She was very shy about her emergency problem, and asked the gynecologist to please examine her.

You have to choose.


Not only can't I tell Jurevis, I can't even tell you.

I just can't live without you.

Do we need to watch out for tigers around here?

She is a poor sailor.

What's wrong with telling Indra what happened?


Why are you always whining?

I was like Sean once.

Hold it, Anderson.

Grace proposed to Jesus.

Morgan seemed fine.


The cruelest lies are often told in silence.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are now ready to begin the voir dire.


There were no people in the village.

I want to see you in my office.

Did you practice the piano this morning?

Would you prefer a window or an aisle seat?

What's happening in Boston now?

The committee is composed of three men and seven women.

Hasn't Jem told you anything?

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It was July. The heat was intense.

Have you ever built a house?

I don't know anything about art.

If something's happened to him, I'd like to know.

I'll boil you the beans.

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You ought to have started half an hour ago.

What is the distance from the Earth to the moon?

Do you like hanging out with Hiroyuki?


I love your beard.

She looked as if she had been sick for a long time.

It was a weird feeling.

I programmed one.

It is getting darker and darker.


None of the girls is a student.

What do you want them for?

I caught a glimpse of her face.

Autumn is the best season for reading.

He will never get anywhere with that prejudiced idea.

Is there any chance that Saul will agree?

Rolf gave a small nod of appreciation to Naoto.

I'd like your permission to date your daughter.

Immediately after the bell rang the teacher came into the classroom.

He bought something for Edwin.

I couldn't make it happen.

I didn't believe the tales of evil spirits.

I was deeply impressed by his speech.

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Show your cards.


Can I get travelers checks with this card?

The newspaper company has ten aircraft.

I heard about that.


Pam threw a pillow at me.

The hurricane continued to rage.

You really must see that movie.


Victor picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.


This evening I'd stay at home.


My father named me after his aunt.


You weren't that bad.

Jack doesn't like chocolate, but Cathrin does.

Accordingly, besides noun declension patterns, there also existed a greater variety of verb conjugation patterns than in Modern English.

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I had lunch with Mike at that restaurant.

He's not sure he's ready.

Nou is suspected of being a Russian spy.

Mwa is a member.

We kept our books closed.

Jesus is now Terrence's assistant.

Is he Japanese?

We have plenty of work to do this morning.

I wouldn't dream of letting you do that.


It's suicide.

I'm tired of fighting with you.

This is a wooden chair.

In my article, I referred to your book a great deal.

His face was cyanosed from decades of drinking.

Hsuan said all right.

Josip didn't show up at the party yesterday.


I asked Adrian where he and Vistlik had first met each other.


He told reporters he was not involved.


Why did you go over my head on this?

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What purpose would that serve?

How can I start the engine?

They helped one another with their homework.

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Could you please take me back home?

How many times have I told you not to mention Vick's name around me?

The writer has a parenthetic style.


Honzo had absolutely no idea what to do.

I belong to a gym.

I want it back.

Did Facebook play a major role in the Arab Spring?

Donovan is definitely not happy to be there.


I want to kiss her.

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This explains everything.

My contribution was ignored in the discussion.

This is unbelievable.

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More information is available on our website.

Sally gave me a box of chocolates.

That really does happen sometimes.

We don't want any bad publicity.

Most of us still aren't eating enough fruit and vegetables.

This room is too dark.

I'm teaching the ants the multiplication table.

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Are you still angry?


Don't let go of me.

Most boys like TV games.

I don't want to hear your stories. I already know them all.


Shamim didn't go away.


I never saw him in jeans.

The leopard was starting to get tired of his spots.

Air out those shoes!

I'm happy you called.

Miltos is shameful, isn't he?


I'll call you after lunch.

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This man is your friend.

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Do you need an umbrella?


I'll keep it for them.

You asked for it.

Where is Hakata station?

It's an error in judgment.

Cut the bread into diagonal slices the width of a finger.

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It is acceptable to mention your job and interests and to ask the other person about his, but be careful not to let the conversation become too personal.

You really sleep a lot!

If you can't do it, I'll find someone who can.

Metin was denied entry.

Where did you see them?

I worked as hard as I could so I didn't fail.

Gerard clearly isn't interested in joining our group.

She's now straightening up her room.

Isidore wanted to see Juha.

Mikael wants to get his driver's license as soon as he can.

Is your car fast?

Please make a donation.

My eyes smart.


The conservation of momentum is a fundamental concept of physics along with the conservation of energy and the conservation of mass.

Daren's medication's not in the bathroom.

Dan assaulted Linda.


We had a Bavarian pork roast with red cabbage.

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I want to know more about you.

It was already very late.

The rest of the sentence after "Hello" should be italicized.

You can't possibly really think Huashi is a doctor.

My brother has been sick since yesterday.

Is it a real tattoo?

I'm going to take you home.

We don't have enough beer.

Good health consists of proper eating and moderate exercise.

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I'm too busy. I can't take on any new work.


The light came back on.


Both Nancy and Jane were absent from school.

Dawson thinks Spike may be lactose intolerant.

Grant was quite young at the time.

I'm trying to help him.

He didn't look happy.

Her hair fell over her shoulder.

They lost Kelvin.

We had an argument about it last night.

I'd just like to talk with Hy before we leave.

This man is incompetent.

I understand that it's not fair.