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The World Economic Forum

Every year in Davos, Switzerland, world leaders in business, politics and civil society gather to discuss the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the world. With the emergence of Twitter, what was once an exclusive meeting of leaders, has become a truly global dialogue, where everyone can contribute.

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With close to a million tweets sent in a four day period, how can we understand the topics that are emerging as the most important?


Developed by KPMG International, WEFLIVE is an innovative data visualization platform that aggregates Twitter data from WEF participants, and what the world is saying in response. WEFLIVE – your window into the Annual Meeting – has had one mission since its launch in 2011: to help our audience understand and engage with the WEF Twitter dialogue. In order to achieve this, the platform focuses on smart data analysis and rich, interactive visuals.


WEFLIVE 365 is an always-on version of WEFLIVE.com visualizing the WEF Topics that have been defined as the most important in Davos, and watching as they change throughout the year.

  • An interactive index of WEF Topics that will display volumes of conversations and how each change over time.
  • Heat map demonstrating how each trend is being discussed by volume in relevant countries.
  • Top delegates/influencers, articles and overall content driving the discussion for each Topic.
  • Shareable visuals on social media.
What does it track?

WEFLIVE 365 aggregates and analyses Twitter conversations.

Twitter data is tracked on two distinct ways:

  1. Top participants are made up exclusively from delegates and participants of WEF events. The list will initially include those from Davos 2017, and will be updated with participants from each regional event (e.g. WEF India).
  2. Stats, Heat map, Top tweets, Top articles, are tracked based on keywords used in tweets from anywhere in the world.