I'd never do that to them.

I must cook breakfast for her.

If only I had studied harder for the exam.

Would you like to take a stroll around the park with me?

This is a company car.

This sound of danger lent me wings.

Elliot woke up very early in the morning to prepare a pie for Darci.

Sparrows were flying about.

How many hours do you sleep at night?

Is Thomas lucid?

Many children learn to use a computer even before entering school.

It was courteous of him to write a letter of thanks.

It echoed desolate.

Please clean the dirty floor.

I don't know whether to believe Mechael or not.

You already know too much.


He entered my room.

I use a flashlight to illuminate dark areas.

I feel very strongly about it.

I refuse to go.

I wonder if there's a market for something like that.

Don't, under any circumstances, play poker with Ralph.

It's gotten dark. Please turn on the light for me.

She believed him when he said he loved her.

In the play she doubled the parts of a maid and shop girl.

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Their proposal is out of the question.


We could make it on time if we walked a little faster.

Miek was my student.

I'm just grateful none of my friends saw me with Claudia.


Don't ingest antibiotics without a medical prescription.


Which concert did you choose to attend?


Kids learn quickly.

The United States is a large country.

Alberto made it clear that he didn't want to work for us.

I will never forget to keep sweet thoughts in my heart for my dear professor.

Marco doesn't seem very pleased.

You should pay more attention to your own safety.

That car in the middle of the path is an inconvenience.


I love the sound of it.


I'm able to do it.

She never forgave me for it.

I can't tell you everything.

The anpan from Kimura is really good.

I suggest you talk to Anatoly about how to handle the situation.


We'll be there soon enough.

I know who gave that to you.

The objective of Minesweeper is to clear the minefield without detonating the mines.

My daughter likes Ultraman.

I'm sure we could arrange that.

I wonder who has come.

Maria is eager to impart his knowledge.

I chanced on a beautiful girl.

He was covered with mud from head to foot.

Walt doesn't have to talk to me if he doesn't want to.

What movie are you planning to watch?


We'll provide you with anything you want.

You're not the only one with this problem.

Wait. Don't shoot yet.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

What do I want to talk about?

There's nothing like a glass of natural, freshly squeezed juice.

Tell me what's happening.

I can prove Frances did it.

I really wanted to play tennis yesterday, but something came up.

We marched under a hail of bullets.

I thought Clay was here to stay.

This is the man I've been waiting for.

I've never had a cavity.

The resistance to theory is the resistance to the use of language about language.

Ignorant ignorance is when not only do you not know something, but you don't even know that you don't know it.

You should've made better use of your time.

Everybody was very well dressed.

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I have always liked that record albumn.

This isn't fair to me.

You can't be so sure.


I hope to own my own house someday.

The exam was two and a half hours long.

Well, you've convinced me.


Gregor is certain to do that.

When the thought of what I had done came to mind, I felt like an assassin.

He studied English and then math.

We've got a lot of work to do.

The cold weather has turned the leaves red.


What's causing that hum?

She drank a cup of coffee.

What you are saying does not make sense.

I worked at a restaurant during summer vacation.

They know Sundar.


Wow, that's so big.

My mother appears young for her age.

Let's find out more about them.

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He was apologetic for being absent.

Rand was eating.

If you want to understand people, you shouldn't take any notice of what they say.

I don't know the exact length of this bridge.

You can't buy that.

I'll tell you everything when I come round and see you.

When Monty says you can go, you can go.

Why don't you go in my place?

They are longing for city life.


The president's mind was seriously disturbed after the failed coup attempt.


I am the tallest in our class.

This is not the first time someone said that about me.

The circulation of the newspaper is only one-third that of its competitor.

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I've got everything we need.

Have you been here since?

I found my bicycle gone.

I wish I'd planted more lettuce this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm very happy to be here.

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I'll never be rich.

You haven't learned a thing.

More often than not, famine is accompanied by plague.

I think I know where Stephen is.

We're a very close family.


What's the date on the letter?

What Barney says is only partly right.

One of them is probably lying.

I'm not fat. I'm just a little overweight.

You miss her, don't you?


You've made quite an impression.

You can use a psychrometer to measure relative humidity.

Things that modify nouns (adjective, or adjectival equivalent).


Doors ain't as bad as you think.


I am very curious.

After the lesson, we clean our classroom.

When I was a little boy, my father and I went to Boston to visit my great-grandfather.

There's really nothing much at all that you see as being beneath you.

There wasn't much light in the area.

Dawson wants me to talk to them.

Barely had they entered the stadium, when the match began.

They criticized me for coming late.

Riches are for spending.

He interfered in our private concerns.

I'm sorry, I was distracted.

What is she putting into the bag?

Kay left town on his own.

We can't do anything about that problem at this time.

I'm not like Samir!


Why don't you have lunch with Natraj?


He was sitting beside his brother.

Every sentence in this book is important.

Kanthan is never here in the morning.

I just made that up.

Christina teaches me French twice a week.

When I hear that song I remember my youth.

Naoto is my roommate.

He wants to embody his ideal.

Valerie has some very interesting ideas.

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I often have to talk to people I don't like.

He is studying English in school but he thinks it's too difficult.

We were all on the same bus.

Bart seems to be disorganized.

I'm hungry! Let's go and have dinner please!


Now what is it?!

He says that he saw nothing. However, I don't believe what he says is the truth.

It's good manners for a boy to ask a girl if he can kiss her.

Mikey had slept for only three hours.

We're your last hope.

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Who committed this murder?


I watched TV during my breaks.

Elliot and Juergen are now alone.

Has Woody found them yet?

I simply don't believe you.

Anything's possible.

Sorry. I should move.

The party was almost over.


In Portuguese, "lalau" is synonymous with thief.

He confessed all his sins.

You know this is illegal, don't you?