She tried to kill herself many times.

I know the girl who is playing tennis.

She doesn't always come late.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

He abandoned the plan.


We arrived at the city before night.

I'm done. What's the next step?

I'm happy, cause I'm learning some Dutch.

I need to keep moving.

Drink and eat.

We may give advice, but we do not inspire conduct.

I don't understand the purpose of your question.

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We are walking in the park.


He always persisted in his errors.

I think Ann loves Jack.

Hamisi uses sugar.


I want to see him now.

Johnnie made a phone call to Alejandro.

We like to do the same things.

There was no one there.

You'll get plenty of chances to meet girls when you go to college.

That won't do any good.

I don't understand this novel's plot.


Do you still think Adrian is guilty?


Today is the fatal day that they will attempt their escape.


What am I going to say to him?

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Amir died in the blast.

She seems to be involved in that murder case.

The bus driver was not impressed when Teri pulled out a $50 note to pay his fare.

He wrote me a love letter.

She prattles on and on.

Brenda isn't innocent.

This room gets little sunshine.


Mistrust is the mother of safety.

I think that would be very unwise.

I'll give you everything you want.

The white ball weighs as much as the red one.

Kris is afraid to say no to people.

They helped us.

I admit her superiority to others.

I was engaged once.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Everyone here is afraid of you.

I'll go wherever you want me to go.

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Pria is a magician.

There is a risk that it may become stormy.

Sleep is no less essential to one's health than food.


There's no need to worry just because he's late.

It's a sequel.

I'm calling to see if you'd be interested in going to Boston with me next week.


We've got to find Gail before he does something stupid.

Jussi doesn't study much, but he still does very well at school.

Ninja is quite authoritative.

Doug and Kari started talking at the same time.

The weather being rainy, the baseball game was cancelled.

The tidiness of his clothes always impressed me.

There are better constructed languages than Esperanto.

"Herve, you were waking up at time of the earthquake?" "Yeah, was there an earthquake?" "Yes, it was a little after 1:30. It was a fairly large tremor" "Really? I slept through it just like normal."

You aren't being fair.

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What sort of father do you think you'll be?


I'm not feeling particularly hungry.

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His true colors are coming out.


You can't have seen me.


I don't want to be your wife.

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Caleb felt trapped.

His delay of coming here on time is due to a traffic accident.

How can I add tags to a sentence?

Why would you want talk to Cyrus about that?

Inflation this year is going to be worse than we initially thought.

Most people understand this.

We're in need of help.

It's time to wake up now. Phiroze, wake up!

What was the announcement just now?

He's far more experienced than me.

He had a bit of a cold last night.

Let's hit the hay.

Betty can't tell right from wrong.

I know he's hiding something from me.

We can begin tonight.


Are you prepared for the worst?

We caught sight of a ship in the distance.

By whom was this window broken?

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I've found a place to live.

I really enjoyed myself at the party.

As l was saying, I won't do anything.

We can't get them on the phone.

Few passengers survived the accident.

Mott picked an apple from the tree and handed it to me.

He didn't say a word.


The seller weighs the cheese on the copper scales.

What a beautiful garden!

Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia in 1910.

Why don't people say what they mean?

Amigo woke up around noon.


Perhaps Irvin can sing at our wedding.

We should do that.

We're not talking about that any more.


I just got a new phone.

I am the angel of death and I have come to get you all.

The largest English dictionary has over 450,000 words.

These towels are different colors.

Don't worry about the past.

Susanne wants me.

We did our best to prepare Michelle for what was going to happen.

You are going about it the wrong way!

No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney.


It's hard to find good help these days.


I like to cook.


I'm not censoring you.

Give us peace!

OK, let's make this quick.

Do I have to answer that question?

I might be ready to go soon.

A travel agent will arrange an excursion to Andalusia for you.

Konstantinos has a new car.

They are related to colonization.

Dustin didn't remember what had happened.

I need to make a phone call.

It's a vocation.

It seems that they have quarreled.

Marla is giving us time to consider his offer.

I came to Boston three months ago.

Mahmoud was expecting you fifteen minutes ago.

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She walked past clicking her high heels.

Why am I shooting these guys, tell me, what have they done?

Presumably, he buys them abroad.

He makes sense.

Suddenly, my feet stopped.


Malus slammed her bedroom door shut.

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I'd heard what had happened.


I'm impressed you've done so well.

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I just bought an extremely expensive cabin boat.


Ask them not to wait for me.

After a few weeks the postman was first to taste.

Did you see a bag here?

Europe doesn't need anyone.

You made a promise.

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You're a bad boy, aren't you?

He drinks a glass of water every morning.

I've never seen anyone enjoy reading as much as you do.

It is exactly three o'clock now.

This day, my greatest wish was realized.

Donna seems to be acting a tad foolish today.

Is it worth it or not?


I begin to lose control of myself.

The letter is inside the envelope.

We have lived in Osaka six years.


I stared at the ceiling.

At any rate, I would like to thank you all.

Ro attempted to apologize in French.

After running up the hill, I was completely out of breath.

This Christmas I want your presence, not your presents.

You've lost the ability to concentrate.

She was very surprised when she heard the news.

I'd like to book a table for four for tomorrow night.

Anyway, it's a shame that you do not read letters.

Sri asked Lenora to get some glasses from the kitchen.

I doubt that Charley is guilty.

It seems that most people only barbeque in the summer.

He lied to us.


Jim doesn't like apples, does he?

I have not eaten any poisonous mushrooms!

What are the nonstop flights from Cincinnati to Charlotte leaving after noon and arriving before 7pm?