I'm thinking of moving to a new city.

I didn't need him.

I'll have to take them with me.

He crushed the stone completely.

His next crime will be his last.

I agree with you guys.

When does Boyd eat breakfast?

You neglected to tell me to buy bread.

Vance seems to be a member of a gang.

Get ready for a strong scene.


I was just going to work.

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We consider Helge honest.

The company sent out a memo with an apology for the mistake.

Never bring up religion or politics in the first conversation!

My life has changed completely.

I stared at the man.

I didn't do a thing.

Google is my teacher.


She has tiny feet.

It's four o'clock.

I sat in the front of the bus.

She is very smart, and what is more, she studies hard.

It appears that the bank robbery was planned right down to the last detail.


Morris couldn't open the door.

I heard you got a job.

She was pleased to hear that.

As we dive deeper, the water becomes colder.

Reinhard never read the book that Janet gave him.

The truth from the Lord of you all.

Please drop off this package at the Jones' when you go to work.


You can recognize a bird by its feathers and a man by his friends.

I'm writing a letter to my daughter.

Love will find a way.

Miki is taking Bobby out to dinner tomorrow.

Don't play catch.


He had heard stories about an ancient god who had left his land centuries before by ship.

We don't drink.

His brother had been missing for a while.

Can I just talk to Jeany for a minute?

I'm coming to you.


Are there any problems we should know about?

I didn't expect it.

Miek didn't have enough money.

Get up at once, or you will miss the 7:00 bus.

We all held our breath while we watched it.

I wish I could use magic.

Laurel has never been absent from school.

I don't know why Brandy's doing that.

The librarian classified the books according to subject.

I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Let's hope this drug gets approved.


That jacket is way too big for you.

I should've tried something else.

I had to deal with them.

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I've been here all afternoon.

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What would become of our city if an earthquake were to hit it?


You have to choose one.


Hazel already had the CD that Roderick gave him for his birthday, but he didn't say so.

Shut up and sit down.

Visiting all the tourist sights really wore me out.

There are no stars tonight.

Morality is simply the attitude we adopt toward people we dislike.

You need to go home and be with your family.

I think his life is in danger.


I was wondering if I could take a vacation next week.

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She loved Anthony.

How did Urs's hearing go?

No security system is foolproof.

How much is that?

Are you hurt anywhere?


Never underestimate a man's determination to be free.

Because the lecturer speaks quickly few people could follow him.

He possibly argued with his wife, but certainly did not beat her.

Have you paid the bill yet?

I swear I'm telling the truth.

You couldn't have done anything else.

You're behaving oddly.

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Charley said that he didn't know.

He bolted out of the room.

She immediately went to the kitchen.

May I speak with you alone, Nathaniel?

We were just talking about you when you called.

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Narendra accompanied me on the piano.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.

What do all have in common?


I hope they were listening.


Warning, the guy in front of you is a certified nutter!


Curt always drinks his coffee strong.


I don't go on QQ very often.

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I'll be thirty in a couple of weeks.

They don't know how to use an asterisk.

We shouldn't stand in Raphael's way.

These are for him.

You're not suggesting we give all the money to Marci, are you?


I can't believe I'm here.

All I have is books.

Give me another minute, OK?


Can't you separate fantasy and reality from each other?

Children should be kept away from the pond.

Her cheeks burned with shame.

His muscles were rock-hard.

Events in the summer of 1972 set the scene for President Nixon's eventual downfall.


You changed the size?


Almost all the work is done now.

How long were you at the zoo?

I like walking at night.

Give up!

Dawn doesn't feel much like talking right now.


Let's do something.

I like freedom.

He has a goatee.

That's no fun.

I need scissors.

I'm glad that you could make it.

I owe you 300 dollars.


I already have my hands full.

I thought him very clever.

I usually wake up at six.

Is something wrong with Syd?

Don't teach your father how to make babies.


You can't deny her anything.


Come on, Hienz, think about it.

Look straight ahead.

How could you let them do this?


We'll do it somehow.

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Our hearts go out to all in distress this night.


Dieter never was very good at French.


Did you tell Jurevis when we expect him to be here?

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Many of the immigrants changed their names.


The patient is holding his own.


They spoke with her for an hour at school.


Tell him everything I told you.


You're worrying too much.

She buckled down to her work.

Knapper doesn't know the difference between good and evil.

Yvonne used to work in Boston.

The food becomes cold.

You're giving me more credit than I deserve.

Look at me when I talk to you, you coward!

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The politician stirred up the workers.

You don't have a life.

What kind of scientist are you?


Why don't we go sit down?


Your house is on fire!

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Terrance isn't the only one.

Milo taught me how to play the guitar.

Tell her that I am thinking about a solution.

We got permission to park here.

What is your sister doing now?

My father has been dead for three years.

Her dress was caught in the elevator door.


Who amongst them do you think is the coolest?

Don't want you to hurry, but let's take the next bus.

He who runs after two hares will catch neither.

Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.

I saw an old woman cross the street.