Let's wreck him.

His name is known throughout this country.

He is a heroin addict.

He has been studying for two hours.

Where is everyone else?

I'm glad we hired you for this job.

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I know the person that you came with.

The information is very important to us.

I know how to fly.

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In spite of the fact that he was tired, he continued working.

A monster was believed to live in the cave.

Do you have time for lunch?

I can't study at home.

Ronni is very stubborn.

It doesn't sound like I'll get any rest.

The students often call each other "gay" as an insult.

A ship was out of sight soon.

I'm just trying to do the accounts.


The man is reading a newspaper.

I don't know either of his brothers.

I'm going to change.

Murph looked through the drawers.

He didn't get caught.


There are tons of cat photos on the internet.

How much did you guys spend?

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Put your coat on a hanger.

I made my way through the crowd.

It's not safe.

It was discovered quite accidentally.

Nobody's that good.

You can't go yet because you still have a few things to do.

Somebody has to be responsible.

Mr. Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.

Have you written in your diary yet today?

Emily immigrated to Australia when he was thirty.

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I feel it's a tad risky to do that.


We had a slight accident.

My wife is Scottish.

Knute finally solved the puzzle.


He has the reputation of being an incorrigible liar.

Antony didn't know where to burn the trash.

Are you following me?


Rodent got here before sunrise.

The leader made formidable declarations.

I saw a hut in the distance.

Beth's phone was confiscated because she was caught texting in class.

Not many students attended the meeting.


We have to find out what Tor needs.


Ecuador, due to the earthquake, is more united.

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It is nice to have a lot of friends.


I don't think I want to know.

What a terrible mistake!

Can you just shut up, please?

Roxanne asked Boyce to come back to Boston.

It is not moralism.

This dictionary is completely useless.

What can be said about it ?

Randolph couldn't convince Carisa.

You are by far the best swimmer of us all.

Just don't vote for him.

The investigation could take weeks.

Do you want to go to the opera with me?

Surya wouldn't let me drive his car.

What do you think of me now?

Ruth is very special.

The students went at their work as the examinations approached.

We talked till after eleven o'clock.

We've lost our funding.

Not at all.

What does it sound like?

Since this isn't your native language, I'd suggest unowning this sentence, leaving it free for a native speaker to adopt. This way we can all be confident that it's a good sentence.

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Everyone's standing.


Summer has come.

Izchak is a pediatrician.

I cared about her.

Seals are clumsy and ponderous on land, but very graceful in the water.

Strangely, I seldom see her.

There were plenty of choices.

Modern civilization rests on a foundation of science and education.


Thanks in advance for your help.

I'll go first!

Dory made a huge mistake.

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My birthday is coming soon.

The little bumpkin bought a big pumpkin.

Dalton believes him.


"http://tatoeba.org/" is the URL of Tatoeba.

That church on the hill is very old.

Give the money to my son.

You're too young to get married.

Time flies like an arrow.

Why are you so stupid?

It took a while for Knut to react.

We're parents.

So I was right.

Irfan pretended he didn't see Elliot do what she did.

The third is the preservation of environment. In this case, the conservation of energy and resources is needed.

She eats lunch near the office where she works.

It was snowing when I woke up.

An interesting CV, but I notice your last contract did not last long. Any comments?

I knew you wouldn't understand.

He is accustomed to getting up early.

Jim was able to hold back his anger.

Avery doesn't need me.

But where do we get those sentences? And how do we translate them?

Don't leave until we get there.

Skeeter can't afford to eat at that kind of restaurant so let's go somewhere else.

Murat immediately recognized Po.

Mr. Brown, a friend from Oregon, will visit us tomorrow.

How's everything back home?

Aaron hardly ever listens to the radio.

I saw her go inside.

Is this computer connected to the Internet?

Natraj can't wait to talk to Santa.

Giles listened intently.

I got soaked to the skin.

In the night a burglar broke into the apartment and stole my wife's fur coat.

Do you see that building over there?

I've got to try.

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We must warn him.

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What on earth got into you?


This sentence doesn't make sense.

I've decided.

A calamity was avoided by sheer luck.

The value of a good education cannot be measured in money.

You can't tell these twins apart.

I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

For all our efforts, things have not turned out better.

The fog began to lift.

I have no idea what that could be.

How much do eggs sell for?

A computer game was given to me by my father.

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To be always logical may be sometimes hated by others.


Where were you loafing?


What he said turned out to be a lie.

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You know what my opinion of that is.

I don't know if it's good enough.

Your flight's been canceled.

Please don't cry any more.

Sofia is in a good mood today.

Is it time?

I've got the munchies.


I would call my parents.


He's not himself.

If it weren't for your invaluable help, everything would be ruined.

A blind man asks only for one eye, but would rejoice if he got two.


Be careful not to blame the wrong person.

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Can I borrow it for about two weeks?

You already paid.

I love the way you take care of me.

We are going to see her in front of the station tomorrow.

You sent medicine from your pharmacy.

They're doing everything they can.

Could you give us just a second?

Klaudia doesn't like to eat fish.

The thieves made off with the jewels.

I used to not eat meat.

I prefer coffee to milk.

You have an hour.

He's got a headache.


I can teach you how to fly.


I'll do it for free.


Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935.

Derek wrote Mike a love letter.

We associate the name of Darwin with the theory of evolution.


While no one fears that Hebrew will stop being spoken, it is in danger of ceasing to be a language of culture.

I'm getting endlessly annoyed by this foolishness.

Do you know the reason why he cut class today?