Cherish your memories

Cherry helps you to 'Create', 'Collaborate' and 'Preserve' ever lasting memories with your loved ones in a safe, secure and effortless way.

Cherish your memory

Cherry allows you to 'Create', 'Collaborate' and 'Preserve' ever lasting memories with your loved ones in a safe, secure and effortless way.

What can you use Cherry for

Photo Collaborations

Add your friends as collaborators and allow them to add moments to your memories. The app has integrated native contact list for collaboration.

Cloud Backup

Preserve your memories over the cloud and access them on your Android devices anytime. Your memories are safe and secure with Cherry.

FAQ - frequently asked questions

  • Is Cherry free? Does it have any in-app purchases?
    Cherry is absolutely free to use. All features of the app are accessible and can be used by all.
  • Can I register the app with one phone number on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can register on multiple devices using same phone number. Register once and enjoy across multiple devices.
  • What if I lose my phone?
    Your Memories are stored over the cloud. Download Cherry on your new device and sign in with your registered number.
  • Can I add more collaborators once the memory is created?
    Yes. Click on edit icon next to the collaborators in memory details to invite more collaborators.
  • Who can see my photos?
    Only you and the members of the memory (other collaborators) can access the moments (images) in a memory. Nobody else will have any visibility to it.
  • Does the Quality of my image gets reduced once it is backed up on cloud?
    No, original quality image is preserved which you can access and download anytime.
  • How secure are my pictures?
    Security is Cherry's top priority. You can control the visibility of your data. However please take care of the physical access of your phone.
  • Why am I not able to use the share option on my iPhone?
    The share option is not yet available in iOS. However, we are developing it and will soon be available on your iPhone.
  • How do I turn-off notifications from Cherry?
    Open Cherry. Go to Menu > Settings > Notifications > Notification off
  • How do I block and Unblock contacts?
    If you want to stop receiving any form of communication from a person on Cherry, you can block the contact.
    To Block:
    Open Cherry. Go to the person's profile > Options > Block
    To Unblock:
    Open Cherry. Go to Menu > Settings > Block List > Click on the contact name > Unblock

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