Nelken isn't sleeping now.

The woman is working.

Did I blow it?

I'm eating soup in the kitchen.

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Michael needed you.

A man on horseback came along the path.

That would take years.


Albatros around one's neck


Come out quietly.

Cancer is not one but more than one hundred distinct diseases.

Is there enough food to go around?

Jan was very sad when Nanda told him that she wanted nothing more to do with him.

How does Nicolas plan to help Suresh?

How much is the premium?

It was bitterly cold outside.

She was now out of danger.

With whom do I have the honor to speak?

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They are watching.


You're not normal.

I'm just trying to get out of here.

It didn't make sense.

The spirits muddled my brain.

So while Vasilissa grew each day more lovely and graceful, she was often miserable, and but for the little doll in her pocket, would have longed to leave the white world.

Shit! You scared me half to death!

That bridge is made of stone.

Emmett is well dressed.

He attacked the government's policy in his speech.

She is so tall!

I thought Raghu had a date.

Paul licked his dry lips.

Linley is standing up.

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The point is whether she will read the letter or not.


I envied him his new house.

Nicolette just found out that he has to move to Boston.

Ice cream was Hein's favorite food.

Pim didn't deny it.

Harmon is blushing.


I really didn't need this today.

Melinda looks relaxed.

What is this thing for?


Stacy must've left it around here somewhere.

I saw him doing it.

I second the motion.

Bret doesn't know why.

Nobody touched me.

Why is this important?

The baby transferred its affection to its new mother.

I think you'll change your mind.

He was too old to resist.

I'm not conservative.

We tried to convince Monty not to do it.

Are you angry with Julian?

Can you describe Kyu to me?


Both Barton and Miriamne went to the concert.

Approximately 4.9 percent of Finns are Finland-Swedes. In other words, people with Swedish as their mother tongue.

He's wearing a red shirt; it's a sign!


I know you think it's important.


You've done what you needed to do.

Who are they for?

The dog gave a yelp when I trod on its paw.

The public transportation system runs like clockwork.

I knew how you'd react.

Grandpa bought it for me!

He cannot have said such nonsense.

My wife is getting tired of the daily routine.

Unfortunately those beautiful words are not my own.

Don't waste wood. It doesn't grow on trees.

When Columbus discovered America, bison (American buffalo) inhabited a wide-ranging area.


The city began to pave streets in 1910.

Alberto is the only one here who's tall enough to reach the top shelf.

This is a bag.

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Nadeem appealed to the judge for mercy.


What's causing that hum?

I'm immune to disease.

I won't be alone.

I'll go tell them we're ready.

He's learning to swim.

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You can sit in my chair.

We were running out of disk space due to a configuration issue.

Get that thing off of me.

We'd better go find Dennis.

Are there enough people?

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Why are you opposed to this?

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I could not recognize him at first.

It's a story based on a real event.

He is not my father but my uncle.

It doesn't matter who pitches, that team always loses.

Karl hasn't given up hope.

You look like a monkey.

You're not a millionaire.

Neil is healthy and fit.

People don't trust the government.

We've endured three wars.

Do we need a Plan B?


We students all like baseball.

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I asked Masanobu to close the door.

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It is a wonderful ring!

We found her alive.

Andy was injured in a car accident.

The prices are variable, so shop around.

You lived alone there.


He flapped the flies away.

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It's a kitchen knife.

Tad was worried that he might lose his license.

The lonely patient derives pleasure from sewing.


Alberto is aggressive, isn't he?

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We have no other alternative but to swap horses midstream and inject a fresh atmosphere and new ideas into our organization.

We should leave her alone.

It may seem like a good idea to you, but I think it's a little dangerous.


What an embarrassing situation that was!

She is always thinking of moneymaking schemes.

Are you going to hurt her?


Call me when you get home.

Naren killed Abbott.

Connie has been gone for a few days.

When was the last time you watered the trees?

Sandy seems to be contributing.

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Sridharan is not a suspect anymore.

I can't speak English very well.

His kindness touched my heart.

I'm sure Elwood will tell us the truth.

Lui opened the front door to let the dog out.


He was negligent of his duties.

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Suu became a total recluse.

He's their only child.

Why did you tell me that?

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I prefer to be hanged rather than being shot.

How much is this dress?

Lanny had bags under his eyes after several sleepless nights.

I believe you know him.

Hein has enough money to do anything he wants to.


The lecture lasted for two hours.

Living with Jon isn't easy.

Jess asked me if I was tired.

Computers are of great use.

Jean thinks he may be able to help you.

We will come together.

Pretend nothing's going on.

He doesn't know how to play the guitar.

Urs couldn't understand what the sign meant.

I could've met you at the airport.

This feels good.


Whose idea was it?

Hwa wants you to check it out.

The man standing over there next to the bookcase has a photographic memory.

The toilet is stopped up.

I study math very well.

We're not officially dating.

Dan found Linda's bike in the basement.


Ji wishes Roxane would come over for a visit.

I know how Marcia felt about Cathrin.

It was a divine intervention.

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A definite advantage of automatic doors is that people can't spread their contagious diseases by touching door handles.


Let's try that again.

The Prussians should be on their guard against the southern Germans.

They're amazing.

I'm taking the book.

Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world.

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Olof is always pressed for money.

Today I'm paying you for lunch.

We must examine the various aspects.


He tied the world record for the hundred-meter breast-stroke.