We must have seen a thousand pronghorn on the drive across Kansas.

The force held out bravely against their enemy's attacks.

The curtains are fireproof.

I told her I'd keep it secret, so I've kept that to myself.


Do you find that interesting?

Perhaps you should stop.

Water conducts of electricity.

I didn't know you were going to be here.

The hero finally defeated the evil scientist.


There was no damage reported.


Everyone needs to get out of here.

I don't think that he knows Hebrew.

I love to bargain.

I'll lend you any book that I have, as long as you keep it clean.

Judge isn't my cousin.


You're rich.

A car is a must for life in the suburbs.

I peg up the washing almost every day.

I will miss Moldova.

I hope you don't tell Edith that.

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If you have any problems, call.

Do you eat seaweed in your country?

I'm going to pay my rent tomorrow.

Sit down over there.

Stop picking on us.


You want to find someone with a good education, a good salary, good looks, and a good personality. Don't you think that that's aiming a bit too high?

Granville walked quietly.

I had beef stew for lunch.

He hit the ball with the bat.

Barton didn't help me at all.

Just a week after he was released from jail, Dan mugged another person.

There is no precedent for such a case.

If you don't want to be here, you don't have to stay.

I couldn't have done it without your help.


I have mislaid my baggage.


Teresa was anxious to meet you.


Where is Loyd being held?

I figured you could use some help.

We've been waiting for them.


Why do you think he said so?


Fill the flower vase with water.


I don't know when.

Svante took Jan's place.

Sherman likes the idea as well.

Look down at the floor.

That's how life is.

Give me a break. If you have something to say, stop making faces and say it.

He went bankrupt because of gambling debts.

I have a good idea where to start.

Don't underestimate them.

The storm was at its worst.

I am uneasy about the future of this country.

This law can be interpreted in many ways.

Jamie said you were good at chess.

I've never trusted Sorrel.

I am decorating the classroom.


I asked Mom to get some for you.

She confessed that she loved him.

Gunter doesn't want to answer.

Donovan didn't have enough money to buy the guitar he wanted, so he bought a cheaper one.

Jelske often uses humor to defuse tense situations.

And what if she rejects me?

Show your ticket at the barrier.


She lived in a nice home in a nice neighborhood.

Sedovic could be in real danger.

Isn't that ours?

Marty asked me where Christie lived.

I'm sure I'll never remember all of this.

Menopause is the opposite of menarche.

We tried to figure out the problem our professor had given us, but it seemed confusing.

We have to change our plans.

Frederic wasn't a very nice man.


The water flooded the streets.

They're cooking now.

Lambs are very cute.

That's a very common mistake.

Did Sean tell you where he got this?

His family members are all tall.

I should study French.

How does one pronounce your first name?

Jakob hardly ever keeps his word.

Something was wrong with my computer and I couldn't get on-line.

Francis couldn't answer even one question on yesterday's test.


If you can't come, we'll understand.

When he became drunk, he was quite an interesting priest, and he talked about various things.

Pratap has nothing to worry about as long as he pays his rent on time.

She had a perfect alibi.

In doing anything, do your best.


The water supply was turned off.

Nikolai didn't know Nikolai spoke French so fluently.

I aim at ducks, but I don't shoot them.

He only screams when he's hungry.

Monica said he wasn't so sure.


The enemy is becoming more and more powerful.

Do you really believe in ghosts?

No one really cares.


Despite numerous requests by their mother, the children would not tidy up their toys.

I give Jack the apple.

As more paper money came into use, the value fell.

Wendell doesn't have many friends in Boston.

Kamel never wanted to go there in the first place.

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Pick out the shirt that you like best.


Are you trying to buy my silence?

This concerns you.

We had a good time playing cards.

Drew told me not to say anything to you.

I received a five hundred dollar advance on my pay.

Let's not even talk about that today.

He's got enough money to buy a house.

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I'm sorry, but I have to go home.

Kate stayed in Izu for the weekend.

The girl that works at the bakery is cute.

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Who would have thought back then that Novo had only seven years to live?

Floyd is only a couple of years older than Sir.

No one can wear a mask for very long.


I plan on being early.

Drew threatened to leave Duke.

Tiefenthal refused to play poker with us.

Surya didn't know that Pia had decided to quit her job.

Linley sat down next to Jerry and they smiled at each other.

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You are very elegant.

He can come.

Ought he to be forced out of the presidency?


I talked to them again.

I don't fear them.

The moon lights the way.

She's anorexic.

He often laughs at his own jokes.

Which train are you catching?

He is of Japanese ancestry.

I'm a coward.

Duncan doesn't play baseball very often.


Tell The that I'll call him back.

Darrell has pitched his tent not too far from the river.

Most wool comes from sheep.

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At this rate, we won't be able to buy a house.


Sedovic doesn't want to leave.

The old castle lay in ruins.

Oskar told me I didn't have to talk to you.

This tipping business always makes us uneasy.

I'd appreciate it if you could do that.


Ian bought a computer at thirty percent off the list price.

I purchased a new car last year.

No prisoners were taken.


Table manners differ from country to country.

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Do you hit your children?

The boy was about to jump into the lake.

Jitendra seems OK.

Ragnar has been a real pain in the neck lately.

May I have a shilling, sir?


By the way, what time will you go there?

This road is a dead end.

You never have time for me.


Of course, I remember Kamiya.

That will be all for today.

What's your favorite way to get exercise?

Why don't you just apologize?

The police can't find him.

Well now ... shall we scarper before we're found?

The politician receives on Wednesdays.

You love Christmas, don't you?

The soldiers returned to their lines.

He's making a big deal out of it.

See to it that he does not go there.

Fame is not always an accompaniment of success.

There was something not quite right about Rajiv.