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She was in time for the bus.

You're not even safe in your own home.

You don't have to be afraid.

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I take a shower almost every day.

You'll regret that!

So thin! (Are you) dieting?

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Just a moment - there's someone at the door.

What ever do you want with me?

We took an airplane from Mexico to Madrid.

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Let me just look at it for a while.

I think I miscalculated.

He spoke.

We will prepare for a boycott against Western Samoa.

Is it next Monday that Bertrand returns?

You may stay as long as you want.

That ought to be fun.

Bret and Bill had a medieval wedding.

When do we get to see your pics?

Doug doesn't have a microwave oven.

He is my next-door neighbor.


Your insolence comes from your messianic complex.

I don't go to school by bus.

How do you expect me to do this by myself?

Narendra has no right to do this.

Speak in my behalf.


Why are you burying these books?

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Call me again in two days.


I take it you haven't heard from Lui.

Thank you for this nice present.

Did you intend to kill him?

After our noisy party the other night, we had a lot of angry neighbors.

Ricardo lay awake in bed, listening to the rain.

You will be paid according as you work.

Italo Calvino returned to Italy when he was still just a boy.

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Don't get in my way.


Johnathan's grandparents are buried in a cemetery not too far from here.

I finally made the connection.

We're ready for them now.

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Did you manage to sleep?

We plan to leave as soon as possible.

He likes this concert.

Nothing is more vivid than a picture.

I was given a new jacket.


This is going to be a long night.

Do you know who his father is?

We've been over this.

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All we want is information.

It feels wrong.

We're pretty proud of that.

Is there some way I can assist you?

I'd like to have a knife.

The printer needs paper.

Dorian has been arrested again.

I'm trying to get some help.

Trying was warned not to bully Huashi again.

I wouldn't want you to get fired.

Are you sure it's all true?

Blaine is walking his dog.

This one is ready for deletion.

Start your health care career in less than one year.

At this moment someone opened the door to my prison cell.

I must know precisely what has happened.

Auckland is a city in New Zealand.


Try to speak English as often as possible if you want to improve your English.


We hope it's all true.

I am wholly responsible for the confusion.

I'm not a girl anymore.


Someone's calling.


Just an hour ago or so I had the idea to make a slightly different version.

These slums are a disgrace to the city.

I don't feel inclined to play baseball today.

I guess you didn't quite understand me.

Please make sure that the door is locked.

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Shamim chose to live in Boston.

It seems that everybody wanted one of those.

He is always being a nuisance.

Rudolf is slaughtering a sheep.

You'll never get him to agree.

I arrived just in time for the plane.

He has lost his father's watch.

It prevented a civil war.

What's their connection to her?

Kamiya took off all his clothes.

The traffic banked up for several kilometres because two lanes were closed for roadworks.

How bad was the damage?

Now I have my composition written.

Could you lend me a helping hand?

Who let you in here?

Sir's been playing computer games since noon.

Generally speaking, men are physically stronger than women.

I wash my car once a week.

We communicate with one another by means of language.

I have been learning a science.

We could sing together.


Can you practice Japanese with me?


"What's happening in the cave? I'm curious." "I have no idea."

I did what I had to do to find you.

There's no time to tell you everything you need to know.

Why would you do something like that?

How are you finding the party?

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Lynne kept climbing.

So you talked to Masanobu?

I am not satisfied with pop music.


I went to the airport to see my mother off.

This town is really dead at night.

Ron is outstanding.


Anime director Satoshi Kon died of pancreatic cancer on August 24, 2010, shortly before his 47th birthday.

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The demand was brought down by increases in imports.

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Herb doubts if Teruyuki will come today.

I'm meeting the professor at 1:30 p.m.

Pull up your pants.

My advice to you is to leave immediately.

Bob is the only student that can speak Spanish in our class.

Most French people are against capital punishment.

If your spouse complains too much, maybe it's time to find another one.

There are 6 trees, one every 7 meters around the lake. What is the circumference of the lake in meters?

Brandi is afraid of heights.

Art laughed so much tears ran down his cheeks.

Don't blame it on me.


She is quite ignorant of the world.

The word doctor refers to a person with the highest university degree, and colloquially to a physician.

I hadn't expected us to speak so much about love this Monday morning.

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Her grandmother lived to be eighty-eight years old.

Are we fucked?

We were fully satisfied.

He coughed.

Suppose we change the subject.

Dwight promised to meet Matt in front of the library.

That was an inconvenience.

So he isn't new.

You and I are not all that different.


Siping fell and scraped his knee.

Put it on my tab.

I love God.

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well.

The lights in the kitchen burned all night.


Sugih has come to help us.


I won't be a minute.


We're ready for whatever might come.

How's married life going?

I'm going over to my sister's.

When are you going to call the doctor's office?

Saify knows just about all there is to know about growing vegetables.

I think you've been here long enough.

We have used our ration of coal for the week.

I asked them to unlock the door.

I want a martini with three olives.


Can we talk about this inside?

Don't tell them you're a cop.

Colin was impeccably dressed and well prepared for his job interview with the finance company.


A passing car splashed water on us.

I know what you know.

If it's at all possible, I'd like you to take part in the next meeting.

He's a chain smoker.

I have something to declare.

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We need to impress them.

Harv unexpectedly ran into John on her way home.

He's just angry because we're having so much fun.

She is kindhearted by nature.

I've been thinking that I may have been too critical.

I'm not wearing that.

My sister will get married early next year.

Cynthia wants full custody of the kids.

It was necessary to study the matter thoroughly.

All my ducklings are swimming in the lake.

One way or another, we'll figure out how to fix this.