Do you think I'd be stupid enough to come here without a weapon?

I think Jordan is athletic.

I think it's all right now.

Keith wouldn't do it this way.

Once you start, you will never stop.

Toufic isn't as old as Alberto.

I mean that.

He did not accept my apologies.


He won four successive world championships.


I suspect that Stuart did that just to get some attention.

I cannot but regret the time wasted in this discussion.

It was a flying saucer all right.

I'm here to report a crime.

Stu really isn't happy to hear that.

Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.

He is the last man that is suited for the job.

There are few spectators.

Who wants more coffee?


Ima is wasting resources.

When it comes to advertising, Coke is ahead of the game.

Good, I will take them. When does the show start?

You've got to stop him.

Shaw didn't seem too disappointed.

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Toft works in advertising.

I don't know whether she will show up.

Although I can't speak the Shanghaiese dialect, I can speak Chinese.

Judith has gone for the day.

The event has fixed firmly in my mind.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

Childhood is a period of rapid growth.

Patrice is only just a little bit taller than Laura.

He worked for the council.

Mr. Michael Bruhn was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the Department of Defense by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on April 25, 2010.

My uncle gave me a book yesterday. Here is the book.

My arm is killing me.

That's why we care.

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How long's it been since Kylo died?

Marion is expecting Andre to come.

No one really knows.

I was asked to cooperate with them for the criminal investigation.

I tend not to get sick.

He is taller than I by two inches.

You're not allergic to anything, are you?

I know where Eugene is holed up.

She won't do the dishes.

Let's try to work this out.

I will not write a letter in English.

Mother is getting breakfast ready.

Who fired the gun?


Don't talk to me about Real.

I don't speak French, but I understand it a little.

I actually voted that I'm not a perfectionist, though. I have some of the signs on the list to a high degree but not entirely motivated by perfection.


Becky started the timer.

Everyone likes them.

I want to grow old with Frances.

I'm not a saint.

I am much obliged to you for your kind help.

This is no way to treat a lady.

Kari knows many celebrities.

Please, be a bit more careful in the future.

I'm furious.


I think you should pick them.

We must go and see Marcos.

I knew I should've come with you.


We waited for the news with a lot of anxiety.

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It can't work.


Maybe I'll just give up soon and take a nap instead.

The upper reaches of the river are very beautiful.

Let them take care of themselves.

It's not something I'd do.

I thought we could offer to help Nicholas.

Mr. Jackson is the most popular teacher at our school.

Could you explain the last section more precisely?

Mr Smith gave a lecture on literature.

We couldn't afford it.


I have absolutely no clue what happened after I got drunk. Why is there some old dude sleeping in my room?

You'll find everything.

Let's see how it goes.

This temple is said to have been built over 500 years ago.

He left his country two years ago.

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We're doing the very best we can.


Beetles, butterflies and cockroaches are insects.

Jack isn't there.

I know how you can stop that from happening.


Let's give Pamela a chance.


I'm hoping for a really big discount.

If there are people who like baseball, then there are people who like soccer, as well.

I sure hope Courtney arrives on time.

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This is the only picture I have of my great-great-grandfather.


Jarmo doesn't really care what happens.

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Can I take a break now?


Nothing like that will happen again.

She reached out for my arm.

The dog was asleep on the mat.

"Tolerant told me that they slept together." "Really?"

The position held by the enemy is so important they will fight to the bitter end to hold it.

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I've already eaten dinner.

Written in simple English, this book is suitable for beginners.

I need to speak to him alone.

It'll happen soon.

If you wish, I'll ask.

She also loves books.

Cesar Chavez was born on a small farm near Yuma, Arizona in 1927.

Why did Philippe say that?

You are banned from entering this place.

The Tsubasa is a very fast train.

Mine is bigger than yours.


In the patient's body the pulse began beating again.


Your train leaves from Platform 10.


What do you think Tovah is doing?

Ouch! I bit my tongue!

Do these all cost the same?

Her new novel has become a best seller.

That's not what I was looking for.


Lynne got up and went into the other room.

Kieran was flabbergasted when he heard the news.

She refused to pay.

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I don't want her to worry.

Is it baked?

We'll be dining in the kitchen.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Do you think Rayan is going bald?

In autumn, the moon is really beautiful.

Emil is an autodidact.

The horses are restless--perhaps we will have thunder tonight.

You're up early today.


Perhaps we'll meet again.

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Once, Christopher Columbus made a mistake. We say "once", of course, because he did this once and only once.


Make certain where he is now.

Ilya is very efficient.

Randall stood in the center of the living room.

Mike is the team's captain.

Don't let others do what you yourself don't like.

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Many apologies for being so late!

You need to call the police immediately.

Let's discuss that problem tomorrow.

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I'm going to go mountain climbing tomorrow.


I'd like a map of the city.

That isn't true, is it?

He is what we call a pioneer.

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Would you like something?


He certainly knows how to take it on the chin.

I'll stop you.

Fortunately, the older part of the city was spared from the Allies' bombs.

This shirt does not fit me well. Is too big.

Will the team be playing?

Tell us why you killed Monty.

What will it be of us?

I forgot to bring my umbrella and ended up getting drenched on the way home.

I knew you knew the answer.

I don't need to watch Hans all the time.

Sridharan sat on the porch having a coffee and a cigarette and watched the world go by.

Lana seems to be resourceful.

Your best friend's girlfriend is as big as a whale.

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Please share my umbrella.

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The tree fell to the ground.


Erik is signing documents.

We will pay you according to the amount of work you do.

Excuse me, but I'm looking for the post office.

Could you please pick Shigemi up for me at the day-care center?

I'm a little busy now.

Japan produces a lot of good cameras.

He disguised himself as a woman.