You're going to have to do that sooner or later.

The Belo Monte dam in Brazil is a controversial project because of its impact on the environment and native people.

She said herself that she won't fall in love with anyone anymore.

The rain is wonderful.

I cannot tolerate naughty children.

You don't have to decide right away.

We are taking a fortnight's holiday.


An eagle swooped and plucked a rabbit from the field.

This thing seems very plausible to me.

I tried writing with my left hand.

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Fish like carp and trout live in fresh water.


They can't work.


It should be added that his remarks had no direct influence on the constituency.


Please refer to the owner's manual for more details.

We'll get right on it.

We are familiar with that author's name.

That cormorant lost the ability to fly.

Terry might have stolen Jay's camera.

That's yesterday's news.

The peasants rose up in rebellion against the ruler.

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I applied my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this also was a chasing after wind. For in much wisdom is much grief; and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.

I thought a game of tennis might be fun.

Were you at the concert?

Lukas had to stay in bed.

I was kept waiting in the rain for as long as ten minutes.


I never thought he was capable of doing something so cruel.

All the passengers were saved from drowning.


I can teach English.

He's rolling in dough.


Andy can be the farmer!

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One senator has called a president of another country, an officer of the old intelligence service which would like to restore that country's old empire.

Don't ask me. Ask Frederick.

How delicious this fruit is!

In urban planning, infill is the use of land within a built-up area for further construction.

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.

There's just something about her.

She's completely crazy about him.


I think Brandon is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.


Unfortunately, I have to get up early every morning.


Mom and also dad went to work.


I could hear Herb and Matthias talking.


How long have you been smoking?

It is you who is to blame.

I was just trying to impress her.


Those two will always be together.

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Lisa is a good customer.

We'll just have to reschedule.

Everything's better.

I have an allergy to milk.

The wolf peered around the corner before slipping silently into the woods.

It sounds simple.

Neal should be home by now.

I will tell it to him at the proper time.

I've already seen one.

I feel as if I were aboard a great ship.

I wish I had been an only child.


I've finished all the work for today.

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How come you didn't come to the party?

Can it be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Please don't place a vase on this stand.

Never did I think I would see her there.

That's a whole different matter.

I'm sure we all feel that way.

For more details, visit our website.

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The man was handed over to the police.

In the distance you can see Mt. Fuji through the morning mist.

I wrote a beautiful story.

Our task is to repair a wall

I often sit up late at night to read.


Here, you have translated from the sentence in < the language you have translated from > and you created a link to that one. I think this is the sentence in < the language you want to translate from > that you wanted to translate. To do this, you must first click on the sentence in < the language you want to translate from > before clicking on the translation button. The sentence that you are translating must ALWAYS stand on top of the pile (in the largest typeface) and it is the only one visible at the time you're editing your translation, and that is on purpose to avoid influence on your translation, as in Tatoeba, sentences are linked by twos, not as blocks, since a sentence may have several different translations in the same language!

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Everyone has faults.

I need to get all the details.

Knudsen is a good boy.

Sriram actually didn't see the accident.

I thought a walk in the park might take our minds off our troubles.

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Japan does a lot of trade with the United States.

Mike is not a member of the volleyball team.

Daryl is very charismatic.

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Can you make a copy for me?

I did so, not because I wanted to, but because I had to.

The fields abound in wild flowers.

With the introduction in Romania of Valentine's Day, now we have two celebrations of love on February 14th and 24th.

The river is fifty yards across.

Rabin was wearing John's pajamas.

I owe them for this.

Mat might lose patience.

Your closet is already packed. You will have to make room for the new clothes you bought somewhere else.

The county administration works slowly.

I'm still a little busy.

Bob headed to work.

I'm only beginning to understand it myself.

Do you believe it now?

Mother Theresa devoutly cared for old people.

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She wrote him a friendly letter, and thanked him for his help.


This is the highest selling book of the month.


Val says, that he doesn't remember that at all.

I went to Boston by car.

He looked at her and blushed.

Can you meet me right now?

He acts like he doesn't know anything.


We're saving money to buy a house.

How much should I allow for travel expenses?

It's too large a hazard to venture there.

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The focus is on statistically significant features of lexico-grammar used within particular sub-sets of texts associated with a particular discipline.


We don't have to go right now.

I'm just here to tell you what's going to happen.

Jay will be here several days.

I've got to get away for a while.

Before we knew where we were, the dust storm was on us.

Can you spare a minute?

He has at last expressed his true feelings.


Why are you acting like a child?

Water is an important natural resource.

I had problems solving that problem.

We have enough food now.

Everybody always knows when the politicians do something wrong and how they should do it better, but only a tiny fraction of the population is ready to commit themselves to politics.


"Would you get me a cup of coffee?" "Sure. I'd be glad to."

Sorrel had no intention of quarreling with Larry.

The traffic light changed to red.


Frederic wasn't entirely surprised to see Think.

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Why wouldn't you let me borrow your bicycle?

Where did you damage them?

Naresh seemed particularly interested in that 1939 Gibson guitar we have hanging on the back wall of the shop.

I eat with my sister at noon.

Dana goes abroad every year.

Scores of heavily armed soldiers tightened their grip on the capital. They are blocking streets and cordoning off government buildings as well as the airport.

Up to that time he had been staying with his uncle.


Who is hiding behind the curtain?

How many of your students are here?

How do you sleep at night after all you've done?

If Josh knew how to swim, she would go to the beach more often.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the seven days of the week.

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He asked me to do it.


My father has no longer a responsible position.


It will be snow tomorrow.


We'll be there to support you.


An "experience" is a nightmare in preterite tense.


That's pretty weird.

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We can offer these new products at 20% below list price.

Why should it be any different now?

I made a big mistake thinking he was an honest man.

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You are a strange man.

I make it a rule to jog every morning.

Jay's patience was exhausted.

Do you have a freezer?

We shouldn't give up.

Some religious people can be very judgemental.

We were the best and the brightest.

It's on your desk.

We can't really do anything until we get permission from Ssi.

We have known each other for years.

Art and Darci had a fight on Twitter.

While I was in Taiwan, I made friends with him.

I hear you went to the United States.

He often accuses her of never listening to what he says.

Jack has no goals in life.