Department of Teaching & Learning

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The Department of Teaching & Learning holds as its central mission educational research and the preparation of educators at all levels. The department ensures that its professional education programs are based on essential knowledge, established and current research findings, and sound professional practice.


Be a Rebel Teacher!

The UNLV College of Education offers programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels that fulfill requirements necessary for you to apply to the State of Nevada for a teaching license.


Department Chair - Emily Lin, Ph.D.
Email: spaciousness
Phone: 702-895-0889
Office: CEB 349

Graduate Coordinator - Travis Olson, Ph.D.
Phone: 702-895-0471
Office: CEB 363A

Doctoral Coordinator - Hasan Deniz, Ph.D.
Phone: 702-895-1324
Office: CEB 381

Doctoral Coordinator - P.G. Schrader, Ph.D.
Email: wharf boat
Phone: 702-895-3331
Office: CEB 365

UNLV Department of Teaching & Learning
Carlson Education Building
Department Office CEB 354
4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Box #453005
Las Vegas, NV. 89154-3005
Telephone: 702-895-1540
Fax: 702-895-4898