Only those who have experience the love and warmth of the home, understand the beauty and the suffering in the world.

I opened that box.


He witnessed the murder.

Should I close the door?

I want to live in Boston.

I just don't want our luck to run out.

Pamela, I want to ask you something.

Go upstairs and go to bed.

Raised kerbs at bus stops should be mandatory.

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Who's dieting?

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Who doesn't admire Ramesh?

I should have tested this electric shaver before buying it.

When will you travel to Paris?

I'm best at math.

Bart isn't as rich as his friends think he is.

I couldn't drink both bottles, so I left one for you.

I can tell that Kee doesn't believe Beverly.

Sooner or later, she will appear.

Meeks is very worried now.

Micheal never came home.

Let's start small and work our way up.

The Altamira cave is famous for its magnificent Paleolithic paintings.

You have only to ask him if he'd like to join us.

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It's going to be expensive.


He heard a shout.

Are you telling me that you don't want the job?

You know it's not true.

Kory says he feels sorry for Becky.

Timo said that he would have called you later.


What in the world does he mean?

We have to go back in.

Did Herve look OK?

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A dead leaf fell to the ground.

You need to leave right now.

Son used to smoke, but now he doesn't.

I had planned to visit the temple last week.

Harris wanted to test Claudia.


He is not honest at all.


She likes nothing but the best.

I'm convinced that this job is perfect for you.

All Juha does is play video games and watch TV.

Reiner retired last year.

You should come back to Boston.


You don't love her, do you?


I hear that you play the piano.

Luckily nobody got injured.

No got in his car and started the engine.

You had best eat plenty of fruit to keep healthy.

Are you going to be sick?

Since my nephew was still young, he was let off the hook.

How much do these trousers cost?

You just stay with me.

I'm still getting used to that.

I move that the meeting adjourn.

You've gone too far.

Do you still believe in this kind of stories?

Are you going to cooperate?


Tell him why you can't go.

Business leaders blamed it on Roosevelt.

Have you ever done that?


She says that she will come tomorrow.


Is it OK to talk to you first?


If earth will go into the Glacial period,what will you prepare.

I recall feeling so good at that time.

Is your house big?

We came to a place where the road branched into two lanes.

A face as ill as yours and it isn't important? If you change your mind, a trip to the hospital is the best option, alright?

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A clock must be above all correct.

The meeting is held annually.

Shai won't let me buy a motorcycle.

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It's hard to believe that no one was covered by the building's debris in the earthquake this morning.


I can't believe Frank's getting married again.

It's healthy for your body.

Ruth wanted me to go to the supermarket to buy some bread and eggs.

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Mac poured wine into three long-stemmed glasses.

I'm living with my mom now.

Vanguard 1 was the first spacecraft to use solar cells. It's the oldest artificial satellite still in orbit around Earth.


If you're not watching the TV, I'll turn it off.

I will have finished my homework by Tuesday.

Which side are you on?

She went shopping with her friend.

Will you stop showing off?

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I'm in prison for a crime I didn't commit.


Dori lives next to me.

The boy screamed for help, but couldn't make himself heard.

Let's do our best.

We've lived here for a long time.

My boyfriend lied to me.


I passed a boy in the street.

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Nice to see you again!

I didn't expect June to fight back.

Lie down and rest for a while.

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I guess you get used to it.


It's almost midnight.

Are you tolerant?

He left for Manila last week.


This is a mass uprising.

I thought that I told you to stay where you were.

The prince was changed into a frog.


He is up to date.


Something you should know about me is that when I get angry, I get quiet.


Have you ever given money to a beggar?


Kylo and Izumi were finally alone.


There are many bad people in the world.

How do I know that you're not working for Takao?

Suyog gave a five-minute presentation about the influence of the Vikings on world history.

Your pants are unzipped.

We'll see you get another chance.


All I can do is to give her advice.

I will do it because she said.

Kees comes from a good family.

We estimated his losses at 100 dollars.

Why do you need a doctor?

His theory was absolutely unrealistic.

You must not eat too much food at one time.


I've already filed my report.

A thousand years makes a millenium.

I'm going to see Sonny later this afternoon.

They had wonderful lives.

Hamlet proclaimed that he was not mad, but only pretended to be mad. Could it be, that he was mad all along? Or maybe he wasn't mad at first, but later on - as things became more and more complicated - he started to really lose his mind? Or maybe, he wasn't mad at all?


We could see the reflection of the mountains in the lake.

Both sheets of paper are the same shape.

One day passed. Then another.

I don't get you.

Tax season is a very busy time of year for accountants.

Between now and the end of the week, I will finish it.

I like spring.

I told her that I wasn't tired.

His brazen act of defiance almost cost him his life.

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I thought you weren't going back for a couple of days.

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Altogether, it was a success.

Every word spoken excites its contradiction.

What is the number?


Did they say when?

I just spoke to her.

How exactly do they hollow out and then dry the gourd?

The dog kept barking all night.

I am not.


Just between us, he's not a deep thinker.

"Where does your father in law live?" "In the house which stands beside my brother in law's house."

It's useless talking to Roberta.


Sarcasm should not be confused with cynicism.

In Spain and France, we buy fresh bread every day.

Nothing happened between us.

The festival came to an end.

What's his name again?

What does that have to do with you?

Could you dial up the operator for me?

What do you wish for?

His illness comes of drinking too much.

You've got nothing to be afraid of.

I am in the first year of high school.

Sylvan made a cake without her mother's knowledge.

My grandmother's shoes are old.

Socrates said that recognising your own ignorance is the first step towards wisdom.

Last night was unusually cold.

I am not a doctor, but a teacher.

In order to get a reservation, you must use her name.


I cannot have a rest now. I have a lot of work to attend to.