

Les is facing life in prison.


He exclaimed, "What a dirty face you have!"

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Sjouke has unrealistic expectations.

I have to go to Nicolo's office later today.

It changed my life.

He might be away at the moment.

I have no idea where Ralf actually hid the money.


I just want to make it home in one piece.

Serbian is a very beautiful language.

She wasted time.

My grandfather used to make furniture for himself.

He is always complaining of ill treatment.

It is not wise to put your money on a horse.

I haven't eaten pizza recently.

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You appear to think of other things.

You're completely delusional.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish.

I've always said Thuan is an excellent judge of character.

That movie star has many fans.


This is a thoughtful vote.


I went to college with him.


There is no limit to human desire.


Are you deleting the comments?

It's clear from his actions that he loves her.

That would take about three minutes.

The old man lives by himself.

Marnix hasn't yet learned how to write his own name.

"I wish you were all mine!" said the little black rabbit.

The meetings were held at intervals.

Which animal is big?

If you piss on the toilet seat, wipe it off!

She defrauded me of my property.

Soohong is probably at home now.


I was distressed to see Nanda so unhappy.

So much could change.

We were over at Bert's place last night playing cards.

Who does Toshio like?

Spend money and enjoy life!

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Can we go somewhere and talk?

Alejandro is annoyed with Neil.

Write to me sometimes and let me know how you are doing.

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There is enough time to finish this homework.


I didn't think I was going to like you this much.


He hung a picture on the wall.

He has set up three world records in swimming this year.

What foods, if any, do you avoid eating?


You're way smarter than me.


I'll fix a drink.

Jim's face is badly bruised.

Katalina is from Argentina. She's Argentinian.


This is the only pair of shoes I have.

I couldn't get Hiroyuki out of my mind.

Please fetch me a chair from the next room.


You can't fill your stomach with the food left on your beard.

My father always thought that he wanted to be a pilot when he was a boy.

We congratulate you on the day of your wedding, and wish you all the best.

Our soccer team was covered in glory.

Cranes are big beautiful birds.

Indra just arrived.

We love what we do.

Ray jumped into the water with his clothes on.

That work was done very quickly.

Tell me everything you know about her.

Don't yell at them.

That really doesn't seem possible.

Two dogs fight for a bone, and the third runs away with it.

The surface of a planet is composed mostly of water.

Try to rest.

Dori requires medical care.

I advised Corey not to eat the shrimp.

They plan to get married tomorrow.

I need to sit down.

Suzan was sentenced to death.

Glynn told me not to say anything.


He considered his options carefully before deciding.


Stop eating in bed, I'm sick of cleaning up after you.

There is more moorland in Northern Germany than in Southern Germany.

We've still got a chance.

The toilet is upstairs.

What a beautiful painting. Who gave it to you?