Helium is a gas.

We must stop them.


I decided to become a doctor.

The cat clung to her dress.

Tharen wrote to Linder.

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Stop beating around the bush and get to the point.


I'm here because I need Beth's help.

Jupiter's powerful magnetic field is thought to be generated by the electric currents produced by pressurized hydrogen in the mantle.

Why didn't you change the plan?

Feeling sleepy, I went to bed.

We need to talk about what happened.

I spent 3,000 yen on a new CD.

We had to talk to Huashi.

Look and see how much the cash register rings up.

What choice did we have?

You know what you must do, right?

I've been working on this for three years.

We plan to have a party for Trent next Monday.

Price doesn't often admit that he's wrong.

The colors shade from yellow into green.

He's not serious about her at all - he's just playing with her.

Julia died in October last year.

There are frequently earthquakes in Japan.

I'm almost sure of it.

What's Mikey's connection?


I get hot

What do you want me to explain?

Shadow began to remove his gloves.


When I was young, I tried to read as many books as I could.

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He did it by unfair means.

We know what you did last night.

I belong to the rugby football club.

Luke says he actually enjoys dancing.

I can't make out why he isn't here yet.

The whole class is present today.

Luckily, it worked.

Did she write in her diary yesterday?

Kris has no plans to go.

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Tell me why I'm here.

Kerry teaches French.

Now and then I think of divorcing him.


She is both rich and very beautiful.

He clutched his wallet in his hand.

I think Cristopher had a real good year.

I thought it was possible.

When the wind blew part of our roof off, we started worrying.

Where did you have in mind?

Roosevelt is replaced by Truman.

Stop apologizing.

Scientists of the 19th century believed that the Sun was powered by chemical reactions.


I wanted to stay there two days longer.


A wise man changes his mind, a fool never.


I'm dying to see you.

We've discussed a lot of things.

Stevan knows what has to be done.

I'd like to have another cup of coffee.

You're really absent-minded.

Is this mine?

My mother and father aren't home right now.

Vilhelm told me he was innocent.

There's a song I want to sing for you.

Now stop asking questions, Pip. I'm busy.

Did anyone see you on the beach?

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To preach is easier than to practice.

Don't worry about the results of the exam.

Someone kicked my back.

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I wasn't talking about her.

Archie wanted to wash his hands.

Nils scratched himself.

Kennedy spoke about the issue.

Leaves fell down every now and then.

The dry spell continued into September.

In Japan, attendance at elementary and junior high school is compulsory.

You're making absolutely no sense.

Is anyone interested in learning new things?

I'll give you all the money you need.

I went there by train.

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He drove to work despite the storm.

To have doubts about oneself is the first sign of intelligence.

"I'm not allowed to say that!" - "What would happen if you did so anyway?"

They'll remember.

She's always kept these rules in mind.

Did we make a reservation?

There was a sharp rise in prices last year.

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Here is the pronunciation:

Teri is a pro.

Ramsey is a college graduate.

I usually go to the barber once a month.

Who told her?

I don't like the sound of that.

Isn't there anything we can do?

What did you ask him?

She boasted of having won the first prize.

She went for a walk.

Howard said he had something important to do.

We wish them well.

I'm saying "For the sake of Earth's environment," but actually it's "For the sake of the people living on Earth."

I think that at that time none of us quite believed in the Time Machine.

The dark horse candidate was losing in the polls before the primary.


Boyce said Wade had given him permission to leave early.


Nagano beat Salt Lake City by 46 votes to 42.


Excuse me. Is this the pharmacy?

If a tiger suddenly appeared in front of me, I'd be scared to death.

Achille was born in Paris in 1908.

Arriving at the end of each year (that is, the last day of the lunar calendar) wasn't just a new day taking over from the previous one, but also a new year taking over from the previous one, and this was called 'first exchange'.

"I'm already married," replied Patricio.

Do you want me to give you a hand?

Drinking is harmful for your health.

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There is a piece of good news for you.

Larry seemed to know a lot about how we do things here.

People who count their chickens before they are hatched act very wisely because chickens run about so absurdly that it's impossible to count them accurately.

I needed a little air.

A dwarf may stand on a mountain, but it will not make him tall.

If it snows, airplanes won't be able to take off.

Randell seems to be expecting something.

Milo wished he had been more careful.

Please leave my things as they are.

Dan moved out of the area.

I plan to skip lunch.

Four multiplied by two is eight.

Be careful not to get caught.

He's not a patch on him.

Somebody's coming up the stairs.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

Our people don't take a taxi to the bakery.

Heather is drawing a sketch of the house.

I'm still going to talk to Randall.


Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples.

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They had only one child.

Byron looks really guilty.

Krumkake and lefse are popular at our family gatherings.


I have no idea where we are or where we're going.


Does their opinion matter?


I led him to expect success.

You don't have to tell me what to do.

Tell me all about your plan.


I know it'll take a while.

It seems that something funny is going on.

Individuals do not exist for the development of the State.

Stanislaw sounded slightly jealous.

I know him by sight.

You've got to be more careful.

Sonia had a very amused look on her face.

I'm in a gang.

The head is the seat of all the senses.

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Laurie was acquitted.

What should I say to Giovanni?

We're getting better and better.

Mostly likely, he's come back from the workshop.

Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas.

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Call now! We go where you go.

Miles learned about Toft's death later that morning.

He took the proper steps to meet the situation.

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I'll sleep on the futon.

May I ask how old you are?

Take your hands out of your pockets.

I don't see him a whole lot.

I think Marcia should go home.

Claudia doesn't want to become vegan.

A monarch had six sons.

It was in Kyoto that I first met her.

He comes from a small but wealthy town.

This is Nichael Jackson, my personal assistant.

Aimee has a silk scarf.

Self-efficacy is the measure of the belief in one's own ability to complete tasks and reach goals

I don't know if there's time.

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I won't be able to get all of this done unless you help me.

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The dogs were happy.

This fridge is only 24 inches wide. It's perfect for small apartments.

The communists called each other "comrades".