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Welcome to DebSpace.com Web Hosting & Web Design!
Where you can build your own with plans starting at JUST $3.95 per month or
efflower a World Wide Wow presence for you!

Web Hosting:

With Plans starting at just $3.95 per month, DebSpace.Com offers top quality and top solutions for far less than other leading competitors. From Web Site hosting and eCommerce to professional web design, we are THE premiere web host. Web Hosting plans start at JUST $3.95 per month, that's hosting at it's best.

Our Servers:

AMD Quad-Core Processor (4 Cores x 2.1 GHz) AMD Quad Core Processor
Daily Backups Daily Backups
4 Gigs DDR2 4 Gigs DDR2
Linux Operating System Linux Operating System
Customized Apache Web Server Customized Apache Web Server
24/7 Network Monitoring 24/7 Network Monitoring
Raid Software Raid Software
100 Mbit for quick connection to the Internet 100 Mbit for quick connection to the Internet

SEO & Marketing tools, Dedicated IP available, Firewall, Apache, MySQL, Plesk Panel, SpamAssin, POP3 and IMAP Email, Site Stats, Java, CGI-BIN and so much more!

No other operating system can touch the speed, reliability and the feature list that Unix has. With over 150 different available apps/features Unix is the choice operating system for 8 out of 10 web hosting clients. If reliability and speed are paramount to your success, DebSpace.com is the only choice in hosting.  Click 4502142590 or the link to the left for more hosting information.

Web Design:

I started with web design and hosting to set up a site where all my family could view the numerous pictures that I'd taken with a new digital camera.  I decided on the name, bought and registered the domain, and from there this business was born.  I have shopped around for the most cost effective domain registrar, and programming to make this as affordable as it can be.  If you click on the Pricing and Fees button you'll see that our prices can't be beat!  Don't let the prices fool you.  Our company will do all the leg work for you and all you will ever need to do is decide how often you want your web presence to be updated and how you'd like to send me those updates.  It can be via email, fax or the US Postal service.  Although I specialize in personal, small business, Churches and family sites, I can also accommodate most any need up to mid-sized businesses.  If you don't find what you are looking for exactly or you have something else in mind, please go to the Contact Me page and request a quote or email me directly, giving me all the details of what you'd like your site to do and look like.

Feel Free to browse any of my sites.  This is a small example of what can be done for either your personal site or your business site.  It  will give  you  a web presence so that potential customers or current customers can gain your contact information, view and place orders from either your product line, or catalog line, pay you directly from links on your website, and for a personal site, maybe your family pictures or updates about where you are and what you've been up to lately, a postable guest book, or a blog.  Click here or the link to the left for more information.

Favorite Informational Links:

A Few Of the Sites I've Created:

Here are some of my favorite places to visit on the web.  You could have links like these or any other site linked from your web space.  Or if you wish, you can eliminate any and all other links from your site.  Just click on them to visit their site:

bullet Lockergnome.com
bullet Search with Google
bullet heart-fashioned
bullet Read the latest news @ MSNBC
bullet 4096718105
bullet WS-FTP a free FTP program
bullet PUTTY an SSH Client download
bullet Download PHP here
bullet Download MySQL here

Want to check the speed of your internet connection?  click the box below, choose the location closest to you and let Speakeasy test your connection!! (java required but they'll even help you install that!)


Some are in process some are complete.  Just click on their name below to view:

bullet Hometown Insurance
bullet Iowa Hometown Realty
bullet 9372220401
bullet 8652370500
bullet Rhonda Rochelle.com
bullet MissFae.com
bullet Pool Concepts
bullet (612) 676-6921
bullet (670) 484-8562
bullet 8335842853


If you'd like to link swap, just email me   HERE


(These links are posted here with permission.   Please do not link to these sites nor duplicate them without my personal written consent)

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