You've betrayed me.

You must form regular habits.

I thought Josh might know where Stacey put the key.

For you, who is the most annoying one?

She struck high notes on the piano.

Actions speak louder than words.

Ric put his wallet on top of the dresser.

You look just like your mother.

I don't have an alibi for Monday night.

Youth goes away and never comes back.

I'm a pacifist.

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You can't give me orders.

It is most important to chew your food, whether vegetable or meat, before you swallow it.

What do you like about Caroline?

I baked him cookies.

It is I that am to blame.

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What a huge loss.

What's your favorite candy?

He was becoming a famous singer.


Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Tor is good at bargaining the price down.

Pratt offered Hwa some money, but she refused to take it.

It is out of the question to learn all these sentences by heart.

And what about you?

Food is like a drug, and the same areas of the brain are activated by food as by drug addiction.

When I was a student at MIT I used to eat at a certain restaurant in Boston.

I'm furious with her.

We've got each other.


If it is free, please send me a copy.

John doesn't care a shit about his clothes.

Give me a chance!

What caused such a great rebellion?

With that big nose, he finishes the air around.

I'll most likely be going back to Boston.

She was asking for it.

Mathematics has not a foot to stand upon which is not purely metaphysical.

Diane is a reasonable person.

Make sure the chef is skilled before ordering fugu.

Teriann may come and visit me any time he wants to.

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Keep her inside.


Have you decided where you're going to go to study abroad?


Bud hasn't seen Israel since they got divorced.

She got arrested.

Please make yourselves at home, and help yourselves to drinks.

My boss made me work overtime.

I hope Galen recovers quickly.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States.

I'm not finicky.

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I don't know who killed them.

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I think it's time to begin.

My job search is really going rough. I don't have any connections.

I thought we should go.

It made Jeannie bitter.

I put on my trousers.


Let's sing a happy song.

His book inspired me.

Is Gideon still married?

It is necessary to use subheadings.

He stayed in bed because he wasn't feeling well.

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Kusum was a cooperating witness.


This is a tree.

I've tried it and it works like a dream.

What's your hourly rate?

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That's good for a first try.

This old car is yours if you want it.

While there is a plurality of Tatoeba sentences in English, it is encouraging that Esperanto, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, French and Spanish already have respectable numbers of sentences as well.


We've all seen it before.

Your efforts will pay off one day.

He managed to escape through a window.

Are you guys hungry?

He often uses a subway.

The brave sentry thinks it's funny that most Spanish 3rd-person-sentences have six possible ways of being translated to German.

Did Luis say why Joni isn't here today?


The philosopher's stone could transmute every precious metal into gold.


I asked Brendan if Dieter was OK.

The timing is critical.

You hate me.

Brandi wants to see Carlos.

I gave money to the old man in the road.


The idea seemed absurd at first.

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When he saw a policeman coming, he began to run like anything.


I felt a certain anxiety in my chest.


Are you the guy who called?


Don't touch my guitar.

Don't fool yourself. He doesn't love you.

May I see a menu, please?

I'm going to call you tomorrow.

George is the most diligent boy in our class.

I'm really worried about my child.

I want to be the best player I can be.

The stomach and the large and small intestines form the digestive system.

Turning to the right, you will see a white tower.

How did you feel about the game?

The more the devil has, the more he wants.

How are you going to stop him?

Moran is a very good painter.


How many aspirin do you take a day?


The children have glow sticks.

We took a taxi so we wouldn't be late.

I'm dying to play this game.


The hostages will be released before Christmas.

His salary is 250 thousand yen per month.

That's what Vicky would've done.

However hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

My apartment has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom.

We should be dead by now.

I can't endure that noise a moment longer.


They're still kissing.

Better the naked and the honest than the rich and lawless.

It's a bitter pill to swallow.

Ordinarily, urban planners do not view pedestrians as important traffic.

Marcia needs some sleep.

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Knapper wanted me to play chess with him, so I did.

Mikey and Dimitry are whispering to each other.

May I use this telephone?

Perry seems to be unwilling to make a decision.

Indonesia and some African countries have established teak plantations, although the tree is not native there.


Have you met them?

They should do it.

I can tell the twins apart, no problem.

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I'm sorry if I'm bothering you.

So far as I am concerned, I have no objection to the plan.

I hereby tender my resignation.

It's not fitting to preach among the ravens.

Please make your reservation one week in advance.

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We'll do a little at a time.


It may rain any minute.

We can go there without having to inform them.

New forms of energy must be developed before oil dries up.

Only the children were happy.

I'm not doing this for me.

Alchemists believed that the philosopher's stone was capable of extending a person's life.

I'll turn it over to Paul.

Children, daddy's back, and he has brought each of you a gift!

Apparently, the computer compels me to not see the interesting discussion.

Each man must cast a vote.

You don't look very happy.


What's the problem with me going there instead of you?


It is said that she is the best tennis player in France.


They haven't been friends since that quarrel.

I don't know that woman at all.

I bought a used truck.

"Shall I take a message?" "No, thank you."

There's nothing better than reading in the long autumn nights.

Please don't forget the receipt.

Leila is the best singer in our class.


Selling motorcars is my business.

I have a nap almost every day.

I didn't say Julian wasn't smart.

We just had a talk.

I got extraordinary grades.


Millie isn't drinking water.

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"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

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Paint this room with a brush.


Does he know where those cats hid themselves?


Don't waste your youth, otherwise you'll regret it later.

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You must rid yourself of bad habits.


We're not going, are we?