To understand someone is to love someone.

If you hurry, you can grant your luggage and get into the plane.

I tried to stop him but he made off in a hurry.


How many times have I told you?!

Close your eyes! Donald is walking around naked.

Do you like anchovies?

Jerald didn't want Bea to come here.

The earth's ecosystem is to some extent self-correcting, so it is also possible that the effects are being masked by other changes.

What does your family name mean?

Karen's skirt is riding up.


Please don't be fooled.

Whenever I see you, I always think of my younger brother.

Love and Peace.


I think we're going to be OK.

I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long.

I just hurt my back.

Simon was highly educated and spoke several languages fluently.

I met an old friend of mine in Boston.

I'd say Jon was only bluffing.

Did Jurevis tell you what his plans are?

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This is the key which I have been looking for.


He never stays long.


We had lunch at a roadside restaurant.

The host usually carves the roast at the table.

How can you afford another suit?

Elsa tried to keep Boyd warm.

This boy is my son.

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How does this sound?

The boys were injured.

Can we present your Pygmalion?


Are things different now?

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Kyle went to Boston.


It was just one kiss.


The situation has really deteriorated.

I am going to explain it completely on the wiki.

They share a common element.

They need to change their mindset.

Why did you invite Winston to dinner?

Didn't you learn that in school?

I wouldn't let my daughter pierce her nose.

Alison doesn't enjoy tennis and never has.

That's not important now.

You broke your promises.

That coin is counterfeit.

Can I get you a drink?

I may give up soon and just take a nap.

Please get out of my office immediately.

Phiroze was starting to feel desperate.

I'm sure that it'll be fun.

All her students really love to read books.

There were two cakes. I ate one and then I ate the other.

She was named after her grandmother.


He sat to read a book.

Helen is in love with his personality.

Clare is a fervent churchgoer.

Jock seems stoic.

We helped Jisheng.

Thank you for coming.

His debts amount to over $1000.

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Please turn it on.

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If Linda married Dan, she would have been killed as well.

Human nature revolts against such a crime.

This is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Police suspect that the kidnappers could be armed.

Vern must finish his homework today.

Do you know who wrote this poem?

His girlfriend is Japanese.

I am not a socialist.

Don't change horses in midstream.

Kate wanted to finish cleaning the house before Ami got home.

What kind of fool do you think I am?


As soon as Jim got home, he made a beeline for the rest room.

There was lots of gold inside the sarcophagus.

Am I missing anything?

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I've only got myself to blame.

It appears that you are all mistaken.

Have they received any reports of lives lost in the earthquake?

Find out what Rajesh knows.

We'll see you at the pub.


The teacup fell down and shattered.


You've grown up, Kimmo.


It'll probably snow tomorrow.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

She asked me to dance.

Briggs takes a shower every morning before he goes to school.

Wade sat calmly.


How do you put up with that kind of humiliation?

Ethan took Suyog back to her car.

The journey that brought me here is almost unbelievable.

I'm going to talk about pollution and its effects.

Duke shut up.


Do I know him?


I've been around doctors all my life.

Ti has a good head for numbers.

Had I arrived earlier, I could have seen Kelly.


Clem has been to this park with Knapper at least a dozen times.

Imagine yourself to be in his place.

I have the same dictionary as your brother has.

The world does not revolve around you.

The meeting was closed.


Dan entered the courtroom.

Carsten hasn't slept at all since the day before yesterday.

I'm willing to help you.

He adores going to the theater.

I don't need you looking over my shoulder.


Speaking of fall flavors in Japan, what comes to everyone's mind? For me, after all is said and done, it would be pike.


Brandi was a good-hearted girl who helped wherever she could.

I don't remember for sure.

Our new car is not very big.

I don't make a lot of money.

Terrance thought that Ami was wasting his time studying Latin.

I'm glad we came here.

The Prime Minister wants to be respected by everybody.

Fold the paper in the middle.

Better leave it!


You know what it is, don't you?

Come back in a year's time!

I always read the sports page first.

Alvin looks demented.

None of my students failed.


She is a teacher.

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Her violet pupils are unforgettable.

That's all he thinks about.

I'd like to be considered for the job.

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I handled it.


She is very sick.

Why do you always do that?

That is an adjective.

I really do hate her.

This meat smells bad.

Are you for or against political correctness?

My father doesn't just smoke, he drinks too.

I was in bed all day long yesterday.

I felt like swimming at the sight of the pool.


She was so tired that she couldn't walk.

After he finished supper, he began to read the novel.

However, I'm not good at speaking English.

A girl named Kate came to see you.

Out of Alice, Bob and Kevin only one doesn't like cats.

I heard Roger Waters perform The Wall live.

Jerald wanted all the same things I wanted.

I want something to drink.

He used all his strength to crawl out of the wrecked car.

I love my bisexual boyfriend!

Geoff sometimes eats lunch with us.

Ricardo's unstable.

It is kind of pretty, isn't it?

I asked him if he would help me.

Kathy is clearly lost.

Who's responsible for these?

The day will soon come when we will be able to predict earthquakes.

Every dog is entitled to one bite.

I hear that studying in the morning is more effective. Studying one hour in the morning is as good as three hours at night.


You two are harshing my marshmellow.

It was kind of fun.

Have them come in right now.


Amos thought that Gregory was single.


Tell her that I am joking with her.


Srinivasan isn't lying.

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The approach employed in this analysis was as follows.

I don't want to face that alone.

There's not a chance.