Chet isn't lonely now.

I know it's a great opportunity.

Alastair started playing rugby three years ago.

I can tell you're tired.

Sandeep is a dead ringer for John.


I'm sorry, Charleen. I do not approve of your methods.

I'm ready to leave.

She didn't pay her any visit.


Even Danny doesn't like Hazel.

Why don't you all come with me?

I'm a jack of all trades, a real triple threat. They'll try to stop me, but I'll be rising up the ranks in no time.

Why's it our job?

The misfortune of the ants makes the elephants laugh.

They aren't stupid.

He ran away from home three times before he was ten.


My son entered high school.

Mr. Young wishes his son would study harder.

It is warmer today than yesterday.

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Korea is now up and coming.


It differs from culture to culture.

You're so rude that I want to punch you.

He helped me carry the baggage.

Here's where the fun really begins.

Does he know how she feels about him?

I can't think out the design any more.

I wish I'd brought some snacks.

Dan took a picture of a warthog.

Here's the money I owe you.

I have a great life.

Mario spoke with tears in his voice.


You are incredibly naive.

Are you still upset about what happened?

I see her every day.

Rik is an American citizen.

Jesus is planning to meet his friends at the local pub.

Please take this seat.

He broke two ribs and punctured his lung.


Rephrase the question.

There used to be a bookstore on that corner.

Help me with my tie.


Please find someone who speaks French.

A husband is what is left of a lover, after the nerve has been extracted.

Marcel has such a plaintive quality to his singing voice that even his happy songs sound sad.

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They are eating their apples.

Show, don't tell.

We'll talk at dinner.

Rich took a break.

We can beat them.

It is about ten minutes' walk to the station.

Sekar cleaned his room.

Dan had been having an affair with a girl named Linda.

This heating device uses oil as fuel.


Janet is only a freshman.

Cryptesthesia is another term for extrasensory perception.

The old house was taken down.

He did not look over a few typographical errors.

Frederic is, without question, the best man for the job.

There are those, who, in distress, seek the help of other people's prayers, but have no mind to pray for themselves.

Ancient Greeks built water wheels to grind grain thousands of years ago.

The floor is uneven.

General Erwin Rommel was brave and smart.


Hans asked me where to go.

In as much as he is busy, he can't meet you.

Luc may never walk again.

Bradley didn't make it in time.

The President proposed a new plan.


We're not available.


Don't hurt Laurence.

I know Panos is working late tonight.

Rogue likes romantic comedies.

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You and I have unfinished business.

I hate hospital food.

Have you found a job?


If I have any more questions, I'll let you know.


Werner doesn't speak French well.

In the class, it was very noisy.

You should check on Jenine.


What do you mean I'm too old for the job?

We aren't getting anywhere.

Are you really awake?

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She was snoring loudly.

Thank you for building this wall.

Dan didn't even seem to realize he had hurt Linda.


Benson knows how to tell jokes.

I haven't done any of the things you've asked me to do.

He always spends his money freely.


I was in command.

Mitchell has a pretty smile and is always very friendly.

Kolkka was the first one to recognize Olof's musical talent.

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Kristi told me that his father had passed away.

I think that there is a man in there.

I have nothing to do with the crime.

I was completely exhausted.

My car broke down on the way here.


He went to bed early.

Hirotoshi never thought that Malaclypse would say yes.

Frances looked at the odometer.


Are we going to eat out tonight?

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Shaw doesn't know why I called you.

Everyone can see it now.

Mwa didn't want to go, but Jianyun did.


Jin and I tried to carry Sherman.

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A mouse is running around the room.

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We're surprised and shocked.

He is guilty of theft.

Why are you so jumpy?

Many consider Italian to be the world's most beautiful language.

This hill commands a fine view of the bay.

I'll treat you to sushi.

Can I give you some money?

Norman escaped the danger.

That's the least of my problems.


The whole city is in panic.

They were supposed to be here at nine.

Do you know that sushi restaurant called Tatoeba in Shibuya?

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I tried not to wake you up.

That feels very nice.

That will change nothing.

It's not as easy as you think.

My jeans shrank in the wash.

All men want money.

My cousin was familiar with trouble when he was young.

Are you sure you're allowed in here?

Are there any girls in prison?

The rice crop is large this year.

This could be a problem.

She forgave me for breaking her mirror.

You're quite a hero.

Jesus told us to turn the other cheek, love our enemies, and pray for them.

You're home late.


Polk really did not want war.

Get out of my life. I detest you.

Could you please tell me why your were late?

You must be very proud of me.

The body changes a lot during puberty.


That white parasol is hers.

Lanny told us a whole pack of lies.

The mother told the children to be quiet.

While you are reading to me, I can do my sewing.

They named their son John.


Byron is older than any other student in his class.

I think we have to be very careful.

I hate math.


Didn't you enjoy dinner last night?

I was thinking of going out and buying a whole new wardrobe.

They had no beards, no hair and no eyebrows.

Philippe avoided answering my question.

There is probably an easy solution to the problem.

He's holding the real story back from us.

He darkened the room.

Oh wow, he's fast.

Sweden has a language of its own.

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He darkens the room.

Put it on my bill.

For over 20 years, Brahe used the island as his base from which to make astronomical observations.


We work from dawn until dusk.

The train left for Kobe station.

He lied readily.


I got up earlier than usual.

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She knows my wife.


Japan wanted to end any Russian threat to Korea.