His work is a synthesis of several ideas.

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The rain stopped us from being able to play tennis outside.

They cannot stop it.

I can never stay angry at Stevan for very long.

She spoke too quickly, so I couldn't understand.

Loren is untidy, isn't he?

He left home at 8:00.

Napoleon led his troops to Russia.

Mayo looks like he's lost weight.

We'll wait three hours.


Theo isn't at all stupid.

I forgot I was in Australia.

You're just wasting our time.

Hailing a cab in Manhattan at 5:00 p.m. is nearly impossible.

Who could blame us?

I'm putting this sentence on Tatoeba and nobody can stop me!

Saul said he was hungry.


It's very decent of you to help me.

We won't tolerate any looting.

That's water off a duck's back.

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I can't get rid of this cold.

It's hard to figure out what's going on.

So what do we do if Eva shows up?


I didn't run Perry over.

I'm not completely naive.

What that politician said is not at all true.

Young people are prone to fall into temptation.

Where is the nearest bench?

The price of gold varies from day to day.

I've had a good time.

A person who is born in Spain is a Spaniard.

What did Ramiro paint?

How many innocent people were killed in Vietnam?

I'd like some shoes.

It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.

Hmm. I have a feeling I'm going to get lost whichever road I take.

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I couldn't get away.

We think, and this allows us to do the marvelous things that we do.

Lar went to school by bicycle.

I see her quite often.

He's an expert at throwing knives.

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Who is your favorite female character in "War and Peace"?


Hey, I already thought of that.

The economy has entered a recession.

You are all that is dear to me in the world.

Could James have been murdered?

Van wanted to understand.


The climb will be steep and difficult.

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I think Guy might be tired.

Many fish died.

Elephants can't ride a bicycle.


The class are all here.

I thought you were going to be at the concert last week.

I don't have classes today.


He hovered between life and death.

I will watch a documentary.

Matter can exist as a solid, liquid, or gas.

I'm ashamed of my past.

I recall my childhood with pleasure.

The more I think about it, the less I understand it.

He is of royal blood.


I felt a drop of rain.

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She won the beauty contest.


Some boys are diligent, others are idle.

Kit's got nothing to hide.

It's not just a minor problem.

There are a lot of books in his room.

I'm hoping that I can write two or three songs over the weekend.

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I want you to get in your car.

Frederick had a rotten summer.

Mother, mother, you are the queen of my heart.

Presley is contented.

Eat whatever you like.

Kyle never mentions his children in his blog posts.

I'll be right back.

There, now you've done it.

He is in with the boss.

Louise's field is history.

Within the French government, Nicolas Sarkozy is the interieur minister.


He retired from the company at the age of 60.

How long did it take you to learn Finnish?

Malaclypse tried to stay away from Sal.

I made that decision by myself.

Give them to me.

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There is a wide gap in the opinions between the two students.

I don't recognize the language they're speaking.

Barry braided Kees's hair for her.

Now please hurry.

How did Roxana ever talk you into this?


I must see them.

You said that they could help us.

You shouldn't park in front of a fire hydrant.


Donal was amused.


He said, "nobody knows how to read" and somebody answered him, "you're wrong, I don't know how to read." That somebody's name was Nobody.


I won't let her hurt you.

He made a speech in which he supported my opinions.

I am almost ready.

He discovered new music every day using the Internet.

This is a portrait of my late father.


He has a great smile.

She turned away from me to hide a tear that had begun to fall down her cheek.

I was too tired to stand.

Where did you see Marek?

She cannot have broken her promise.

Have you ever cleared this garden?

Please look again.

He joined the company right after he got through high school.

Let me take you back home.

I hope you don't mind if I leave early.

Did you accomplish the task?

It is very cold this morning.

He looks more like a boxer than a pianist!


He came up to my room.

Speak for yourself.

Some workers don't even earn a living wage.

What are polymers?

Don't make silly faces, or your face will get stuck like that.


What are you going to do over the weekend?

We would like to distribute this product in Japan.

Trey didn't know whether he was right or wrong.

Your gift was like discovery of an oasis in the midst of a desert.

Everyone has something to lose.

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Reiner was so kind as to help me.

This wall is taller than that one.

If you have any interesting books, lend me some.

Why don't you take your coat off?

Does this ever actually work?


The friend who I thought would pass the exam failed it.


Would you give me the honor of letting me carry you in my arms?


How long can we survive in here before we run out of air?


That, I don't know.


This is going to work out fine.

Soohong and Kris are thinking about divorce.

Joyce was beginning to get desperate.

I wish I had known.

Reading literary criticism is very helpful to understanding literature.

Syed said that he wanted to forget about what happened.

Someone is in the kitchen with Knapper.

She closed the door as fast as she could and ran away.

He arrested me.

I've been given permission to inspect this equipment.

You'd better be very sure before you accuse Simon of anything.

I saw Kimmo and Jeanette eating popsicles.

Give Coleen my best.

He walked back and forth in front of the door, hesitating to enter.

The governor invested him with full authority.

I want you to call her now.

Pack eggs in dozens.


Thanks for staying with her.

He is reasonable in his demands.

His curiosity prompted him to ask questions.

That's why I came back so soon.

Water is important.

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Parts of the city looked like a disaster zone following the storm.

Do you think Van will ever get married?

Timothy once worked with me.

No, that's not what I meant!

I swim here every morning.


Let her replace it.

Gregor paid the ultimate price.

Get it together!

Catching bugs can be a fun activity for children.

Will you buy for me some saffron?

I spoke to him by telephone.

Has Julie ever kissed you?