Why does Dale need to do that?

I forgot to eat lunch, so let's eat dinner early.


I booked at the Shivnivas Hotel.

We're going hunting.

Thanks for this useful information.

What you're doing is useless, but do it.

The answer's yes.

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I am having a look at it.

She tends to speak rapidly.

Can I have your cellphone number?

Louiqa isn't the one who did this.

That's not what you told me yesterday.

I have been living here for three years.

I was sure to find you here.

Saying is quite different from doing.

Cathy saved every letter that Barbra sent him.

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I forgot something.

What really happened to Gill and Janet?

I used to play guitar in a band with Kent.

They crushed their enemies.

It may save your marriage.

He can't have lost his keys.

Turn off the air conditioner; it's cold in here.

You will never defeat me!

A day on Venus is a little longer than a year on Venus.

The woman awakens the girl.

Moving to a smaller place will reduce the expenses.

Am I to follow you?

She acted distant towards me today.

The speaker treated the subject very briefly.

You sure look handsome today, Morgan.

When did you arrive in China?

Floyd, are you all right honey?

Obviously, Floria hasn't told anyone about us yet.

Previously, floods were fate for the region.

When will you return to Italy? I will return next year.

No one else spoke.

Can you fill this form?

Now I'm getting angry.


I told Jeannette to wait for my instructions.

Cherries are cheaper than redcurrants.

I've lost track of him.

You've been through a lot.

Spain is called "Espanya" in Catalan.

Jurevis just showed up for work.

Karen still doesn't know.

Mr. Michael Bruhn was appointed as the Executive Secretary of the Department of Defense by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on April 25, 2010.

Warning: unsupported characters are displayed using the '_' character.

She made her point.

I need some information.

I will show you the picture.

My mother said it with a smile.


When was the last time you saw your boyfriend?

What's your philosophy?

Gene ran down the hall.


Take that back, right now!


I've never been to Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney.


I've got to talk to Jeffie.

Carlos is the leader.

For a while you will stay here with us.

Ricardo is the one I'm waiting for.

Are you spending enough time with your kids?

My teacher asked me to rewrite my essay.

No, I don't. I want a room for tonight.

The towel counted for nothing.

Is this really real?

I think I want you to stay.

He is content with his life as a baseball player.


What a huge loss.

Donn sorrowfully buried her son.

She was killed in an automobile accident.

Lance likes meeting celebrities.

Julian can't swim tomorrow.

I need your address in order to send you a present.

They should never play foul.

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Brenda certainly has a tough job.

I've been to a lot of funerals.

I didn't mean to startle you.


His brain bubbles with new ideas.

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The concert hall was so jam-packed there wasn't room to breathe.


I'm talking to her right now.

You should get checked by a doctor.

Presley plays with toys that are more sophisticated than what Amir plays with.

John was standing alone with his arms folded.

My boyfriend seems serious.

I'll manage it.

Don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.


Do you know where he went?


My mother thinks that caesarian sections are dangerous.


It's partly your fault.


I didn't know Jeanne was from Australia.

Jin shot himself in the head last night.

Don't get a dog riled up. He might bite you.

You're very early this morning.

We delegated him to negotiate with them.

Who told you I was talking about you?

He had a fixed idea in his head.

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I'd rather have a piece of cake.

He abandoned the plan.

He got his meaning across to me.

Besides which that's only if unpacking the luggage proceeds smoothly and is finished by Sunday morning.

Is it a deer?

When will you go to Germany?

I hate waiting in line.

I went to the hospital to have my eyes tested.

I know about your cancer.


Knowledge is the supreme goal.

Since you did the cooking, I'll do the dishes.

We will move into our new house next month if it is completed by then.


She had escaped detection somehow.

Your French accent is terrible.

I need you to get something for me.

Son did a lousy job.

It's about eleven o'clock.


Stay here a little longer.


We're going to find her.

Konstantinos and I had an agreement.

We can all benefit from his experience.

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Ah, it's almost time for exams. I'm dead!

Chet had a silly look on his face.

They warned us of our possible failure in this plan.


Do you think your parents spent enough time with you when you were in your teens?

I did what was expected.

I wonder if Oscar would do that.

Leaves were dropping silently to the ground.

Edison invented many useful things.

This experiment was unsuccessful.

Harris remembered Gerard quite well.


He was loved by everyone who knew him.

The dust rose in clouds.

The president was not injured.

Germany and Japan were defeated.

Animal cruelty is evil.

Is there really any guy who has such a sad face when they mess up?

A flu shot contains antibodies that fight the H1N1 virus.

Some days require more coffee than others.

Mara hardly ever listens to music.

The news is of great importance.

Thomas is studying in Manaus.

From this point, we must proceed with caution.

I'll talk with you when you're not busy.


People who were obese between 5 and are 14.9 2 x higher risk mortality than those who'd never obese.

Kee is a jedi.

We're going to find ourselves in difficulty if we carry on like this.

Something is wrong with this calculator.

I lent my umbrella to Hsuan.

How hot is too hot?

I need a calendar.


She can't talk about her mother without choking up.


Let's sit here until the sun goes down.


Who are the girl's parents?

Been a while, hasn't it?

I know you tried.

You will speak Swedish.

I told Vic it wasn't mine.

Are those people terrorists?

The implications of this did not at first sink in.

I wouldn't have done the same thing.

That's what Tim was hiding.

I still have so many questions to ask you.

I'm sorry, we're all out.

What's this really about?

The new trendy way to drink vodka is to pour it directly into your eye socket. However, doing so could seriously damage your vision.

We're going to get you out of there.

You make me very nervous.

Don't blame yourself.

I'm pretty busy.

I need one now.

We seem to have arrived a few minutes early.

Ow, ow! I bit my tongue!

I've been in this situation before.