You have to walk a long way to get there.

Valeria got a letter from Clayton today.


I'm going to go take a look around.

Every little bit counts.

Jan isn't going to like this one bit.


U.S. researchers assembled carbon nanotubes to create the world's blackest substance, able to absorb over 99 percent of light that hits it.

Please call me when you have decided what you would like to do.

Timo talks to Claude (the other one).

I'll deal with it.

Rod did a lot of good things.

What do you think is the best way to get to Nguyen's house from here?

I'll go and see what the children are doing.

Sadako wanted to add more, but her mouth just didn't want to open enough to make the words anymore.

Please don't be afraid.


Saad spilled a cup of coffee all over his keyboard.

Bring me the newspaper.

Maarten turned down the heat.

In many places it isn't legal to walk a dog on the beach.

We are grateful to you for your help.

I took the opportunity to visit Rome.

I wouldn't have come here if Dylan hadn't asked me to.


I was disappointed by your article.

The dog ate a watch and a Japanese fan.

Many doctors look at your tongue first when they begin an examination.

The father is in good health.

We're running out of water.

I always knew that Pascal was destined for greatness.

I'll prepare something.


The whole city was getting a face-lift.

I like classical music more than modern music.

I won't forget you, Ramesh.

Aaron and Van just got back today.

Leora is supposed to be back by lunch time.


I am very glad to know you.

I was born in 1988 in York.

Kieran wanted to find a creative way to tell Tolerant that he loved her.

Should I call Daren?

Where are the soldiers?

Amigo has the same birthday as me.

I don't think I have what you're looking for.

The chairperson cut me short.

A war broke out between the two countries.

Jeffie and I'll always be friends.

You're welcome to join us.

Do you want to try it again?

The three people gave three different accounts of the accident.

John would often go mountain climbing when he was a student.

I don't understand much about it.

Try not to disturb Kayvan.

I won't let this happen.

Do you live in this neighborhood?

I still can't see why Wes would want to go.

Why don't you go?

I want some coffee, please.

He studied the flight of birds.

The opposite of easy is difficult.


He asked for my resignation.

Charles asked Mark about her job in Boston.

Free refreshments will be served.

They found a mysterious city in ruins in the desert.

I am doing my homework.

Just sit tight, everyone.

May I use this bat?

It was dark when we reached the hotel.

Do you have any idea who might want to do that?

Are you guys talking about me?

She asked Luke to find her little boy.


You plan to go out dancing with Ron, don't you?

He is an acrobat.

The homemaker vacuumed the carpet.

Most people won't tell you what they really think.

Betsy should be sued.

I consider Jerome one of my closest friends.

Lorien didn't go upstairs.

There ought to be a book written about me.

He crossed the immense pacific on a raft.

It took him five years to write this novel.

I've always said Richard is an excellent judge of character.

Publication of the book was timed to coincide with the author's birthday.

Let's go check on him.

I grew up in Australia.

She was born in 1960.

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I don't want to get bogged down in details.

There's no way Johnathan could've done what you said he did.

The water's really nice.

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Rayan is more famous than I am.


Dolphins are curious.

Scot is better than the rest of us.

Our team lost all of its games.

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Because the entrance was locked, we couldn't enter the house.

She has a very strong personality.

Will he call me this morning?

I bought these for them.

I spoke with Hy this afternoon.


Jarl was nervous, too.

Is Kory also studying French?

God is sealed in weed, so FREE JESUS!

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He who walks the straight and narrow path must resist temptations of all sorts.

Will you give this to him?

Can we talk outside?

I became quite astonished by his sudden change of mood.

She went there yesterday.

We'll take care of that later.

There are long turns.


Clem is pig-headed.


I'll be ready to go by 2:30.

I did that all by myself.

I'm sure Shaw would be delighted.

I'm about to kill the big boss.

Spencer is probably helping Space right now.

You did a good job today.

Why doesn't anybody translate my sentences?

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Doug and Shane drank three pitchers of beer.

I believe he is an intelligent person.

During a Congressional address on May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy proposed that the United States accelerate its space program and set as a national goal a manned lunar landing and safe return by the end of the decade.

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Richard Nixon dropped from public attention.

Wearing a suit, he stood out.

They can't have gone far.

Everyone liked me.

What is he currently doing?

He looks nothing like a doctor.

I like them both.

That's sensible.

Where am I?


I'm counting on you to be here on time.


I promise you I'll help you.


He said to me: "Children are like small animals."

I think it is very important that the whole world helps these countries.

They had two messages from their government.


He lives near the beach.

Walt threw the Bible in the fire.

Can someone please explain this to me?

You're going to fall and sprain your ankle wearing sandals with such huge platforms.

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air because of your own energy needs.

Louiqa is a solar photovoltaic panel installer.

The gates were closed.


The bank was robbed yesterday.


They were lost at sea, at the mercy of wind and weather.

My father died when the cherry blossoms were at their best.

I hope Glen will tell me what I need to know.

Show your photograph.

While we were speaking, Angela interrupted us and she asked us to help her.


You want to know what happened to me, don't you?

I don't believe you. You're always telling lies.

Let me speak to you first.

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I haven't heard a word from him as yet.

Hamlet is a play by Shakespeare.

The story got more and more interesting.

No person can decide when someone should die.

My father holds the major interest in the corporation.

Throw the papers in the basket.

He knows better than to argue with her.

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Moran usually arrives home just in time for dinner.

I can remember some faces, but there are some people here I don't remember seeing.

It isn't pretty.

I'm checking out this afternoon.

No matter how carefully you choose your words, they'll always end up being twisted by others.

She's a wannabe actress.

Rolfe didn't ask for anything.

I'll do anything you ask.

They've lost their umbrellas.


He worked day and night so that his family could live in comfort.

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The management has agreed to have talks with the workers.

Some boats are on the lake.

Where is Tehran?

Dorian put the money in the safe.

He urged his government not to sign it.

Philology and medicine were named by Nietzsche to be "the two great opponents of all superstition".

How big was your donation?

I had half a grapefruit for breakfast.

I didn't like this game until I started winning.