You have to help your friends.

I don't know who Scott is.

Can you see the big white building over there?

I don't know what it was.

Kay bent down to look under the table.

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Beijingers speak Mandarin with a roll in the tongue that no Southerner could ever utter.

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Why don't you follow me?

I gave my vote to Ken.

I only speak French with her.

You shouldn't listen to Billie.

Wish all my friends and loved one Happy New Year.


I cooled the patient's head with ice.

You didn't know them, did you?

He spends pots of money for travelling.


This disease causes blindness.

Jeffie broke that one.

I'm never going to trust you again.


I have just finished my homework.


That's the problem, isn't it?

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Opinions vary on this point.

In carrying out the plan, you should have reckoned with all possible difficulties.

I have a large body of information in my computer database.


My hands are cold.


Billy took his time.

We want a solution.

I wish Edward were more like you.

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We've isolated the problem.

Carter wanted Jiri to help him in the garden.

I have lots of affairs to look after.

People differ in habits.

You've seen what I can do.

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We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools.


The price hasn't changed in years.

My mother is from Benin. She is Beninese.

I just hope Louise stays awake until Troy gets home.

I was stunned when the bomb blew in front of me.

I can't lift the sack either.

It is hard to convince John.

We know what we want.


Manuel may one day be the boss.

Weren't you frightened of that dog?

Whenever I'm at the pizza parlour, I make you self-conscious. You always think there has to be something happening.


A lot has happened while you've been gone.

What nationality is Carlos?

Can you speak another language?

Huh? A mouse sits on my mouse.

He is saving up to buy a house.

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I will show you that man can be reborn from his ashes.

He held his tongue while he was being scolded.

We took a back road to avoid the traffic accident.


He kept complaining so much, without doing anything to help, that I finally had to tell him to fish or cut bait.

The sky will soon clear up.

Melanie has accidentally killed a fly.


He knows who they are.

Go on with your story. That is so interesting!

Old played tennis yesterday.

Louiqa might never come back here again.

If the rental period is extended beyond the agreed period, it shall be calculated a prorated rent.

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How far away is the sea?

He should disclose everything and face the music.

Don't drink the tap water.

People died by the hundreds.

I've got a job in Boston.

I was admitted to school without having to take an entrance examination.

This can be done.

Pitawas took Narendra to a fancy restaurant on their anniversary.

Do you have any drinks?

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Long reign our king.


I just can't fathom it.

Earle posed for a picture.

Gill has a big day tomorrow.

Mahmoud is lying on his back, staring at the ceiling.

Guess how much it cost me.

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Tharen built a house on the land he bought three years ago.


I couldn't see.

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I've been shopping here for ages.

We need to buy a little time here.

Don't worry. Your joke did not really discomfit me.

Wait a bit. I'll prepare some for you.

Baby poo doesn't smell bad when they are breastfeeding.


Typhoons hit Japan every year.


He needs something to drink.

Wendell threw a pillow at me.

That's very nice of you to say.

I'm praying.

The police took the criminal away to the police station.

What's the name of that fat girl you used to date in high school?

I had two cars.


The rain shows no sign of stopping.

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The movie was quite good.

He is not always busy in the morning.

The rabbits are timid.


You've had a good year.

We adults shouldn't destroy the intelligent and creative capacity of children.

How far is it from here to the park?

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Marcia drove Myron's car to Boston.

Foremost politicians of three nations expressed their grave concern concerning the consequences of military operations in south-eastern Ukraine.

How fast Taro can run!

I'll take him home.

The door won't budge.

Please close the door quietly.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Just make this stop.

This sentence is incorrect.

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If I were you, I would apply for the scholarship.

When it comes to Chinese books that are overvalued worldwide I suppose it's Sun Tzu, isn't it?

My mother's brother's wife is my aunt.

Swimming in this lake is not permitted.

The dog ran towards me.


Jochen and Luke didn't know that much about each other.

Don't you know it's hopeless?

Are you telling me you don't know how to cook hard-boiled eggs?

Has Sweden already fallen that low?

I got my six-pack by working out in the gym.

He is a man of wit.

I must go to the station at three o'clock.

Mohammad put the magazine back on the coffee table.

That's my answer!

The conference runs through Monday.

He sent me a letter to the effect that his poultry farm would go bankrupt sooner or later.

Natural food is not always good for our digestion.

To prevent an invasion, the commander used to patrol the border at least twice a day.


Maybe I should have spoken with Jess.

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Recently many people have been losing their jobs.

We're going to give it another try.

Did Michel break something again?

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He cut away the dead branches from the tree.

I always feel good after I do my good deed for the day.

I was very much shocked to hear his daughter using such bad language.


A polar bear is a rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.

I'm still thinking about the riddle.

I used to own an excavation business, and run backhoes.

Millions of people, thousands of buildings, I walk through that maze, maze of concrete, concrete and iron, asphalt and glass.

Everyone believed us.

In Germany ghosts don't pay taxes.

Jack resigned from his job in despair.

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Pratap used to live next door to me.


Is that unfair?

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It's one of those moments.

Then the motor suddenly died.

They're just amazing, but you're completely stupendous.

Fuck my life!

Alexis hoped to succeed.


I don't often go there.

I didn't go to law school.

I'm helping Margie out.

Everybody's in the auditorium.

Huh? A mouse sits on my mouse.

No did all the legwork.

Brett ordered drinks for Case and himself.

This is a book about public policy.

Nora goes to mass every Sunday morning.

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Benson bought a ticket.

You cannot do this.

You won't believe what just happened!

We're worried.

I'm afraid to even ask.


Can't you get somebody else to help you?