Making a Safer Future

is a precision manufacturer of machined components using hi-tech CNC machinery: Our specialist area is prototype manufacture of critical components and assembly of machined parts for the telecommunications industries.

Quality Precision Engineering Solutions

COM Engineering has invested in the latest CNC machine technology and the training of apprentices to meet its clients’ expectations on quality and service. COM Engineering manufactures complex CNC turned and milled components for demanding applications worldwide.

The company’s machining facility is fully equipped for precision component manufacturing, which includes: CNC sliding head machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, fitting, assembly and test area. This manufacturing capability is born out of COM Engineering’s experienced team of engineers and machinists.

Brothers Craig and Mark Stevens design and manufacture electronic security equipment. Used around the world in places such as airports, protecting recognised locations of high risk, public safety and crowd monitoring. Their Chester based company, Megablue Technologies, had been operating for seven years when they decided to expand their operation. To meet the needs of their clients, COM Engineering was founded in 2016, designing specific enclosures for their products.