Marla asked for a blanket and a pillow.

I have to work for my Ph. D. this summer.


Stewart is grateful.

Conrad said he couldn't remember that guy's name.

Could I speak with you, please?


Omegle is a great website for people who like chatting with foreign people.

A thief broke into the house to steal the money.

Jefferson sent James Monroe to Paris as a special negotiator.


We hate them.

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"Is anyone working on the presentation?" "Yes, our manager is."

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Do you know how I can get there?

It's very difficult to understand him.

This laowai, how classy!

Tony invited me over for coffee.

The bill came to over $25.

Dimitry loves to tell stories.

I thought I told you about it.

Do you want to buy the position with your wealth?

They must then go through a landing examination conducted by inspection officers before they can obtain landing permission.


You have only two options.

Is this a dog?

Alain was upset when Colin walked out on him.

My mother often bakes apple pies for us.

The weather will be clear, followed by clouds later on.

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At school, Pierre ignored me and pretended that she didn't know me.

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If there is such a thing as an unforgivable act, it is the act of not forgiving.

Josip didn't know where his car was.

It's embarrassing to be late for a date.

He was discovered unconscious on the floor of the kitchen.

Did Justin find it?

What happens after that?

Give him some time.

I'd like to finish the work on my own.

There's no way to know who's coming.

They work very hard.

It's still snowing.

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Have you heard from them?

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I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

That would be so inappropriate.

I was born on the twenty second of November, nineteen forty eight.

I would like that kind.

Seeing his mother, the lost child burst into tears.

He knows next to nothing about the issue.

Today is Sunday.

"How well do you know Tahsin?" "I only met him once."

She is saving money to go abroad.

When the train goes through the station, the windows rattle noisily and the whole house shakes.

Sorry, but I want to tell her this news face to face.


My right eye feels hot.

I'm proud of them.

The notorious dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.

His story may sound false, but it is true for all that.

Well, after all Japan also cut itself off from the world.

Dylan let the cat in.

Would you lend me some money?


Hohn's eyes are huge.

The Japanese government doesn't know how to handle the problem.

You have a gum infection.

I can't take any chances.

Do you know how old Miss Nakano is?

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The world is just like a book, and every step you take is like turning a page.


My favorite subjects in high school were geometry and history.


He visited many countries in Asia.

Raphael always told us that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Kinch began to cry again.

It took a load off my mind that I finally found you!

He knows he did something wrong.

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Tanaka was afraid people might laugh at him.

I'm straight.

I wanted to help them.

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I wish I had treated the girl more kindly at that time.

He's doing very well today.

He's thinking really hard.

It's obvious he's a half-wit, just looking at him.

I wrote a letter to my parents back home.

What would you have done in Romain's place?

Afghan democracy needs to be preserved even with nuclear bombs.


Suu wanted to ask Johann a lot of questions.

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I was about to leave my house when she rang me up.

The hotel telephone is in the hall and Harriet is trying to ring the police now.

He said that America declared its independence in 1776.

This isn't my first time to drive a sports car.

Where did he find the money?

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Tony had no idea what to expect.

The door is now closed.

I am completely agog over your diaphanous dress.

Go and find her.

I've always had a thing for Honzo.


You really shouldn't bother to do that.

I heard everything clearly.

I wonder how Lester knew that I would be here.

Metin arrived just in time.

Clarence read Marie a bedtime story.

Kyu did all he could to help Kieran.

He removed his wet socks.

Meehan might be able to translate this into French.

What was the girl called?

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Robin Williams was loved by all.

Don't run away from me now.

She is absorbed in rock music.

What I want, more than anything else, is for you to be happy.

I have something to give to you.

Jitendra has only ever had one girlfriend.

The city of Boston thanks you for your service.


The prisoners were set free.

You were concentrating.

You must contribute to Tatoeba only in your mother tongue.

Just when the first human beings will reach Mars remains to be seen.

I'm allergic to cats.

Are you so certain you know where we are?

I miss her already.


I learned it last summer in Boston.


You should go and see for yourself.

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What does it take to get some service here?

The cow missed being hit by a gnat's whisker.

In 2001, the financial group Goldman Sachs concluded that Brazil, Russia, India and China would be the "bricks" of the global economy, giving rise to the acronym "BRIC".


He saw everything.

A father shouldn't shirk his responsibilities to his children.

I know it's one of your pet peeves.

Linder told me he wanted to visit Miki in Boston.

Let me introduce you to my sister.


Had I known it, I would have told you.

I'll go find us something to eat.

Above all, watch your diet.

I cannot lie on the grass. We are at the royal palace!

Does this book belong to you?

Stay far away from that dog.

There's not much else to say.

The teacher listened attentively to my explanation.

Someone stepped on my toe in the crowded bus.

Go and help him.

Juliane has a lot in common with Brender.

He was watching television all day.

I'm quite hungry.

You took a day off.

Every camel has its hump.

You can't go yet.

His theory is based on elaborate investigation.

When is checkout time?

She is very talented.

That plane will take off at five.

Has your father come yet?

Why would they attack us?

We cannot know too much about our own language.


Have you seen my feather?

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The stained glass painted colorful pictures on the church floor.

Let's get together again!

Casey often eats breakfast here.

The elevators in a skyscraper are vital systems.

How was your first night in Paris?


Lukas is going to make it.

School begins at half past eight.

It's a Chinese company.


Can't you understand what's happening here?

How many times must I tell you?

I bought a new computer to keep up with the times.

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I hear you are taking English lessons.

Though it was raining, we played football.

I am not now in a position to help you.

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We've got a visitor.


He failed in his business in spite of his efforts.

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We met a few weeks ago.


I did think Pablo might win.