Triantaphyllos likes camping.

Let's go get a drink.

I wanted to see if there really was someone out there.

You're not allowed to walk with the ball in your hands, but you can pivot on one foot.


Do get up, it's very late.

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Can you wait here until I get back?

They fell deeply in love.

I am in complete agreement with everything he said.


Nobody saw it coming.

They howled with laughter.

I was surprised at her inability to do things promptly.

Let me tell Shel.

The bus fell off the cliff, killing all 10 aboard.

Bjorne was arrested for public indecency.

We don't want anyone to get hurt.

Let's eat outside instead of in our tents.

Three workers on board the truck were killed in the accident.

I'm not a snob.

I want to learn about American daily life.


It's surprising that she doesn't know anything about it.


I saw them earlier this morning.

Russ had to borrow money to put into his savings account so that his cheque wouldn't bounce.

His speech was enthusiastically applauded.

We sailed against the wind.

Religion's role is central.

Pratap is a very good student.

They make the best pizza in town.

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You'll never guess what happened to me today.


This cork refuses to come out.

They worked out a last minute deal.

This pear smells nice.

I thought they'd heard us.

When I arrived at the airport, the wind was blowing a gale.


You don't need us.


They walked side by side.

Mom-and-pop bakeries were overwhelmed by supermarkets.

What are you unhappy about?


We should've warned Conrad of the danger.

We gave up.

Donovan opened his eyes and looked up at Hillel.

Someone attacked me.

She turned away to hide her blushes.

Toufic couldn't get the door unlocked.

Almost all of the pupils were in the classroom.


He looked me over from head to foot.


I'll ride my bike to work.


He should have been rich: he had every opportunity before emigrating.

They contrived to arrive in time after all.

Have you ever been to India?

Let's eat out tonight; I'm too tired to cook.

He tried to hide what was really going on.

That is all right.

Waves extinguish a wind.

A legal kiss will never equal a stolen one.

Rakhal wanted to kiss Ramon then and there.

The question before us is an urgent one.

They're after you.

Jack is waiting for Hotta now.

We have to water the flowers.


Let's use this one.

No one has a problem.

Nothing can be taken for granted.

Gregge couldn't hide his feelings from Belinda.

In the theater.


There are 10 weeks of preparation for the exam.

Are you in agreement with the new law?

I hope that's everything.


My name is Francesco.

I sent this letter to grandfather.

This train is bound for Tokyo.

I know how to distinguish the good from the bad.

There's no reason to change our plans.

You ought not to have spent so much money on your hobby.

You are my obsession.

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That's where I met him.

I don't think Naoto likes you very much.

We help him.

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Was Elwood involved?


The presiding judge sentenced the defendant to death.

"Did you bring the book?" "Oops! I forgot!"

October 20th was a busy day.

I'll never set foot in this house again.

Ritalynne doesn't seem to be busy.


I knew Suyog better than you did.

I've got a class in a few minutes.

I've had coffee already.

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I ride my bike to school.

Follow me. I'll show you how to get out of here.

Fred's agitation has now subsided, and he's sleeping peacefully.

I wish I had paid more attention to what Pitawas said.

Could you jot down your address and I'll be by to pick you up, say eight?

If Ellen breaks his promise, he'll regret it.

They all went to bed.

Skip entered without knocking.

"I'm all alone." "But that's not true. You have friends!"

The sunglasses made him look like an undercover policeman.

I don't know who they are.

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A question that children commonly ask is: "Where do the holes in the cheese come from?"

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Please sit down.

I won't have time to finish writing this report before the meeting.

Oh, so you think you're a tough guy, huh?

I hate your guts.

He forgot to give back my dictionary.

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No one can help me now.

I swear I was going to share it.

Was your name on the list of names I gave you before?

Terrance lost his way.

The relative pronoun 'that' has two states, a nominative case and objective case, but there is no possessive case.

I kind of like it.

Both of Phil's parents are teachers.

He wished he had more time.

Denis took your brother to the zoo.


Today is McRib Friday.


Grandpa was a real curmudgeon to the very end.

Harris said he could swim well.

There used to be a coffee shop near the park.


Barrio is obviously very good with his hands.


Although I can't speak the Shanghaiese dialect, I can speak Chinese.

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I'll be checking on you.

Bernie seems pretty nice.

No one welcomed the proposal.

That's a stupid name for a band.

Could you do me a favor and wait until tomorrow morning?

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Money cannot give talent, and sometimes it can prevent to reach it.

I won't mention it again.

Did you see grandpa's wheelchair?

Treat the sprout gently, as you would treat a baby.

Leung used to be very shy.

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You shouldn't trust that man.

He couldn't attend the meeting because he was sick.

There were 30 witnesses.


Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

The computer is of great use.

Solve the mystery lurking behind the murder!

This song reminds me of someone.

Josip always hugs his son when he returns from work.

Who'd want to hurt her?

Nobody told Heinrich what he should do.

I need you in Boston.

Will you wash my shirt?

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Ai finds it difficult to make friends with Ken.

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Let me have a taste.

What country is Presley in right now?

His daughter is eager to go with him anywhere.


Looking up from the bed, he thanked me for helping him.

The computer terminals were lined up in one long row.

The teachers greeted the little boy.


Don't you see what this proves?

Why don't you eat meat?

We have come to the conclusion that this plan is not feasible currently.


I'm ready for the war.

Frederic got in with the wrong crowd during his teenage years and was arrested for car theft several times.

They accepted each other.

Keep your weapons ready.

Darling, why don't you watch a little television while I slip into something more comfortable.

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I'd really rather not eat that.


Sid steered the car with his knees.

I'm not comfortable discussing this here.

You sit here.

I wanted to do the right thing.

I very much want to speak with you.