Can upgrading your water heater save you money?

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Having a hot shower at the end of the day is something that millions around the globe have grown custom to each and every day. So what would you do if you went to have a hot shower and had no hot water in your home? If you found yourself in this situation it is probably past the point of bringing in a plumber for repair and it may be time to think of replacing a water heater. So what should you look for when thinking about water heater replacement or repair?

New models of water heaters can save you hundreds on your water bill as well as your energy bill. They are energy efficient and water efficient meaning you use less water and it takes less energy to heat it, older water heaters can waste gallons of water every year running high water bills and they are not very good for the environment. Around 3 trillion gallons of water could be saved by homeowners who choose to install water efficient water heaters. The amount of money you will save by replacing a water heater will add up an


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Depending on where you live, your air conditioning could be one of the most important pieces of your home during those hot humid months of summer. No one wants to have to go through an entire humid summer with a broken air conditioner. In fact, we often find ourselves, instead of contacting an HVAC company to check our machines are in working order once a year (like they say we should) dealing with emergency air conditioning repair in the dog days of summer when we’d much rather be sitting in the cooling temperatures resting and enjoying the cool air blowing in our faces. Before we work ourselves up calling every ac repair service in the book, perhaps taking a look at common types of air conditioning repair could be needed for your home.

What are the most common types of air conditioning repair?

Filter issues

One of the most popular problems when it comes to your home air conditioning is filter issues. When filters become too dirty they can jam up the ma

Are You a Commercial Property Manager? These 4 Tips Can Help with Roof Maintenance

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Property managers have a lot of things they need to deal with. Making sure the property is properly maintained can be a real challenge. The roof is one of the most important parts of any property. It is one of the first lines of defense for the building. The proper management and maintenance of commercial rain gutters are incredibly important to maintaining the health of the building overall. The good news is there are things you can do to make your job of caring for the commercial rain gutters on your buildings much simpler and easier.

  1. Keep an eye on the flow from the gutters. The first way you can tell if your commercial rain gutters are in trouble is when they stop draining the way they should. A lot of properties around the nation are surrounded by trees, shrubbery, or some other kind of vegetation. This means all of these gutter systems can become full of debris from the plants growing all around them. This can stop up the drainage system. When this happens, the wa