I am proud to be weird.

She is afraid of dogs.


The boughs that bear most hang lowest.

Where do they do that at?

Janos told Donna not to swim alone.

This right may not be invoked in the case of prosecutions genuinely arising from non-political crimes or from acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.

Do you really need to print that?

Les is diligent.

Not everything can be explained.


She's your typical workaholic.


He arranged that piano music for the violin.

Everyone left except Teriann.

Ritchey, I don't care what happens in the future, because as long as you persist and go through life with enthusiasm and ebullience, you will reap success.

We're late because of you.

Socially awkward children are more susceptible to bullying.

Thanks for asking.

They agreed to work together.

I don't go by what he says.

I rode around the country on horseback.

You're doing wonderful work here.

Did you really not know that?

He convinced us of her innocence.

It's all a conspiracy.


The soccer game will be played, even if it rains.

My heart was filled with happiness.

This isn't about money.

She was washing the dishes.

Ruth's funeral is taking place this weekend.

It's not that high off the ground.

Did I tell you how beautiful you looked tonight?

Your hypothesis is completely unrealistic.

From today only healthy food, no more junk food for me!

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Do you understand or not?


If the demolition of buildings is uncontrolled, a fine city is in danger of becoming nothing more than a concrete jungle.


I'm open to suggestions.

You put all our lives at stake back then!

Late-stage dementia sufferers whose first language isn't English often revert back to their native language as their condition worsens.

Jef's left shoe is missing.

Have you seen her anywhere?


I don't like to disappoint anyone.

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My boss turned down his proposal.

Ravens are said to live much longer than humans.

I wish I were a prince.

Beware of smooth talk.

Find someone who respects you.

The joint in my left elbow hurts.

Read carefully, this book will do you good.

Kirsten stayed in Boston for three months.

The man sitting over there is a famous singer.

The show is on Friday.

Let me have a look at the picture.

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I don't want to put it down.


Was anyone arrested?


Thunderstorms are both scary and exciting.

This is a book often read by adults.

I took him up on his offer.


We must do it now.


It's a book of incredible imaginative power.

No one got sick.

I thought you'd be ready by now.

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We still have some time left.

You need to figure it out by yourself.

Norman doesn't know how to write a love letter in French.


The race developed into a free-for-all but Shinomiya lapped the group and in the final stage steadily piled on points with good timing to achieve victory.

I never get to spend any time with Ralf.

Can you make it?

Why didn't you tell me he was here? I had to know as soon as possible!

I love Aimer's songs.

Nathaniel was mindful of my warning.

It was around eight last night when the meeting broke up.


What was the name of the guy you dated before Jennie?

Elric moved here three months ago.

She has scars that will last for the rest of her life.

You must go to the dentist.

My children like school.

I doubt a native speaker would say it that way.

A storm is imminent.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

Do you really want to risk it?

It wouldn't do any good to do that.

Pravin doesn't know anything about it.

A breakdown in the negotiations will mean war.

Annard will carry those suitcases for you.


He did not go out, but sat down.

I was busy.

He has not been able to work for many years.

Winston wondered if Wolf had also heard the same rumors he'd heard.

That's what I'm frightened of.

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I hated to see Rajiv leave.

We're not going to sell it.

A big city is full of snatchers.

What else do you remember?

Ned is going to pick me up at 2:30.

Marsh's home has a kobold infestation.

Computers are of great use.


Did you order something?

But it's true.

No, it's not necessary.

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This oil painting dates from the 17th century.

As of tomorrow, this e-mail address will be invalid.

I wonder who wrote this report.

Let's leave tomorrow morning.

Vice took the key out of his pocket and handed it to Marguerite.

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I know things.

They arrived in Southern Rhodesia, and there was a choice of an immigrants' camp, consisting of mud huts with a communal water supply, or a hotel; and they chose the hotel, being what are known as people of means.

June helped Bill.

Walking in the park, I found a baby bird.

I was surprised, shocked even.


Hey, what're you listening to?


The dog attacked the little boy.

I'm talking about you.

I ordered way too much. I don't think I can eat it all.

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If Nicolo shows up, it's going to ruin Fay's day.

Hal smiled knowingly.

I knew that I'd break his heart, but I had no choice.

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I ruined one of my best shirts when I spilled some battery acid on the sleeve.

She didn't arrive at the party, but nobody knows why.

The bank is closed on Sunday.

Angus might need it.

Why don't you ever pay attention?

There is no doubt that I could not do it without your help.

I wrote a song about what happened here last year.

Syed looked like death warmed up after going on a three-day bender.

Axel doesn't like soccer.

Clarissa says he won't get married to Vivek.

Please don't run away from me.

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We are in the forest.

I think it good for you to read this book.

Kaj felt the cold rain on his face.

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Elisabeth's French is almost perfect.

You got back home.

We're still considering it.


Subra joined a sorority.

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I saw my reflection in the window.

I could hear the dog barking all night long.

Margaret was the talk of the town.

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Your doll's very pretty.

He doesn't lie.

I'm sorry I'm so late.

I'd just like to talk with Janet before we leave.

Masanao may go with you if he wants.


I do not watch television.


This book has been translated into more than fifty languages.


I don't know where Dori goes to school.

My parents don't speak Dutch.

On top of everything else, he added that he was hungry.

If you ask me, reading comics is a complete waste of time.

He thought he could take up the challenge, but in the end he just wasn't up to it.

Take the book which is lying on that table.

Eva knew there was no point in talking to Mohammad.


That's what I'm counting on.


I can't go back to prison.


I bet he is our principal.

I will do my homework.

You know I'm married.

Don't let him climb on the bed.

Malus went home with Roger.

You had no reason to do that.

Tollefsen will answer all of your questions.

You can avoid stomach ailments by drinking purified water and always washing your hands before eating.

He is the picture of his father.


He appears to know Ann.