We fired Stephen.


The crossroads where the accident happened is near here.

The facts are just the reverse of what Sanjeev told you.

Anderson will know what it's about.


It is very cold today, isn't it?

You're so young.

Does anyone need a lift home?

You have bewitched me!

I felt depressed.

Sassan is more of a tea kind of person.

It seemed the quarrel would finally be talked out, when Mark added fuel to the fire by bringing up the question of who was guilty.


You've been luckier than me.


It was an awesome accomplishment.


I'll be there in a few minutes.

Let's leave it up to him.

Fish stocks are declining due to over-protection of whales, so fish that whales can eat should also be protected.

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I am absent from school on occasion.


Would you mind if I told Jeanette about this?

Is he still here?

Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena.


Idling away your time is not good.


We can't let that happen again.


The boy was not abased by the laughter of his classmates.

He conceived a deep hatred for them.

It was a judgment call.


He has been in Japan for two years.

Does Skef live next door to the bus driver that worked with John?

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at those he's given it to.

Randolph fanned himself with his notebook.

They want you.

He failed, to his father's disappointment.

Isabelle knows how to help people.

I don't want to disappoint them.

Don't do the duck-face in your mirror self-shots!

I have confidence in Ken.

I was at a loss when I lost my house key.

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She helped her father with the work in the garden.


Kees heard someone moving around in the next room.

"A" is the first letter of the alphabet.

Our train arrived on time.

I really like snow.

Can we get help for Glenn?

The man stood up.

Milo tried to sing the song Toufic requested.

Pat went into the kitchen to get some coffee.

If Ami had had something to throw, he'd have thrown it.

It was not unexpected.

To the right of that office is the Tokyo Building.

Aunty Kelly treated us to ice cream today.

Hughes's criminal record consists of only two drunken driving citations.

Kikki ate breakfast all by himself.

This writer is Russian.


I'm visiting a friend of mine in hospital.

It's important for children to learn good table manners.

You're very patient.


Leo is taking a bath in my bathtub.

Beth decided to turn back.

Jurevis doesn't want an iPad. He wants a portable device that supports Flash.

Why are people afraid of the police?

Where did you get all that money from?

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This fault results from my wrong decision.

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You're prejudiced.

Brett can take anything he wants.

Above all, don't buy anything from him: he's a blithering swindler.

This sentence has to be deleted.

I priced overcoats today, but found I couldn't afford one.

You should've left it alone.

Because they had no time to spare, they hurried back to town.

The store can supply us with anything we need.

The receptionist forced me to sign my name on the paper.

What is the cause of such a failure?

Meat should not be eaten raw.


I went to school on foot in those days.

I was told never to do that.

There are no two ways about it.

Dalton didn't say how he was planning to get there.

I must run.


Do you think it's my fault?


We have a party this evening.


Ken jumped over the wall.


Don't turn the hands of a clock the other way around.

I am used to sitting up late at night.

They each have a piece of the puzzle.

Jeff likes this game.

He died three days after.

Stanly wanted me to tell you something.

Larry told me to come here today.

Sean didn't do much work today.

Bernard is very sorry.

This makes me think of you.

I want you to have a job that you love.

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I won't spoil the surprise.

They work only during the day.

That's what I thought too.


Would you show me some rings?

He will not steal my money; I have faith in him.

It is not till we lose our health that we realize its true value.


Are you handicapped?

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The old lady stepped off the bus.

Ban Ki-Moon needs $16 million more for his project.

You should be talking to me.

She gave a big pull on the rope.

I'm not tired yet.

Fifty of the machines are running at the present time.

What don't you like about them?

Does your sister have children?

She should be there now because she left early.

Please address your mail clearly and correctly.

I promised Clarissa I'd be there by 2:30.

Don't worry so much.

Canada is larger than Japan.

The climbers awoke before daybreak.

Excuse me. Is this the hardware store?


Could I have the check?

A growing child who is not full of beans probably needs medical attention.

If the weather is beautiful, if it is ugly, it is my habit to go at 5 in the evening to walk at Palais-Royal.

They made and recorded a sort of institute and digest of anarchy, called the Rights of Man.

Marlena is a little nervous.

The child is on the left side of the house.

Read the newspaper every day, or you will fall behind the times.


Their cakes are good.

Ti got home.

Winter will be over soon.

He avenged his father.

Ernie read about Oliver's accident in the newspaper.

Albert learned that the rental price would be discounted if he and the agent agreed to a seven-day rental term.

Everything will be decided on Monday.

He fell for her big time.

Give your thoughts some space!

The whole world is on fire.

Ray told Vince to keep the door closed.

We could certainly use some help.

He'll make a good husband.


That's still yours.

This is a DVD.

I just wanted to give him some advice, but in the end I made him angry.

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Who's the composer of this symphony?

Yuji told his friend a story about his adventure during the summer vacation.

I will do anything to please her.


I should've expected it.

When will the train arrive?

He is second to none when it comes to debating.


I couldn't walk.

In some parts of the ocean, krill populations have dropped by over 80 percent.

I want to know how much Stewart weighs.

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It's getting chilly.


You can get it at any bookseller's.


Is he a good kisser?

Vincenzo couldn't do it, but Gene could.

Is this data accurate?

He denied everything.

I have bigger fish to fry.

It's not too late you change your mind.

You aren't young.

Briggs likes reading English literature.

There is no such thing as a great talent without great will power.

The fire station is next to the police station.

We have to be there on time, so don't stand me up tomorrow!

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Charlie is very confident, isn't he?

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I'm not really that old.


He entered civil service 20 years ago right after college.