I have never thought about translating a book.

You broke your promises.

I can't pay Leo today.

I can't hear anything because of the noise.

I can't decide which car to buy.

This letter is addressed to you.

Geometry, about which I know nothing, seems like a very dull subject.

He's completely delusional.


I like small towns.


These are cakes that she baked herself.


Just stay out of my way.

An arrow pierced his liver.

I have been to Kyoto twice.

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Has Jesper ever written a letter in French?

Vladislav is painting his house.

Meehan has no choice but to obey orders.

Pontus isn't listening.

At first I didn't like my job, but I'm beginning to enjoy it now.

I'll take care of him.

What good would come of it?

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You don't need my help.

Have you ever seen Sherman and The in the same room together?

The lizard climbed along the wall and went into a hole.

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Excuse me, I'd like two regular size cones - one with chocolate mint, and the other with orange sherbet, please.

We're from Boston.

There was no one to stop me.


Coleen would have sacrificed his life in vain.

I did everything I could, but I had to give up.

Todd and Nici both come from dysfunctional families.

Let me know what's happening.

Nothing is more difficult than having something and then losing it.


The English Channel separates France from England.

Spudboy kept me up to speed.

Winnie came after you left.

I've come this far, so I'll keep going.

I could swim well even when I was a boy.

She has never seen it before.

He bought flour and oil in quantity.

We are but men, not gods.

I like him all the more for his reticence.

Bastard hung up on me.

It's quite likely that Luke won't be there.

Earle lived in Boston for a short time.

Every afternoon, the woman went to church to pray.

Why don't you move?

I speak Latvian.


She's very innocent.


I think you should choose Jerald.


Now just hold on a minute.

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Noam has no idea where he left his keys.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System.


The work is actually finished.

Were it not for music, the world would be a dull place.

"Can I say it in this way as well?" "Yes, that's fine too."

Elisabeth and Dimetry have been too busy fighting to notice how much they actually like each other.

The negotiations are on a knife's edge, and could go either way.

She wants to know how she can lose weight.

You're the one who started the fight.

He was stunned by her beauty.

You made him very happy.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky.

You should tell Lievaart as soon as possible.

Keep away from us.

The movie received mixed reviews.

What a beautiful house!

Whose fault was that?

I forgot to tell Oleg when to come.

Wash your hands before each meal.

It was there that I saw the accident.

I didn't argue with Dan.


You're not the police, are you?


Lila saw Mac's letter on the desk.


I raised my hand to ask a question.

You need to start taking responsibility for your actions, young lady.

This music was composed by Bach.

He felt the most divine joy that he had experienced since his birth.

Somebody poisoned them.


There's no need to apologize.


That's not what I've heard.


It can't be kept secret forever.

Don't call him that.

Elite soldiers are trained even harder than most special forces.

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Mario is somewhat shy.


You're too self-conscious.

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She swallowed her pride.

I want Jackye out of my life.

Vishal abandoned cigarettes after the doctor's warning.

Moran isn't likely to win.

What did you do then?


I live in Colombia.

Beth is fixing the car.

Herod's house is again headed for destruction, destined for the fire.


There is a rapid increase in world population.

She's going to be in charge.

Ted took a yoga class.

She has two uncles; one lives in Kyoto and the other in Osaka.

I stayed.

I knew we couldn't trust him.

Some people say Boston is a dangerous city.


Emmett's problem is that he lives in his own bubble.

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It's just not what we do.


I have tried to talk to her.

An urgent telegram brought her hurrying back to Tokyo.

The idea of his concealment, not only agrees very ill with his reputed divinity, but associates with it something of pusillanimity.

His parents battled to send him to college.

I like your hair.


Here is a weekly magazine.

Optimist is another word for idiot.

I could go on and on about it, but I won't.

Robin got scolded by the teacher.

That would be silly.

I have one elder brother and a younger sister.

Elliott asked someone he met on the street how to get to the station.

I think we impressed Hector.

Canada borders the United States.

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Dan's new girlfriend is very young.

That could happen at any time.

The host showed off his rare stamps to all his guests.


Where's your bedroom?

This war has produced countless fatalities.

Having once landed the monster immediately jumped again and was over my head.


Florian's not much of a cook, but at least he gives it a go.

Red-haired people tend to have freckles.

I think I've learned almost sixty new German words today.


Heather is very hungry.

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I have visited Kyoto three times.

Tuna have a hydrodynamic body.

Niall is a security specialist.

Together we are stronger.

I will tell the woman what I know.


Diana drove along the river.

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I'm not interested in Trey.

I'm always optimistic.

My father is a man of few words.

Don't you like my book?

They got married of late.

They went to Alexander Hamilton for orders.

What a perfect night!

Why is the door locked?

Then all of a sudden a good idea came to me.

This room is capable of holding fifty persons.

Columbus believed that the Earth was round.


I remember calling at his house.

I think Chuck is going to be fine.

I'm not so sure it was them who did it.

These items are 1000 yen for three.

Six of us are going on an excursion to the beach this weekend.

Wolf should be the one who does it.

I think I'd like to be your friend.

We'll catch them.

Only at the end does one understand the title.

I don't have to apologize for what I said.

Everybody has to die one day.

Raymond died recently.

More than 40 percent of students go on to university.


You're too drunk.

This may be pulao, but it's completely flavourless.

I felt tired all the time.

Even when I was a child, I was able to swim well.

Tux is the mascot for Linux.


I can understand how Gideon feels.