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Eid-al-Adha Announcement, 10/15/13

As-salaam alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Insha-Allah Eid Al
Adha will be on Tuesday, October 15th. Takbiraath will begin 8am.
Eid Salah will be at 8.30 am followed by a short Khutbah.
Breakfast/refreshments will be provided.

Please feel free to bring a dish. May Allah(swt) accept our ibaadah
and our sacrifice.

Yard Sale & Sunday School Fundraiser, 9/21/13

We will be doing a yard sale on Saturday, the 21st of September from 9am to 1pm in our Masjid Area. Proceeds will go to cover Sunday School expenses.

Sunday School is free and all expenses are borne by the Masjid. We plan to have 12 display tables on a first come first basis. All donors must be present at the Masjid Premises with their goods at 8 am sharp. We will be placing advertisements in the local media to bring in the crowds.

To cover our expenses for Sunday School and to cover projects like back to school and cash incentives for our sunday school children, we need your full participation. Please donate generously - cash donations will also be gratefully accepted.

Sunday School Open House & Breakfast‏, 9/15/13

Please join us for breakfast and open house on September 15th at 10am. Bring your child for BACK TO SCHOOL give aways !!! Masjid Ar Rahman will be giving away 100 school bags to the children in the neighborhood from 12 noon to 1 pm.

10 am - 11am Break Fast and Open House with Sunday School Teachers
11am - 11.30 Talk on importance of Islamic Education for our Children today - Mohammed Jamaluddin
11.30 - 12.00 Set up for distribution of Back to School give aways !
12.00 - 1.00 Give Away Back to School School Bags to community children

Ramadhan and Taraweeiah Prayers‏

Insha-Allah, Taraweeiah prayers will start after Isha on Monday the 8th of July. Azan for Isha will be at 10.08 pm immediatealy followed by salah and taraweeiah. Hafiz Ataur Rahman from Chicago and Hafiz Ashraf Ali from Texas will be leading the prayers and reciting the Quran. We will pray 20 rakats and the taraweeiah prayers should take about 1 hour. We request your participation with friends and family.

Tuesday July 9th will be the first fasting day, insha-Allah.

We will have community iftaar on Saturday and Sundays in the Masjid at Maghrib time.  Please break the fast with us on weekends and stay to enjoy the Quran recitation.

Ramadan Links: Prayer Times |Zakat Calculator | Ramadan Checklist

Family Day, December 22 2012

Insha-allah, we will have the next family day on Saturday, 12/22/2012 from 12 noon to Asr. Please feel free to bring a dish. We also will need soda and water.

Program for the day:

12 pm: Meet and Greet
12.30 pm: Zuhur Salah
12.45pm - 1.45 pm: Family Lunch
1.45pm to 2.30 pm: Talk on "The story of Isa(as) as told in the Qur'an" by Br Mohammed Jamaluddin
2.30 pm: Asr Salah

Eid-ul-Adha and Eid Party

Insha-allah, Eid Al Adha will be on Friday 10/26/2012. Takbeerath will start at 7am. Eid salah will be at 7.30am insha-allah followed by Khutbah and breakfast.

Eid Party will be on Saturday 11/3/2012 insha-allah at 1pm with a talk on "Securing an Islamic future for our children - Role of Parents"

Ramadan and Taraweeh Prayers

Insha-allah, Ramadhan is expected to start on Friday July 20th. Taraweeeh Prayers will start Thursday July 19th, insha-allah after Isha prayers.

We are excited that by the Grace and Mercy of Allah(swt), Hafiz Rehaan and Hafiz Ataurrahman Haji will lead the Taraweeh Prayers this year. These two young Huffaz are from Buffalo, NY and Chicago respectively. They will be arriving Wednesday July 18th to spend Ramadhan with us and recite from the Holy Book of Allah for us each night. We thank them for accepting our offer and for honoring us with their presence, insha-allah. A sample of their quran recitation is attached for your listening pleasure.

Ramadan Links: Prayer Times |(717) 640-5457 | Ramadan Checklist

Audio clips: Hafiz Rehaan | (916) 436-6602


Community clean up - Saturday, 7/14/2012

Inshallah, Masjid ar Raman will be organizing a Youth Community Day on Saturday July 14th from 8am to 11am. Boys and Girls ten years and older are welcome to participate. The children will wear Masjid Ar Rahman T-shirts and go around the neighborhood picking up trash and doing some cleaning up activity.

Sister Amatullah will be the Lead Parent for this event. If you are interested to be a parent volunteer please send your name and contact phone number to before Friday July 13th.

Masjid Extension Project

Alhamdullilah, we have launched the Masjid Extension Project. We need your immediate support. Our current target is to raise $50,000. Please fill pledge form found at this link below.

Link: Masjid Extension Pledge Form. You can email your pledges to us at and we will contact you.


Cash/check donations can also be made at the masjid in person. Checks must be made payable to Masjid Ar Rahman. All donations will be issued with a receipt. The donations are tax deductible. If you are mailing your checks, checks must be mailed to the address given below. Please be among the first to donate and also spread the word around.

Masjid Ar-Rahman
723 Merchant Street
Coatesville, PA 19320

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