I'm not done with you.

That's real convenient.

Brandi seemed like a nice guy.

I'm pretty sure Matthias's discreet.

Do you think that's what I want?

Per seemed pretty upset.


He is tall and strong.

I don't want to translate that sentence.

If we'd followed Gerard's advice, we wouldn't be having this problem now.

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Let us talk to Paola.

I tried to hit Bruce, but he ducked.

I had to make some phone calls.

I'm waiting for the train.

What are your reflections on this issue?

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At the Fukushima No.1 nuclear power plant, all the reactors stopped just after the quake.


Each of the students has to attend the morning.


I haven't heard from anyone.

We need to change direction.

Are you going to help Manuel?

That wouldn't make me happy.

She's no saint.

That story can't be confirmed.

What can that mean?

I'd like two scoops of ice cream in a cone, please.

Harvey's younger daughter is married.

Brian is very incompetent.

Several of the original signatories, notably the countries with the largest military forces, declined to consider a new treaty.

You live and learn. Or you don't live long.

Floyd, what's the matter?

Turn to the right, and you'll find the hotel.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


We're saving up so our children can go to college.


Only adults can see this film.

He sat up all night reading a novel.

The first month of the year is January.

Leave us alone for a moment.

He was provoked into hitting her.

I want to have this cassette recorder fixed.

Kelvin won't back off.

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Have you decided?

The problem is Terrence's.

She is in excellent physical condition.

He skimmed through the material.

What should we cook?


Angus forgot to pay his phone bill.

We saw Jill on the beach.

The poor old man was reduced to just a skeleton.

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Stu wondered how tall Swamy was.

Viewed from a distance, the island looked like a cloud.

Do I look fat?

I want to thank everyone who helped me.

This photo was taken in Boston three years ago.

I assume you know there are no classes today.

I think we're safe here.

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I'll check on Dominic a little later.

You're handsome.

Lawrence was always there for me.

Because of the rain, the boys couldn't play baseball on the playground.

Maybe this isn't a problem.

I am not a teacher.

What more would you expect from a bad man?

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Sit there.

Everybody made it to the wedding.

The two of them got back together.


When do you expect to go abroad?

You should not give liquor to children.

We have less than three minutes left.

We've got to take off.

Know thyself.

Tim says that he's never done that.

Nobody answered me.

He worked hard to make his child happy.

Giles sprang at me in a rage.

Only humans can laugh.

You didn't tell her, did you?

It's urgent that I see him.

Roland won't be thirsty.


We can't land the plane on that field.


Could you please drive a little faster?

Somebody called Hanry wants to see you.

Her eyes were wide open in surprise.

Jones suggested that we not watch that movie.

She also introduces new characters.

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Haruki doesn't have much money with him.

We've done a lot of work around here.

We checked out of the hotel at ten.

I think Walter could help you.

I'm not your enemy.

Laugh with them.

Why do I get hiccups every time I eat spicy food?


Your watch is five minutes slow.

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You have to eat everything!

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We have faith in you.

I don't know why Jamie wants to talk to me.

I can't make it this time.

Four percent inflation is forecast for this year.

Can I give you three a lift?

He was not an abolitionist.

The problem isn't them.

I've asked you here to discuss a mutual problem.

I think this layout is very good.


You are in desperate need of a vacation.

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Extreme is my decay.


Everything is ok. Don't worry.

The cost of living hadn't gone down at all.

They met the crown princes of Sweden and Denmark.

I must've dozed off.

I'm serious about my job.

Their parents agreed to the engagement.

Did you tell Mark about your accident?


My mom works in a factory.

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It was nice just to imagine you from afar.


I'd so love to visit that apartment he always keeps telling me about.

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Wait'll you see this.

What's your favorite food to eat with red wine?

We're waiting for her.

I just want to go to work.

We majored in literature at the university.

It's written abazure (bitch). Surely this must mean a slut?

He acted on the matter.

The town lies just above London.

The cherry trees are in full bloom now.

She looks odd in those clothes.

Bill lives near the sea.

They want to choose their mates by their own will.

Vic didn't know who Pilar's father was.

I don't have all the symptoms.

What did you study?

Niall suggested going to another supermarket instead.

I wonder if Tao knows James.

You're quite fussy, aren't you?

And then what happened?

He gripped her tightly.

Stop that thief!

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I called him Saad.

He was lost in thought.

Today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Sunday.


I don't want to play cards.


A penny spent is often more useful than one saved.

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I plan to cycle around Shikoku next year.

His remark does not do me justice.

The dancer's graceful action charmed the audience.


Dark clouds are rolling in. It's going to rain.

The play's over.

Elric is even more confused now.

I'd like you to take this.

One of my suitcases is large, and the other one is medium.

Rodent refuses to buy anything new.

It is widely believed that Einstein was awarded the Nobel prize in 1921 for his work on relativity. It was actually awarded for his seminal paper on the photoelectric effect.

Pravin ate the delicious meal and thought he must be in heaven.

He doesn't drink.

Okay, I'll do it.

They caught up with us quickly.

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You make me feel old.

I don't need a computer.

I don't need to justify my actions to you.


Markku was head over ears in love with Liisa.

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Whose is this bag?

I like hanging out here.

You seem different today.

I was trying to rescue her.

How come you know so much about Jianyun?

Have a lovely day!

Mayuko always wants the best.

We looked for it high and low.

I don't know why you don't understand.